Conservator at work in the Mack


Mackintosh LibraryFurniture conservator Sarah Gerrish spent yesterday in the Mackintosh Library tidying up the timber surfaces. She’s toned down all the visible scratches and marks to the dark surfaces on the lower level (including the skirting boards, cupboard locks and some of the more obvious marks to the table tops) and given some of the cupboard doors exposed to the light and window bays a good coating of wax. All in all, a great improvement. This is something that we hope to repeat once a year just to keep on top of things. Today, Sarah’s going to do the same thing to the timber on the main staircase in the Mack and freshen up the three wooden benches in the foyer too.

Here’s a video from our Vimeo site of Sarah speaking about work she did in the Mackintosh Building during the Mackintosh Conservation and Access Project a few years ago.