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Alastair Shanks notes from The Art Course for Primary Teachers

  • DC 050
  • Collection
  • 1938-1939

Notes and folio referring to the Art Course for Primary Teachers at The Glasgow School of Art. Alastair Shanks attended two of these courses. The notes are intended for use with complete beginners and include lessons on shape, light and shade as well as colour. A two page desciption of the following notes has been provided by Alastair Shanks. The folio of drawings that follow are executed in a variety of materials from pencil to pastel and act as illustrations for various lessons that may be taught.

Please note that this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore some items may not be accessible to researchers.

Shanks, Alastair

Architecture Papers

2 folders of papers about the study of Architecture. Folders as follows: DIR/12/2/25/1: Architecture and Planning Papers, 1960-1964. Includes correspondence relating to Town Planning course; a part-time course in Architecture; notes on annual assessment of Certificate Course and Post-Certificate Course in Architecture; report on Architectural Education in Glasgow; note on RIBA prizes and studentships; note on students selected to proceed with final drawings for Soane Medallion; other records of RIBA prize winners including J B Browne, William M Dunlop, and Graeme M Morland from Glasgow School of Art; notes on structures of Architecture courses; list of 'buildings of architectural and historic interest in the City of Edinburgh'; resignation letter from John D Kelly (Chairman of GSA Governors); note on Dept of Architecture & Planning accommodation and requirements; notes on award of Diplomas and Prizes; correspondence from Keppie, Henderson & Partners re. proposed mezzanine floor of Assembly Hall. DIR/12/2/25/2: Architecture and the Governors of GSA, 1964 Includes: Agenda for meeting of Chairman's Committee, 01 May 1964; excerpts from minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Governors on state of architectural education in Glasgow (with accompanying report) 25 Mar 1964; and report on 'Proposed Courses in Architecture in the School of Art, Present and Future Carricula'.

Not available / given

Correspondence of D P Bliss

Correspondence of Douglas Percy Bliss, 1950. Including correspondence with: the Arts Council of Great Britain about meetings; William Armour, about salary scales for teachers; correspondence with Principals of other Art Schools: Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen; Rev James Brown, about his collection of Art books; the British School at Rome about the Rome Scholarship Exhibition; James Bateman about his position at the Art School, and personal matters; the Council of Industrial Design, Scottish Committee; Fyffe Christie, informing them that they won the Newbery Medal; Sylvia Chalmers, about her Post-Diploma Year; Report on Design in the School; Elder Film Productions Ltd, about making a film of the work of the students; the Corporation of Glasgow, about the potato harvest; correspondence with the Governors of the Art School; correspondence about Hospitalfield and minutes of Trust meetings; W O Hutchison about School matters; Inverness Arts Society about Bliss delivering a lecture for them; correspondence about 'Lettering'; the Lord Provost of Glasgow about a commission; correspondence about the Library; Mrs Masterton, Bliss thanking her for her excellent service to the School as teacher of Bookbinding; Conrad McKenna, about his travels in Rome; William J Macaulay, Glasgow Art Gallery & Museums, about a loan of embroidered items to the Art School; correspondence about the Needlework Development Scheme; the National Committee for the Training of Teachers; correspondence with the Office of the High Commissioner for Pakistan in the UK, Bliss providing information about the Art School; Nikolaus Pevsner about his Mackintosh book; correspondence with the Publicity Club of Glasgow; personal correspondence of D P Bliss; the Royal College of Art, with references for students; the Rayon Industry Design Centre, about an Exhibition; the Royal Society of Arts about a Competition on Industrial Design; correspondence with the Student Representative Council; correspondence with the Scottish Education Department; correspondence with the Victoria & Albert Museum; Dr G Lithgow Wilson, about a gift to the School of his uncle's art materials. Folders as follows: DIR/12/1/6/1: Index of Correspondence for the year 1950 DIR/12/1/6/2: Correspondence, 'A', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/3: 'Art Schools, Principals', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/4: Correspondence, 'B', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/5: Correspondence, 'C', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/6: Correspondence, 'D', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/7: Correspondence, 'E', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/8: Correspondence, 'F', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/9: Correspondence, 'G', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/10: 'Governors Correspondence', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/11: Correspondence, 'H', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/12: Correspondence, 'I', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/13: Correspondence, 'J', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/14: Correspondence, 'K', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/15: Correspondence, 'L', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/16: 'Library', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/17: Correspondence, 'M', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/18: Correspondence, 'Mc', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/19: Correspondence, 'N', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/20: Correspondence, 'O', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/21: Correspondence, 'P', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/22: 'Personal Correspondence', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/23: Correspondence, 'R', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/24: Correspondence, 'S', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/25: Correspondence, 'T', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/26: Correspondence, 'V', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/27: Correspondence, 'W', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/28: Correspondence, 'Y', 1950 DIR/12/1/6/29: Correspondence, 'Z', 1950

Not available / given

Design and Crafts Papers

Folder of papers regarding Design & Crafts and the arrangement of courses. Includes: Notices for accompanying displays of student work; Pottery Department's 'Rules for the Guidance of all Students'; records of department staff and student numbers; report on importance of drawing from natural sources; report on leaking roof in room 6; itinerary for Seminar on Industrial Design Teaching; correspondence regarding Glasgow School of Art-related work with Vehicle Ferry Vessels.

Not available / given

Glasgow School of Art teaching notes

Conrad McKenna’s teaching notes during his various teaching roles at The Glasgow School of Art. Including a combination of typed materials, hand written notes, annotated diagrams and drawings by Conrad McKenna for delivery of the First Year Course including: course overview, course topics, exercises and talks. Materials outline and discuss: materials, processes, techniques, definitions and references relating to: printing, papers, typography, wood and metal work, pattern, drawing, colour, shape and volume, tone, communication, photography, design and design theory. The majority of the material is titled "First Year Course".

McKenna, Conrad

Greek Architecture

26 x single sheets of architectural sketches covering various periods/styles in history from Greek and Roman to Gothic and the Renaissance. 2 x double sheets, "The Renaissance of Roman Architecture" essay.

Gorman, James

Honours Courses, Papers

2 folders of papers about Honours Courses at the Glasgow School of Art. Papers include: Correspondence and notes relating to entrance requirements and introduction of Honours courses; booklet titled 'First Report of the National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design'; correspondence relating to Three Dimensional Design courses with Interior Design and Industrial Design (Engineering) as chief studies; papers on Associateship/Honours Courses; minutes of meeting of Heads of Four Colleges of Art; report on number of final year students in various departments of 'four colleges'; report on 'Complementary Studies'; Duncan of Jordanstone's (Dundee) and Gray's (Aberdeen) proposals for Honours Course; Programme of Study for General Course, 1st & 2nd year; report on 'Alternative Proposal for the Introduction of a Diploma or Associateship Course with Honours Recognition and the Award of Diplomas with Distinction; memorandum by Scottish Education Department, 'Courses in Colleges of Art', detailing needs, problems, and proposals; report on 'The Claymore'. DIR/12/2/28/1: Honours Courses, 1961-1963 DIR/12/2/28/2: Honours Courses II (a continuation of the previous folder), 1961-1963

Not available / given

Information sheets

Conrad McKenna’s information sheets during his various teaching roles at The Glasgow School of Art. Including typed materials, hand written notes, photocopies, worksheets, newspaper clippings, annotated diagrams and drawings by Conrad McKenna and others for the delivery of teaching and student trips. Materials outline and discuss: materials, processes, techniques, definitions and references relating to: printing, papers, typography, wood and metal work, pattern, drawing, colour, shape and volume, tone, communication, photography, linocuts, monoprints, colour theory, design and design theory. Also included are briefs, materials lists and reading lists for student projects. Along with itineraries for student trips such as a London visit in 1973. Selections of typed materials are titled "First Year Course". Whilst the majority of these are general; others are course specific and provide details of first year courses in Architecture and Drawing and Painting. All provide course overviews, references, definitions and information on materials, processes and techniques.

McKenna, Conrad


Minutes of the Committee of Management, 1854-1892, and of the Board of Governors, 1892-2002. The minute books also contain minutes and some correspondence of a large number of committees of the Board of Governors including: the Chairman’s Committee; Finance Committee; Staff and School Committee (Human Resources Committee); Estates Committee; Audit Committee; Business Committee and a number of sub committees that change from year to year. Appendices: The minute books also contain appendices or supporting documents and papers including correspondence, reports, financial statements and press clippings. Until 1995 appendices tend to be stored pasted or interleaved within the minutes however from 1995-2002 surviving appendices have been collected and stored in a separate folder(s), labelled accordingly.

From 2003 onwards Board of Governors meeting papers, or appendices, are stored within the minute books. Minutes of Board of Governors meetings from 2003 onwards will be found amongst the papers of the next Board meeting, during which they were approved e.g. Minutes for the Board meeting of 03 Dec 2002 and found within the papers for the meeting of 06 Feb 2003.

Annual Reports and Accounts, Strategic plans, Press Clippings, and Annual Reports to Senate have been removed from the meeting papers of 2003-2014. Annual Reports and Accounts can be found at GSAA/GOV/1; Strategic plans at GSAA/GOV/8/1; Press Clippings at GSAA/NEW; and Annual Reports to Senate at GSAA/AC.

Format: From 1845-March 1909 minutes are handwritten in bound volumes. From May 1909-Jun 1955 minutes are typed in bound volumes (with the exception of GOV/2/16 which is loose). Thereafter minutes are typed and loose in folders.

The minutes up to 2002 have separate index books, and many are indexed by committee and/or subjects. From Oct 2014 Board of Governors minutes and papers are stored digitally as PDF files.

Data protection and sensitivity: Minutes over 30 years old are available for public consultation. Permission from the Board of Governors is needed for access to those which are less than 30 years old. However, minutes from 2012 onwards are published online at:,-papers-and-minutes/ please note, these may be redacted. Records containing sensitive information about individuals have been collected into separate folders that will be closed for 75 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Volumes are as follows:

GOV/2/1: Apr 1854-Mar 1882

GOV/2/2: Apr 1882-Mar 1890

GOV/2/3: Apr 1890-Mar 1895

GOV/2/4: Mar 1895-Jun 1901

GOV/2/5: Aug 1901-Jun 1907

GOV/2/6: Sep 1907-Mar 1909

GOV/2/7: May 1909-Jun 1911

GOV/2/8: Aug 1911-Mar 1913

GOV/2/9: Mar 1913-Jun 1914

GOV/2/10: Jun 1914-Jul 1916

GOV/2/11: Oct 1916-Jun 1920

GOV/2/12: Jul 1920-Dec 1924

GOV/2/13: Jan 1925-Dec 1927

GOV/2/14: Jan 1928-Dec 1929

GOV/2/15: Jan 1930-Aug 1931

GOV/2/16: Oct 1931-May 1934

GOV/2/17: Oct 1934-Jun 1937

GOV/2/18: Aug 1937-Jul 1945

GOV/2/19: Sep 1945-Jul 1949

GOV/2/20: Aug 1949-Jul 1952

GOV/2/21: Sep 1952-Jun 1955

GOV/2/22: Sep 1955-Jun 1956

GOV/2/23: Jun 1956-Jan 1958

GOV/2/24: Feb 1958-May 1959

GOV/2/25: Aug 1959-Jan 1962

GOV/2/26: Feb 1962-Dec 1963

GOV/2/27: Jan 1964-Jun 1966

GOV/2/28: Sep 1966-Jul 1968

GOV/2/29: Oct 1968-Nov 1969

GOV/2/30: Jan 1970-Dec 1970

GOV/2/31: Dec 1970- Dec 1971

GOV/2/32: 1972

GOV/2/33: 1973

GOV/2/34: 1974

GOV/2/35: 1975

GOV/2/36: 1976

GOV/2/37: 1977

GOV/2/38: 1978

GOV/2/39: 1979

GOV/2/40: 1980

GOV/2/41: 1981

GOV/2/42: 1982

GOV/2/43: 1983

GOV/2/44: 1984

GOV/2/45: 1985

GOV/2/46: 1986

GOV/2/47: 1987

GOV/2/48: 1988

GOV/2/49: 1989

GOV/2/50: 1990

GOV/2/51: 1991

GOV/2/52: 1992

GOV/2/53: 1993

GOV/2/54: 1994

GOV/2/55: 1995

GOV/2/56: 1996

GOV/2/57: 1997

GOV/2/58: 1998

GOV/2/59: 1999

GOV/2/60: 2000

GOV/2/61: 2001

GOV/2/62: 2002

GOV/2/63: 2003

GOV/2/64: 2004

GOV/2/65: 2005

GOV/2/66: 2006

GOV/2/67: 2007

GOV/2/68: 2008

GOV/2/69: 2009

GOV/2/70: 2010

GOV/2/71: 2011

GOV/2/72: 2012

GOV/2/73: 2013

GOV/2/74: 2014 (Feb-Jun are paper records, Oct-Dec are digital files)

GOV/2/75: 2015 (digital)

GOV/2/76: 2016 (digital)

GOV/2/77: 2017 (digital)

The Glasgow School of Art

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