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Curriculum development

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Proposed Photographic Department and Various Notices

Papers on a Proposed Photographic Department at the Glasgow School of Art and other operational papers such as notices, correspondence, and invitations. Includes: Notice from Bliss stating that visitors to GSA will no longer be allowed access unless by appointment; notices of 'Material of the Painters' Craft' lectures (given by Harry McLean); notice on Durer watercolours; notice of GSA student (George Whitehall) winning national competition to design emblem for International Commission on Large Dams; invitation to visit Industrial Design Dept during open days; notice of information on casts outside library and outside room 58; notice on Foot-and-Mouth outbreak; report concerning the proposed Photographic Department, and of a London visit to schools of photography; financial statement 1961; assessors' reports 1961.

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Records of the Academic Council

Papers of the Academic Council of the Glasgow School of Art. Includes: AC/1: Minutes, 1973-2001 AC/2: Day books, 1973-1983 AC/3: Sub-committees of the Academic Council, 1973-2000 AC/4: Course Documentation, 1980-2000 AC/5: Reporting and Reviews, 1978-2011 AC/6: Correspondence and Working Papers, 1973-2000 Access Restrictions: Most records which are over 30 years old are available for public consultation. Records which are less than 30 years old can be accessed with the permission of the head of the relevant department of the school. Records containing sensitive information about individuals have been collected into separate folders that will be closed for 75 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the Deputy Director

This material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes the correspondence, administrative paperwork and working files of Harry Barnes (Deputy Director 1946-1964) and James Cosgrove (Deputy Director 1992/1993-1998/1999).

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

  • GSAA
  • Collection
  • 15th century to early 21st century


  • Records of the Academic Council, 1973-2000
  • Audiovisual material, c1950s-2000s
  • Records of the Board of Studies, 1932-1950
  • Records of the Continuing Education Department, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Assistant Director and Company Secretary, c1986-2008
  • Records of the Deputy Director, c1946-1993
  • Records of the School of Design, c1979-2001
  • Records of the Development and External Relations Office, c1997-2004
  • Records of the Director, 1846-
  • Records of GSA Enterprises, c1991-2000

[b]Ephemera collection, 1890-[/b]

The School's collection of ephemera includes flyers, programmes and tickets for events at the School, such as plays, fashion shows, charities week events, exhibitions and performances.

  • Records of the Estates Department, c1964-2007
  • Records of the Exhibitions Officer, c1990-1994
  • Records of the School of Fine Art, c1978-1999
  • Records of the Finance Officer, 1870-2000
  • Records of First Year Studies, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Board of Governors, 1847-2007

Key records include:

  • Annual reports, 1847-2000 - The School's annual reports provide information on governors, staff and prizewinning students, and sometimes but not always, a headmaster's or director's report and annual accounts.
  • Building Committee papers, 1883-1949 - Minutes, correspondence, estimates, specifications and financial records relating to the erection of the Mackintosh Building, as well as the School's extension scheme.
  • Records of House for an Art Lover
  • Records of Liberal Studies/Historical and Critical Studies, c1992
  • Records of Information Services, c1900-2004
  • Records of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, c1957-2002

[b]Newspaper cuttings, 1864-[/b]

The School's press cuttings include articles relating to staff and students.

[b]Photographs, c1880s-[/b]

The School's photograph collection provides an excellent record of events at The Glasgow School of Art, its students and their work.

  • Records of the Personnel Office, c1987-2006
  • Records of the Planning Department, 1962-1964
  • Records of the Registrar, c1881-2000

Key records include:

  • Student records, 1881-1997 - The School's student registers can provide student's names, dates of birth, dates of admission, educational background, addresses, occupations, courses taken and marks and awards gained.

[b]Prospectuses, 1893-1995[/b]

  • The School's prospectuses provide information about staff and governors
  • the organisation and administration of the School
  • Summaries of the School's curriculum
  • individual courses and tutors
  • fees
  • Scholarships and bursaries.
  • Records of the School Council, 1969-1982
  • Records of the Secretary and Treasurer, 1853-1996
  • Records of the Senior Management Group
  • Records of the School of Simulation and Visualisation
  • Records of the Staff Council, 1909-1949
  • Records of the Student Support Service

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the School of Architecture

Some of this material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes Mackintosh School of Architecture newsletters, RIBA Visiting Board administrative papers and correspondence, and various committee papers. Committee papers held within this department include - Mackintosh School of Architecture Board of Studies, Mackintosh School of Architecture Course Evaluation Committee, Mackintosh School of Architecture Course Committee, Mackintosh School of Architecture Course Examination Board, Joint Board for Architectural Studies & PDE, RIBA Visiting Board, Mackintosh School of Architecture Student/Staff Consultive Committee.

The Glasgow School of Art

The Scottish Art and Design Collection

  • DC 008
  • Collection
  • 1881-1993

This personal collection, incorporating the Collections of National Society for Education in Art and Design Scottish Region, was deposited by Stuart W MacDonald, Senior Advisor for Strathclyde Region Educational Development Service, in February 1995.

It comprises material from various educational committees and forums with which he was associated, together with the Consultative Committee on the Curriculum item bank, an art projects resource bank for schools. The collection also includes a small number of books from Arthur MacMorland, a leading exponent of Children's Art in Scotland, and former student of Glasgow School of Art.

This includes:

  • The material is arranged into 6 sub-fonds:
  • GSA DC 08/1: 5-14 Expressive Arts (Review and Development Group 4)
  • GSA DC 08/2: Consultative Committee on the Curriculum
  • GSA DC 08/3: Media Education in Picture and Sound
  • GSA DC 08/4: National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) Scottish Region
  • GSA DC 08/5: Strathclyde Department of Education, Dumbarton Division: Study Packs
  • GSA DC 08/6: Arthur MacMorland's Library

Materials include teachers notes, study packs, examples of the kind of work produced in the schemes and teaching aids.

Please note that this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore some items may not be accessible to researchers.

MacDonald, Stuart W

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