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Accession of Papers related to Francis Newbery

Later accessions of material relating to Francis Newbery. Material was not deposited as part of his working papers as Director of the School, but includes some working papers and correspondence from during his time as Director in addition to papers dating to after his retirement, family records and photographs, and written materials regarding Newbery.

  • DIR/5/38/1: Correspondence, 1889-1947
  • DIR/5/38/2: Working Papers of Francis Newbery, 1902-c1910
  • DIR/5/38/3: The 'Masque of the City Arms' Papers and Correspondence, 1905
  • DIR/5/38/4: The Teaching of Design, Papers and Correspondence, 1910
  • DIR/5/38/5: Needlecraft in Secondary Schools Papers and Correspondence, 1910-1912
  • DIR/5/38/6: Family Papers, 1906-1984
  • DIR/5/38/7: Family Photographs, c1895-c1980s
  • DIR/5/38/8: Materials relating to Francis Newbery

See this blog-post for more information about the discovery of these materials:

Newbery, Francis Henry

Activities Week

Harry Barnes' papers relating to Activities Week at the Glasgow School of Art. Papers are mostly about the invitation of interesting speakers from the Arts sector to speak to students at Activities Week but also include other organisational papers. Activities Week began in 1971 with a circular letter to staff dated 04 Feb 1971 reading: "Arising out of a decision taken at a School Council meeting, a Committee of staff and students have prepared a programme of Activities which it is hoped will act as a stimulus to both staff and students midway through the Session" (within folder: DIR/13/13/5/4). Folders as follows: DIR/13/13/3/1: Activities Week Papers, 1971-1972 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence about the Chairman's Lunch; correspondence thanking participants following Activities Week events; draft timetables and programmes; correspondence about visiting, travel and board arrangements for speakers at Activities Week including: David Hockney, Kenneth Grange, Magnus Pyke, J McGrath, and Eduardo Paolozzi; programme from the 'Dunstable Consort', a musical group providing a concert at Activities Week 1971-1972. DIR/13/13/3/2: Activities Week Papers, 1972-1973 (1 folder): Includes: Papers of the 'Action Group' for Activities Week e.g. notes of meetings; correspondence with invited speakers about matters such as travel and board arrangements, and thanks for participation, including the speakers: Peter Blake, Professor Reyner Banham, G M Shaw, John Gretton, Brian Ansen, Robert Mansley; copy of the published Activities Week 1973 programme; Activities Week work schedule providing details of what is required for each event; Activities week list of lunch invitations; correspondence with official bodies about aspects of Activities Week e.g. permission for the release of balloons; draft programmes for Activities Week; copy of printed magazine 'The Lifetime of my Bumpy Days' produced for Activities Week; list of names of those on the Action Group Committee; correspondence with School staff members and others involved in the organisation of Activities Week thanking them for their efforts; programme for a symposium on 20 Feb 1973 with the title 'Glasgow + or -'; document 'Outline Proposals for Symposium'; correspondence with speakers at the Symposium; correspondence about a display of Town and Country Planning artistic posters for Activities Week; correspondence about the organisation of an Activities Week Ceilidh; pressclipping about John Berger adding funds to the Booker Prize; notes about Activities Week costs. DIR/13/13/3/3: Activities Week Papers, 1973-1974 (1 folder): Includes: Draft programmes; correspondence about arrangements, travel and board for Activities Week speakers e.g. Michael Gold, Graham Caine, Bruce Haggart, Colin Moorcraft, Lutz Becker, Richard Smith, Chris Orr, Emilio Coia, Peter Cook, Ron Herron, Martin Dalby, L A Bawden, Andy Park; correspondence about insurance for a Richard Smith Exhibition; Activities Week Group Meeting minutes; financial estimates for Activities Week; biography notes about Richard Smith. DIR/13/13/3/4: Activities Week Papers, 1974-1976 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence regarding the Student Representative Council, meetings to discuss Activities Week and student/staff communication; informational memoranda about Activities Week 1976; Activities Week meetings minutes; notices of Activities Week meetings; correspondence with the Scottish Arts Council about Activities Week; correspondence with official bodies such as Strathclyde Police, Council, and the City of Glasgow Parks Department about activities on Sauchiehall Street for Activities Week 1976; updates on Activities Week progress; correspondence with Radio Clyde about Activities Week events; correspondence with school staff in various departments about contributions to Activities Week; correspondence about a change in dates for Activities Week 1976; papers about a Lute Concert in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre; correspondence with invited speakers/participants including: Patrick Heron, Geoffrey McNab from Scottish Ballet, Victor Papanek, John Foreman, John Young, Rigby Graham, Paul Findlay, Derick Jarman; copy of a printed programme for Activities Week 1975; draft programmes for Activities Week; correspondence with the Corporation of Glasgow Planning Department about a poster display; papers about a Norman Adams Exhibition; notes regarding possible speakers for Activities Week; draft programmes for Activities Week 1974; lunch invitations 1974.

Collection of newspaper clippings

The newspaper clippings describe the Kino Film Group and explain future showings of movies. Includes film descriptions on the Civil War in Spain, the Nanjing Massacre in China by the Japanese, language films, Irish Black and Tan Troubles of 1919, on the topic of tea, and about the USSR. They also had a newsreel with scenes from the Duke of Windsor's wedding which he asked not to be released to the public and they refused. The group seems to promote politically intense films about communism, propaganda, unions, and opposing fascism. Some films are silent and some have coloured parts to them. The newspaper clippings describe the group travelling around Scotland to show the films to a wider audience and raise money for China and Spain. Some movies are from different countries like Spain, Czechoslovak, America, and Russia.

Not available / given


Various correspondence of Francis Newbery, and relating to Francis Newbery. Some correspondence dates from his time as Director of the School but other correspondence dates to after Newbery's retirement. Most of the correspondence is Newbery's but some is from the School Secretary or others connected with the School of Art. The letters include correspondence with artists, writers and architects such as: William Morris, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, P Wilson Steer, David Young Cameron, Auguste Rodin, John Lavery, Walter Crane, and H.G. Wells. Correspondence as follows: DIR/5/38/1/1: Letters from William Morris to Mr Mavor, 1889 (4 letters): (a) Letter about Morris visiting Glasgow to give a lecture and about his travelling expenses,14 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (b) Letter about a series of lectures Morris was to give upon his visit to Glasgow to groups such as 'the Glasgow Branch of the S. L.' , the students of the School of Art, and the Edinburgh Socialists, 21 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (c) Letter addressed 'Dear Sir' about lectures Morris plans to deliver on his visit: 'Arts & Crafts', and 'Gothic Architecture' for the Haldane Students, 24 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (d) Letter about Morris' travel arrangements to Glasgow, 06 Feb (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/2: Postcard, perhaps from T. P. C..(?) of 146 Blythswood Drive (portion of postcard damaged) to Francis Newbery about an engraving of a brooch found at Duncan Keith's auction rooms, called 'The Macgregor Brooch', 14 Mar 1896 (1 item). DIR/5/38/1/3: Letter from Edward J Poynter to Newbery conveying thanks for Newbery's congratulations on Poynter's election, 04 Dec 1896 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/4: Letter from John Lavery to Newbery about his seeing Newbery's paintings at an exhibition in Venice,18 May 1897 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/5: Letters from Walter Crane to Newbery, 1897-1913 (3 letters): (a) Letter to Mr & Mrs Newbery thanking them for their hospitality during his short stay, 12 Dec 1897 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Newbery thanking Newbery for his kind letter on Crane's appointment, 28 Aug 1898 (1 sheet). (c) Letter to Newbery thanking Newbery and his wife for their hospitality during his visit, 12 Jun 1913 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/6: Letters from staff to Newbery requesting an increase in salary, 1898 (5 letters): (a) Letter from John Dunlop, 12 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from James M Dunlop, 13 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (c) Letter from A Aston Nicholas, 15 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (d) Letter from Johan Keller, 17 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (e) Letter from James Gray, 19 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/7: Draft letter to Mr R S Allan about classes at the School, c1900 (3 sheets). DIR/5/38/1/8: Correspondence to Newbery about a fire escape stair, 1900 (2 letters): (a) Letter from W Forrest & Salmon cover letter returing documents sent by Newbery concerning a proposed escape stair, 07 Dec 1900 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Honeyman & Keppie from Robert Scott, Measurer & Valuator about the cost of a fire escape stair for the Glasgow School of Art, 01 Aug 1900. Enclosure of the above (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/9: Letters from Auguste Rodin to Newbery, 1901-1903 (2 letters): (a) Letter, in French, about the return of plaster casts to Rodin and about an exhibition of plaster casts, 29 Apr 1901 (1 sheet). (b) Letter, in French, thanking Newbery for his kind wishes, 11 Dec 1903 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/10 Correspondence between Newbery and Vanderstappen about proposing Mr Delville and Mr Paul Artot as Professors at the School, 1902 (4 letters). DIR/5/38/1/11: Letter and transcription of letter from William Leiper, Architect, to Newbery, 1904-1905 (2 letters): (a) Letter from Leiper to Newbery congratulating Newbery on the work of the School observed by Leiper on a recent visit, 13 Dec 1904 (1 sheet). (b) Typed transcript of the above letter from William Leiper to Newbery, 13 Dec 1904. Also on this sheet is a typed transcript of a letter from Alexander Roche to Newbery about an enclosed cheque for a supplementary travelling studentship, 22 May 1905 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/12: Letter from W Forrest Salmon of Salmon & Son & Gillespie Architects to E Catterns, School Secretary, apologising that Salmon will be unable to attend the next Governors' meeting and recording his thoughts on some business such as his support for the re-election of W Fleming to the Chair, 26 Sep 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/13: Letter from George Gregory to Newbery about arrangements for Mr Wilson's class coming to 'modelling' (the sculpture department), 12 Oct 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/14: Correspondence about a letter to Newbery from Sir Henry Craik, Oct 1906 (2 letters): (a) Letter from Newbery to James Fleming requesting Fleming to telephone him to discuss an enclosure. On the back is a draft reply to the enclosure that Newbery wishes to discuss with Fleming (see below for enclosure), Oct 1906 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from H Craik to Newbery enquiring about the possibility of a position for a 'W Kennaway' who was at the Athenaeum School of Art in Glasgow until it closed. (enclosure of above correspondence), 23 Oct 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/15: Correspondence with Mr Robertson Weir, 1909-1919 (3 letters): This correspondence was donated to the School of Art Archives and Collections by the daughter of Robertson Weir in 1994. (ACC 52) (a) Letter from Newbery to Robertson Weir about Weir's trasmission to the Scotch Education Department. Refers to the course of study and Training of Teachers in the Special Subject of Art (Article 47), 04 Nov 1909 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from Newbery to Robertson Weir expressing his relief that Weir survived the War, 19 May 1919 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/16: Letter from J Struthers of the Scotch Education Department to Newbery about the possible uses of the bursary of a student Mr Alexander Gordon, 28 Jul 1910 (2 sheets). DIR/5/38/1/17: Letter from H G Wells to Newbery thanking him for sending a copy of the Art School 'Masque', 10 Jun 1927 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/18: Letters from Charles Francis Annesley Voysey to Newbery, 1927-1931 (2 letters): (a) Letter about a letter Newbery sent to 'MacAlister' that was flattering to Voysey and thanking Newbery for his support, 15 Nov 1927 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Mr and Mrs Newbery apologising for having missed them when they went to his show and asking them if they have ever visited Sir Herbert Cook who lives in a house built by Voysey for Alfred Sutro, 05 Oct 1931 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/19: Letter from P Wilson Steer to Newbery thanking Newbery for his congratulations and reminiscing about Walberswick, 19 Jan 1931 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/20: Letter from D. Y. Cameron to Mr & Mrs Newbery thanking them for their sympathy on the death of his partner, c1930s (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/21: Letter from Archibald A McGlashan to 'Alick' thanking Alick for sending a painting of Francis Newbery and reflecting on the character of Newbery, 03 May 1947 (1 sheet).

Morris, William

Diploma printing block

Printing block with Glasgow style female figure, stylised trees and flowers forming the border design. 
Central text block with

  • The Glasgow School of Art address
  • Local prize awarded to: 
  • For excellence in:
  • Session:

King, Jessie Marion

Family Papers

Papers of the Newbery family including papers dating to after Newbery's retirement; papers of his wife, Jessie Newbery; and documents relating to Mary Newbery Sturrock, daughter of Francis and Jessie Newbery. Papers as follows:

  • DIR/5/38/6/1: Letter from F R Benson of the Royalty Theatre, Glasgow, to Miss Newbery enclosing tickets for a Box for the play 'Much Ado', 12 Mar 1906 (1 sheet).

  • DIR/5/38/6/2: Headed letter paper of Francis Newbery, Eastgate, Corfe Castle, Dorset, c1918 (10 sheets).

  • DIR/5/38/6/3: Order of Proceedings for the inauguration of the Sign of Saint Edward, King and Martyr, Patron Saint of the Village, at Corfe Castle. Newbery made many of the readings at the event, 02 Jul 1927 (1 item).

  • DIR/5/38/6/4: Cardboard silhouette of Francis and Jessie Newbery in a photograph mount, c1930s (1 item).

  • DIR/5/38/6/5: Letters and fragments of letters from Jessie Newbery to her daughter Elsie and perhaps Mary. One of the letters to Elsie is dated 24 Sep 1934. The other letters are fragmentary and include topics such as recipes, books and sewing projects, c1934. (4 sheets)

  • DIR/5/38/6/6: Letter from George M Baltus to Mr and Mrs Newbery catching up with them following the Second World War, telling them of his experiences during that time, and telling them family news, 07 Jan 1946 (1 sheet).

  • DIR/5/38/6/7: File of photographs, pressclippings, sketches, designs, documents and letters relating to Mary Newbery Sturrock, daughter of Francis and Jessie Newbery, c1930s-80s (1 folder). File includes:

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/1: postcard of ‘Port Vendres’, watercolour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh c1926-27, dated 1979;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/2: mounted photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock at South Gray Street Edinburgh, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/3: letter from Mary Newbery Sturrock thanking her correspondent (name not given) for the Mackintosh card and about her memories of the doors of The Glasgow School of Art being white, 16 Oct 1984;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/4: mounted photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock and another woman, front of mount reads ‘Wedding’, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/5: pressclipping from the Helensburgh Advertiser about the opening of a special Mackintosh exhibition held at the Hill House, 03 May 1977;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/6: card addressed to Mary, from ‘Pamela’ thanking her for a recent note. Front of card depicts ‘Painted gesso panel set with glass beads and shell’ by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, 1904, card is undated.

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/7: postcard from ‘Pat’ and Harry Barnes to Mary Newbery Sturrock, from Port-Vendres in France, 1981.

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/8: postcard from Tom Howarth to Mary Newbery Sturrock, from Port-Vendres in France, undated; photograph of Jessie and Francis Newbery; photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock and another woman; photograph of two women, one likely Mary Newbery Sturrock, signed ‘Whiteleigh, Christmas 66’, 1966;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/9: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x4), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/10: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x3), undated; close-up photograph of a necklace, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/11: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x2), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/12: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x2), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/13: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock and family (x4), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/14: photograph of Eastgate, Corfe Castle, undated; photographs of Jessie and Francis Newbery at Eastgate (x3), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/15: photograph of Jessie and Francis Newbery and family, undated; photograph of village street, likely Corfe Castle;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/16: letter from Rodrigo Rodriguez of Cassina S.p.A to Mary Sturrock regarding the terms of an agreement between them for the reproduction of items (cutlery and the 'Six Columns Clock') designed for Sturrock by C.R. Mackintosh, 30 Oct 1979;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/17: change of address card for Mr and Mrs A. R. Sturrock, from 2 Mansfield Place Edinburgh to 13 South Gray Street, c1945 (7 copies);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/18: two hand-printed floral designs with addition of watercolour, unsigned and undated (possibly 1937 based on related designs); two versions of a hand-printed design with addition of watercolour depicting a woman with floral headdress, signed ‘M.N.S.’, undated (possibly 1937 based on related designs);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/19: hand-printed floral Christmas card design with addition of watercolour and ink, back of card is signed ‘C.R., 1/-', dated 1937;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/20: bundle of sketchbook and loose pages featuring sketches of, notes about and designs for ceramics, unsigned and undated (one example, drawn on the back of a card to Mary reads ‘wishing her good business and good health in 1956’);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/21: invitation for exhibition of Sigrid Mavor (Ceramic flora and fauna) and M.N. Sturrock (Flower Drawings) from 30 Oct – 10 Nov at ‘The Open Eye Gallery’ Edinburgh [1982];

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/22: letter from Alison Adburgham to MNS Sturrock in response to a letter sent by Sturrock related to her family history and relationship to Liberty fabrics, 01 Jul 1983;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/23: interview between Mary Newbery Sturrock and Tony Jones (director of GSA 1980-1986) about the history of The Glasgow School of Art, Fra Newbery and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, c1980.

Newbery, Francis Henry

Family Photographs

Family photographs, mostly of Francis Newbery and some of his paintings. Photographs as follows:
DIR/5/38/7/1: Photograph of Newbery, head and torso, taken by Annan, c1895 (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/2: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and torso, wearing large beret style hat and draped with cloak around shoulders, c1903. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:29'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/3: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and shoulders, with an exhibition ticket of Newbery's pasted to the back, 1913. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:30'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/4: Photograph album of the Newbery family, with note on the front reading: 'Newbery Photo Album. Donated to GSA 1986 by Mr F Lang from the estate of Mary Newbery Sturrock'. Photographs date from c1910-1929 and include: photographs of Francis and Jessie Newbery; views of Blashenwell Farm, Corfe Castle; Lottie Seymour, a Corfe Castle character; views of Eastgate, Corfe Castle; views of family gravestones; photographs of Corfe Castle pageants; views in and around Chideock, Dorset; and family members e.g. Fred Lang, grandson of the Newberys, as a baby. Some photographs have become detached over time and are no longer present. Requires careful handling. (38 photographs within 1 volume) DIR/5/38/7/5: Black and white photographs on a card of a mural triptych painting of the 'Annunciation' and the 'Adoration' by Francis Newbery. Card has a greeting written on the back by Francis Newbery: 'To my friend J T Ewen from the Artist, Corfe Castle, Christmas 1910' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/6: Mounted photograph of Francis Newbery in painter's overalls and with palette, next to his large painting of 'The Annunciation'. Inscription on the photograph mount reads: 'The Annunciation, Lady Chapel-Church of the Holy Ghost & St Edward, Swanage, Dorset. Fra H Newbery, Pinxit, John T Ewen, with Seasonable Greetings, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Christmas 1930' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/7: Black and white photograph of a painting by Newbery of Edward S Reynolds, 1919-1920, Mayor of Bridport, 1919 & 1945, painted 1925 (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/8: Colour photograph of one of Francis Newbery's paintings, of a young girl in a black dress leaning on a railing, looking out to a river with a paddle steamer in view (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/9: Sleeve of negatives of Newbery paintings that are in the Town Hall in Bridport, c1980s (24 negatives).

*Not available / given

Handwritten documents

The handwritten documents are written on the back of Kino Film Ltd. agent's booking forms. 12 pages in total. Titled "Highland Clearances." On the first page, it describes the contents as "showing the change from Chief of Clan to Lord of Earl."

Biggar, Helen Manson

Handwritten note

Handwritten note discussing "Com. Fraser" and "Com. Mune". Quote from "Com. Mune" about an item going into the care of the Kino Film Group once "Kino was ready for it" which "Com. Mune" denied stating.

Not available / given

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