24 JAN 2009 – 28 FEB 2009
This collaborative design-led research project between GSA’s Fashion and Textiles Department, Archives and Collections and Centre for Advanced Textiles (CAT), examined the conceptual possibilities of reinterpreting archive material for contemporary and future textile related contexts.

Staff from GSA’s Department of Fashion and Textiles used items from the School’s archives and collections as a starting point for developing new work. The project produced an exhibition, a seminar and a publication.

The resultant exhibition ran between 24 January – 28 February 2009 and showcased a diverse range of approaches to contemporary textile design, with each project demonstrating the idiosyncrasies of the creative process related to using archives as source material.

A seminar was hosted to accompany the exhibition in order to further examine the influences, processes and factors which can impact on the creative process when working from archive material.

The seminar also explored the broad themes, contributory factors and questions which emerged from the project as it developed and matured.

Further information regarding the Awaken project and utilisation of Archives & Collections Centre artefacts in the textile and fashion creative processes can be found in:

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