Dress to Impress: A student’s take on our Daisy McGlashan Dress

Our material provides inspiration for lots of different creative projects here at GSA Archives and Collections but we don’t often see the finished result. That was why it was such a treat to receive a lovely letter in the post from a researcher who had made her very own version of our Daisy McGlashan Dress!

Mathilde Dupuy studies at the Lycée Général Pierre de Fermat in Toulouse, France. She discovered our archives through an episode of the American Duchess Podcast in which artistic dress historian Dr Robyne Calvert dissects the embroidered dress in question along with podcast hosts Lauren Howel and Abby Cox. Watch the episode on YouTube here.

Mathilde was so fascinated by the dress that she decided to make her own version, imagining the pattern using the photographs of the dress from our website. She sent us these beautiful photographs of her wearing it, along with some samples of the material to show us how she had thought through the making process. As you can see, she’s even added a suffragette sash as an extra touch, as the original dress features the suffragette colours.

We hope Mathilde can come in and see the original dress in the collection soon, maybe even bringing her own dress too! To see it for yourself, visit our online catalogue here and/or make an appointment with us by emailing archives@gsa.ac.uk.

All images provided and used courtesy of Mathilde Dupuy.