Search our artwork on the UMIS Revealing the Hidden Collections website


UntitledIt’s now possible to search the records of our artwork on the new UMIS (University Museums in Scotland) Revealing the Hidden Collections website.

Scottish universities hold a high proportion of Scotland’s nationally important collections – more than 1.8 million items. Over 60% of Scottish University Museum collections are uncatalogued, with information on just 7.5% available on the web. Collections in five of the universities, including the entire holdings of the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow and select collections from the Glasgow School of Art, University of St Andrews, and University of Edinburgh have been designated as Recognised Collections by Museums Galleries Scotland.

Revealing the Hidden Collections is bringing the treasures held by university museums across Scotland, including our own, into the light of the 21st century.

A handy tip: enter your keywords in the search bar and be sure to select “item records” before hitting “search”. You can filter your search to include only items from our collection by choosing “select collections” and choosing “Glasgow School of Art” from the dropdown menu.

Happy searching! If you find anything of interest do get in touch with us to learn more.