Hello from Lucy

Hi! I’m Lucy and I recently became Documentation Assistant at the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections. I will be joining the team as I undertake a two year project, primarily working with digitised images.  These digitised images are scans or digital photographs of items within the collections, and have been produced to aid access to the collections and to help preserve the original items.

As Documentation Assistant I will work to ensure existing digitised images are well managed, and that new images are created which provide maximum benefit to service users, with minimum impact on original items.

I think my job is pretty dreamy! I come into contact with original items frequently and even when I am at the computer I am processing folders full of amazing art and design from the collections. That’s why, for my first blog post, I’ve decided it would be nice to share some of the images I work with.

Inspired by the Archives and Records Association Scotland, who challenged archives to post on the theme of fashion this February, I’ve selected these crackers from the GSA Archives and Collections. Can you guess which decade they were all created in? Click the reference number below any image to find out.