Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out

Burlington Gardens, Royal Academy, 18 July—13 October 2013

An exhibition exploring the ideas and ethos of internationally renowned architect and urbanist Lord Rogers of Riverside will open in Burlington Gardens next summer. Timed to coincide with Rogers’ 80th birthday, Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out will examine the far reaching effects that Rogers’ active interest in the politics of social justice have had on architecture and public policy for over half a century. The exhibition will introduce the public to Rogers’ pioneering ideas about architecture and his important, continuing contribution to the way we think about cities and how we live in them. Radical, rational and beautifully crafted buildings together with public spirited urbanism and city planning have marked a career that continues to surprise and inspire. Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out will include previously unseen original material, drawings and personal items and form a unique look into the mind of a towering figure in contemporary creative life; someone described by the Prime Minister as ‘one of Britain’s greatest ever exporters of ideas’.