WW1 – From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars

16 JAN 2016 – 14 MAR 2016

From the service of Venus to the worship of Mars was a curated selection of materials from the archive that artist Rachel Lowther used in her research for Nothing Compares to the First Time Getting Shot At.

Showing a selection of letters and ephemera from the Archives and Collections, these artefacts told the story of many individuals from the GSA during the First World war including, Francis Newbery, Dorothy Carleton Smyth, Eugene Bourdon and more.

These items showcased the variety of activities and experiences that the School’s students and staff undertook and how the war impacted on them, and the School as a whole.

This project by The Glasgow School of Art exemplifies what Museums Galleries Scotland hoped to support through our WWI Fund. We asked for new ways of commemorating the First World War and the lasting impact it has had on Scotland’s people and cultural landscape and the work by Rachel Lowther forms a lasting and thought provoking legacy for new generations.

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