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Poster for the band Banshee. Depicting a mutli-coloured head with open mouth.

Cosgrove, James

Ephemera collection

Includes catalogues, programmes, flyers and tickets for Glasgow School of Art exhibitions, pageants, lectures and theatrical events as well as posters from Activities Week events and student fashion shows, dating from 1890 to the present. Ephemera also includes a collection of postcards from c1900 to the present, as well as material relating to: Glasgow School of Art's involvement with the international exhibition scene; records of the Woman's Work Exhibition, London, 1900; records of the Glasgow School of Art participation in the Glasgow International Exhibition, 1901; the Exhibition of Modern Furniture, Budapest, 1902; the Brussels Exhibition, 1910; and papers documenting the organisation of the Scottish Pavilion at the Exhibition of Decorative Arts, Turin, 1902. Some of the material is in French and Italian.

The Glasgow School of Art

Fabric poster - Activities Week Tuesday

Stencilled poster on fabric advertising events for Activities Week including a lecture by Jonathan Hodgson (animator); Jazz music; Film called 'Jazz in the Thirties'; the Frank Patrini Quartet; and cabaret by Three of a Different Kind.

Cosgrove, James

Fabric poster - Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Screen-printed poster on fabric with a portrait of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his signature and the text/quote '"There is hope in honest error. None in the icy perfections of the mere stylist" Chas. R Mackintosh. Glasgow 1901'

Cosgrove, James

Fabric poster - Circus

Screen-printed poster on fabric with four Alsatian dogs and the text ' Circus. Act 9. The curtains open to reveal the painted backdrop of the interior of a church. At the front of the stage, facing the auditorium and illuminated from below by the footlights, is an Alsatian dog that snarls, growls and barks incessantly for five minutes, then the curtains close'.

Ian Breakwell

Fabric poster - fashion show

Screen-printed poster on fabric advertising a fashion show, with the text 'Design a set for fashion show. (Mac. Lec.) Prize £15. Designs for 14 Feb Textiles.'

Cosgrove, James

Fabric poster - Gerry Taylor lecture

Screen-printed poster on fabric with an advert for a lecture by Gerry Taylor headlined 'Memphis, Milano'. Text reads 'Gerry Taylor, GSA 1978, currently with Scottsass Associati and Memphis. Milan. Mackintosh Lecture Theatre Monday 16th May 2.15pm'.

Cosgrove, James

Fabric poster - Michael Vickers

Screen-printed poster on fabric with an advert for a lecture by Michael Vickers headlined 'Carry on caryatids'. Text reads 'First floor lecture theatre. Friday 2.30pm Bourdon Building'.

Cosgrove, James

Fabric poster - Zandra Rhodes

Screen-printed poster on fabric advertising a lecture by Zandra Rhodes on 6 May 1981 in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre.

Portrait of Zandra Rhodes and includes the headline text 'You can take the stigma out of punk but safety pins stay - ok?'.

Cosgrove, James

Headsquare design

Hand-painted design for screen-printed headsquare. Bordered, it depicts two figures with two comets. Pink, orange and grey on a cream background. Unrelated screen printed design on reverse.

Cosgrove, James

Identification key for poster reference GSAA/EPH/10/204

This item is an identification key showing each student depicted in the photograph on the poster under the reference number GSAA/EPH/10/204. It was created by Katie Hawson who was a volunteer at The Glasgow School Of Art Archives and Collections in 2013. Eddie Stewart, a former painting and printmaking tutor at the school helped Katie to identify each individual.

Not available / given

Papers of James Cosgrove

  • DC 111
  • Collection
  • 1968-2020

Collection includes artworks and sketchbooks made by Jimmy Cosgrove as a student at the Glasgow School of Art; while working as a Tutor and the Director of the Glasgow School of Art; and afterwards, including work relating to the House for an Art Lover, and documenting travels across Europe, North America, and Mexico.

Cosgrove, James

Photographic print of Martin Kippenberger

Black and white photographic print of Martin Kippenberger

This special edition consists of ten posters by Jonathan Monk, originally made for a touring exhibition "Again, A Time Machine", commissioned by Book Works and Eastside Projects. The posters were made according to instructions given to Book Works by the artist, and fly-posted in locations in Birmingham, Bristol, Berlin, New York and London.The edition includes: Ten posters, printed offset litho on blue back poster paper, 841 x 594 mm. A black and white photograph of Martin Kippenberger (detail from fly-posted poster, Berlin), signed and numbered by the artist, 203 x 152 mm. Text work, instructions by Jonathan Monk. Art-work and design by James Langdon; photography by Stuart Whipps (Birmingham, Bristol, London); Jonathan Monk (Berlin) and Roberto De Luna (New York). Published by Book Works in an edition of 45.

Information courtesy of Book Works:

Monk, Jonathan

Poster advertising Activities Week

This poster advertised various events happening during The Glasgow School Of Art's activities week in 1971. The poster details a number of film screenings and talks which took place in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre. Other events included visits to the National Engineering Laboratory in East Kilbride and to an exhibition of prints by the London based printmaking organisation Editions Alecto. There was also an exhibition of work by John McInnes which was held in the Mackintosh Museum.

Not available / given

Poster advertising the Interior Design course at The Glasgow School Of Art

This poster advertised the Interior Design course offered at The Glasgow School Of Art. The poster details the structure of the course and the vocational opportunities that could be gained with a degree in Interior Design. The poster also stipulates the entry requirements for the course. These were a minimum of 5 SCE passes or 3 at Higher grade, or 5 GCE passes, 2 at A level. It was mandatory that two of the subjects passed were Art and English.

Campbell, Alison

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