On Loan: 12 November 2022 – 12 March 2023

City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Glean: Early 20th Century women filmmakers and photographers in Scotland

An exhibition presenting the work of fourteen pioneering women photographers and filmmakers working in Scotland during the early 20th century. The exhibition showcases the work of the women and how they responded to, and were inspired by the highland, island and city life of Scotland and beyond. 

One of the women highlighted in this exhibition is Helen Biggar (1909-1953). Biggar was a student at The Glasgow School of Art from 1925-1932. She was politically active during WW2 and a member of the Kino society and involved in the Glasgow Worker’s Theatre Group. She also worked on several productions with the filmmaker Norman McLaren, who also studied at GSA.

Image: Jenny Gilbertson, (with Cuthbert Cayley), 1938 or 39, courtesy of Shetland Museum & Archives

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