Part III of Mass Observation Archive now online

mass observationAdam Matthews Digital have just published the third part of the highly renowned and award winning Mass Observation Online portal.

From the end of the ‘Hungry-Thirties’ to the onset and aftermath of the Second World War, Mass Observation Online captures the daily lives, hopes and expectations of British society and beyond during the mid-20th century. The additional material made available in Section III features a remarkable array of topics, from responses to the Nuremburg Trials to sexual behaviour and holidays. Each will appeal to a wide range of disciplines from History and Literature, to Politics; Women’s Studies; Media and Film Studies; Sociology; Leisure and Tourism. The archive will also be an invaluable resource for those searching for inspiration for creative practice.

Part III includes:
Diaries, Men and Women, 1946-1950
Directives, Men and Women, 1946-1947

Topic Collections:
Propaganda and Morale, 1939-1944
Conscientious Objection and Pacifism, 1939-1944
Press, 1938-42
Police, Law and Invasion Preparations, 1939-1941
Reconstruction, 1941-1942
Coal Mining, 1938-1948
Industry, 1940-1955
Sexual Behaviour, 1939-1950
Health, 1939-1947
Family Planning, 1944-1949
Live Entertainment, 1938-1948
Sport, 1939-1947
Holidays, 1937-1951

All printed material is full-text searchable and visual or manuscript material has been keyword indexed.

Further information and access to a free trial can be found here.