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Embroidery (visual works)

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Embroidery (visual works)

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Embroidery (visual works)

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And So to Sew

Publication published by NDS on how to sew various textile activities.
Contains copies of Bulletins 1-6B, 8A, 9A, 13A-15A, 17A-28A. All comprise of 2 copies other than 8A, 13A, and 15A, which only contain one version.

The Needlework Development Scheme


British. Scallop-edged cream taffeta apron. Silk and metal threads. Symmetrical floral design incorporating metal thread areas padded with cord. Extensive use of pearl and sequins. Framed.

*Not available / given


Portuguese. Part of peasant costume. Closely woven in red wool on white warp. Geometric design in bright colours in loom embroidery - extra weft pulled up in loops on the surface Yellow braid waistband, and pink braid edges.

*Not available / given

Armchair cover

Rectangular yellow armchair cover. Thought to be by Ann Macbeth. This item was damaged in the fire in GSA's Mackintosh Building on 23rd May 2014. Textile conservation was completed in 2019.

*Not available / given

'Assisi Work' fold-out booklet

Small blue card folder with a handwritten label 'Assisi Work'. It contains a handwritten explanation of the technique and materials, the pattern design for two birds and a tree in pen and ink on graph paper, and the worked textile in blue and white.

Mackie, Mary


Embroidered bedspread of linen with applique. The technique, lettering and choice of inscription are typical of Jessie Newbery's work. From the wear on the stitching of the inscription it is obvious that the bedspread has been in regular use. The heart shaped applique motifs are unfaded round the edges and there is evidence that the blue silk Inscribed: "God knows and/what he knows/is well and best/ the darkness/hideth not from/him but glows/clear as the/morning or the/evening rose/of east or west".

Bible marker

Dull blue/green corded silk embroidered at each end. Thought to be by Ann Macbeth (the use of these particular strong shades of magenta and turquoise are distinctive of Macbeth's work at this time).

*Not available / given

Binder of canvas work samples

Black and white patterned ring binder containing 7 samples of canvas work showing different stitches and patterns:

  1. Sample with yellow, gray, brown and green wool

  2. Sample with black, peach, blue and olive green wool

  3. Sample with bright pink, blue and yellow wool

  4. Sample with black, brown, white and light green wool

  5. Sample with black, yellow, white and blue wool

  6. Sample with dark red, blue, dark green and white wool

  7. Sample with dark green, acid yellow, peach and blue wool

Mackie, Mary

Binder of canvas work samples

Black ring binder containing 11 samples of canvas work showing different stitches and patterns:

  1. Sample with bright pink, red, brown and blue wool

  2. Sample with pale pink, dark brown and mint green wool

  3. Sample with pink, beige and brown wool

  4. Sample with red, brown and pale green wool

  5. Sample with gray, yellow and brown wool

  6. Sample with yellow, mauve, brown and dark green

  7. Sample with bright green, olive green, brown and gray wool

  8. Sample with pale pink, gray, and very dark green wool

  9. Sample with pink, dark green and yellow wool

  10. Sample with red, green, white and brown wool

  11. Sample with bright pink, pale yellow, white and black wool

Mackie, Mary

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