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Records of The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

  • GSAA
  • Collection
  • 15th century to early 21st century


  • Records of the Academic Council, 1973-2000
  • Audiovisual material, c1950s-2000s
  • Records of the Board of Studies, 1932-1950
  • Records of the Continuing Education Department, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Assistant Director and Company Secretary, c1986-2008
  • Records of the Deputy Director, c1946-1993
  • Records of the School of Design, c1979-2001
  • Records of the Development and External Relations Office, c1997-2004
  • Records of the Director, 1846-
  • Records of GSA Enterprises, c1991-2000

[b]Ephemera collection, 1890-[/b]

The School's collection of ephemera includes flyers, programmes and tickets for events at the School, such as plays, fashion shows, charities week events, exhibitions and performances.

  • Records of the Estates Department, c1964-2007
  • Records of the Exhibitions Officer, c1990-1994
  • Records of the School of Fine Art, c1978-1999
  • Records of the Finance Officer, 1870-2000
  • Records of First Year Studies, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Board of Governors, 1847-2007

Key records include:

  • Annual reports, 1847-2000 - The School's annual reports provide information on governors, staff and prizewinning students, and sometimes but not always, a headmaster's or director's report and annual accounts.
  • Building Committee papers, 1883-1949 - Minutes, correspondence, estimates, specifications and financial records relating to the erection of the Mackintosh Building, as well as the School's extension scheme.
  • Records of House for an Art Lover
  • Records of Liberal Studies/Historical and Critical Studies, c1992
  • Records of Information Services, c1900-2004
  • Records of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, c1957-2002

[b]Newspaper cuttings, 1864-[/b]

The School's press cuttings include articles relating to staff and students.

[b]Photographs, c1880s-[/b]

The School's photograph collection provides an excellent record of events at The Glasgow School of Art, its students and their work.

  • Records of the Personnel Office, c1987-2006
  • Records of the Planning Department, 1962-1964
  • Records of the Registrar, c1881-2000

Key records include:

  • Student records, 1881-1997 - The School's student registers can provide student's names, dates of birth, dates of admission, educational background, addresses, occupations, courses taken and marks and awards gained.

[b]Prospectuses, 1893-1995[/b]

  • The School's prospectuses provide information about staff and governors
  • the organisation and administration of the School
  • Summaries of the School's curriculum
  • individual courses and tutors
  • fees
  • Scholarships and bursaries.
  • Records of the School Council, 1969-1982
  • Records of the Secretary and Treasurer, 1853-1996
  • Records of the Senior Management Group
  • Records of the School of Simulation and Visualisation
  • Records of the Staff Council, 1909-1949
  • Records of the Student Support Service

The Glasgow School of Art

Ephemera collection

Includes catalogues, programmes, flyers and tickets for Glasgow School of Art exhibitions, pageants, lectures and theatrical events as well as posters from Activities Week events and student fashion shows, dating from 1890 to the present. Ephemera also includes a collection of postcards from c1900 to the present, as well as material relating to: Glasgow School of Art's involvement with the international exhibition scene; records of the Woman's Work Exhibition, London, 1900; records of the Glasgow School of Art participation in the Glasgow International Exhibition, 1901; the Exhibition of Modern Furniture, Budapest, 1902; the Brussels Exhibition, 1910; and papers documenting the organisation of the Scottish Pavilion at the Exhibition of Decorative Arts, Turin, 1902. Some of the material is in French and Italian.

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the Registrar

Some of this material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes: prospectuses from 1893 onwards; alphabetical registers of students, 1881-1987; general registers of students, 1889-1946; student enrolment forms, c1929-1997; registers and papers of the Article 55 classes relating to the training of art teachers, 1901-1952; and various other student records including testimonials, travel reports, certificates, class lists, examination records and papers relating to bursaries and scholarships. Uncatalogued material includes class lists, certificates, degree show material, assessor's reports, admin relating to graduation ceremonies and awards and prizes, student handbooks, prospectuses, conversion course correspondence, open day details and international student recruitment policy details. Committee papers held within this department include - Admissions Sub Committee, Accreditation of Prior Learning Committee (APL), Awards and Prizes Committee, Conversion Courses Committee, Degree Show Committee, Entry Requirements Working Party, Joint Appeals Committee, Postgraduates Scholarship Sub Committee, Student Progress Committee, Widening Participation Group.

The Glasgow School of Art

Glasgow School of Art prospectuses

The prospectuses include lists of governors and staff, a brief history of the School, plans of the School, information on the organisation and administration of the School, the enrolment of students, courses, classes, lectures, fees, examinations, scholarships and bursaries, prizes, School clubs and lists of results, occupations of students and appointments.

The prospectuses frequently outline courses offered by GSA for the year, and so would have likely been published prior to this date so that prospective students could view relevant information and apply for the courses in advance.

The run is incomplete (missing years are: 1894-95, 1895-96, 1896-97, 1897-98, 1898-99, 1899-1900, 1901-02, 1903-04, 1991-1994, 2012-2013). Prospectuses are kept in chronological order, bound in the following volumes: REG/1/1: 1893-1914 REG/1/2: 1914-1934 REG/1/3: 1934-1947 REG/1/4: 1947-1959 REG/1/5: 1959-1965 REG/1/6: 1965-1971

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the Director of the Glasgow School of Art

Correspondence and Working Papers of the Directors of the Glasgow School of Art from 1846 to the present day. Material from DIR/14 onwards is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Papers are arranged by Director into the sub-series below, and each sub-series is catalogued in further detail: DIR/1: Henry MacManus, Headmaster from 1844-1848 DIR/2: Charles Heath Wilson, Headmaster from 1849-1863 DIR/3: Robert Greenlees, Headmaster from 1863-1881 DIR/4: Thomas C Simmonds, Headmaster from 1881-1885 DIR/5: Francis H Newbery, Director from 1885-1918 DIR/6: John Henderson, Director from 1918-1924 DIR/7: John D Revel, Director from 1925-1932 DIR/8: James Gray, Interim Director from 1932-1933 DIR/9: William Oliphant Hutchison, Director from 1933-1943 DIR/10: Allan Walton, Director from 1943-1945 DIR/11: Henry Y Allison, Interim Director from 1945-1946 DIR/12: Douglas Percy Bliss, Director from 1946-1964 DIR/13: Harry Jefferson Barnes, Director from 1964-1980

Greenlees, Robert

"Kitten" mascot

A small fabric soft "kitten" mascot.

Lviv National Academy of the Arts has been a hub for displaced staff and students since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Volunteers have been making camouflage nets for the front line. But alongside this they have also been making small toys/mascots for the soldiers from the leftover camouflage fabric. The Ukrainian soldiers are affectionately called “Our Kittens”, their Kittens fighting for Ukraine.

This "kitten" was gifted to GSA's Archives and Collections staff as a token of thanks from colleagues in the Lviv National Academy of the Arts. GSA Archives and Collections staff mentored LNAA staff through a digitisation project in 2023, as part of the funded project "Developing and Promoting Sustainable Cultural Heritage in Disaster Contexts" which was part of GSA's ongoing twinning with Lviv National Academy of the Arts. GSA's Archives and Collections staff were told that we here at GSA are also LNAA's "kittens", fighting to protect the heritage of LNAA and Ukraine.

Not available / given

Flow: The Magazine of the Glasgow School of Art

Includes the following issues:
Issue 1 - 2002 (2 copies)
Issue 2 - 2003 (2 copies)
Issue 3 - 2003 (2 copies)
Issue 4 - 2004 (2 copies)
Issue 5 - 2004 (2 copies)
Issue 6 - 2005 (2 copies)
Issue 7 - 2005 2 copies)
Issue 8 - 2006 (2 copies)
Issue 9 - 2006 (2 copies)
Issue 10 - 2007 (2 copies)
Issue 11 - Autumn/Winter 2007
Issue 13 - 2009
Issue 14 - 2011
Issue 15 - 2012
Issue 24 - 2021

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the Exhibitions Department

This material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. It includes exhibition catalogues; proposals; department correspondence; press and marketing material (including posters); and documentary digital images (stored on discs). Committee papers held within this department include - Exhibitions Advisory Group/Exhibitions Committee.

The Glasgow School of Art

Papers of C A Wallace Shaw

  • DC 114
  • Collection
  • 1957-2021

Variety of materials relating to the design work of former GSA student C A Wallace Shaw, including student work; Pringle of Scotland LTD; Donna Karan International; Braemar International; and Fornton Knitting Company LTD. The collection also includes a number of personal and professional photographs; designs and textiles; and personal papers.

Please note that some of this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore may not be accessible.

Shaw, Wallace

Papers of Conrad McKenna, student and staff member at The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

  • DC 073
  • Collection
  • c1940s-2010s


  • a selection of Christmas cards and other ephemera collected by Conrad McKenna, a former student and staff member at The Glasgow School of Art, plus typed and handwritten materials used by McKenna to deliver teaching at The Glasgow School of Art
  • correspondence between Conrad McKenna and The Glasgow School of Art and members of staff, and correspondence and printed ephemera regarding The San Gimignano Summer School.

The cards and ephemera have been created by former Glasgow School of Art staff and students and friends of Conrad McKenna, including Gordon Huntly, Rosalind Bliss, Michael Moulder, Peter Sumsion, Michael Healey, Mark Severin and James Cosgrove.

This material may contain sensitive information about individuals that is protected by the Data Protection Act. Until this material has been checked for sensitive information, it will not be available for researchers. Once this Data Protection work is complete the collection will be open for access, however any sensitive information will be closed and inaccessible for 75 years from the date of creation.

McKenna, Conrad

Glasgow School of Art memoranda

Conrad McKenna’s memoranda from The Glasgow School of Art, correspondence and materials reflecting his experience as both a student and teacher at The Glasgow School of Art. Includes a combination of typed and hand written materials, photocopies, clippings and printed ephemera. Includes correspondence in English with: The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, The Glasgow School of Art, The Staff Association (The Glasgow School of Art), The British Council, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries, Dante Alighieri Society (Glasgow), W. H. Emmett (Scotland) Limited. Correspondence generally relates to The Glasgow School of Art, regarding: Conrad McKenna’s time as a student and employee of GSA as a tutor in The Glasgow School of Art Evening School, the General Course (Department of Design) and First Year Course. Also include references for Conrad McKenna by Edward G. Powell, Douglas Percy Bliss and H. Jefferson Barnes; correspondence regarding Conrad McKenna’s print designs for Stobhill General Hospital, Glasgow; correspondence regarding Conrad McKenna’s Travelling Scholarship; Conrad McKenna’s confirmation of Post Diploma study, with a hand written recommendation from Douglas Percy Bliss; and Conrad McKenna’s donation to The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections and includes a transcript of an interview conducted by Susannah Waters, Archivist at The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, 3 May 2014.

McKenna, Conrad

Papers of James Cosgrove

  • DC 111
  • Collection
  • 1968-2020

Collection includes artworks and sketchbooks made by Jimmy Cosgrove as a student at the Glasgow School of Art; while working as a Tutor and the Director of the Glasgow School of Art; and afterwards, including work relating to the House for an Art Lover, and documenting travels across Europe, North America, and Mexico.

Cosgrove, James

The Glasgow School of Art Home Front Memorial

To mark the centenary of the First World War, GSA’s Archives & Collections and Exhibitions worked with Louise Welsh, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow and Edwin Pickstone, GSA Lecturer, to create a memorial to GSA students, staff and governors who undertook work on the home front.

Consisting of three panels with text written by Louise and letterpress prints created by Edwin, the memorial was informed by archival research. The frame was designed and made by Steven Higgins with lettering from Erin Bradley-Scott.

This memorial is a partnership piece to GSA’s WWI Roll of Honour, created in 1925 by Dorothy Doddrell to commemorate students, staff and governors who had served in the armed forces.

The project was generously funded by Mr James McBroom whose father, James Nicol McBroom, was a prize-winning student at the School and who undertook munitions work during the war.

Pickstone, Edwin

Newspaper clippings related to Alasdair Gray

Nine different newspaper clippings ranging from May 21, 2000 to December 30, 2019. Include a range of topics surrounding Alasdair Gray including reviews of his book "Lanark", personal interviews, him leaving his post at the University of Glasgow, exhibitions celebrating his life, an advertisement of a new book of his, an art showing of his, and finally his obituary. Newspaper companies range from the Sunday Herald, Herald Magazine, and Sunday Times. Includes a few annotations including dates and topics on some of the clippings by Veronica Matthew. Most include images of Alasdair and his art. One of the nine clippings is a photocopy of a newspaper clipping but the remainder are all originals. Comes in a brown paper folder with "Alisdair's card. 2 / newspaper articles relating to / Lanark + Alisdair".

Not available / given

Records relating to Dugald Cameron

  • DC 091
  • Collection
  • c1960-2013

This collection comprises predominantly student work undertaken by Dugald Cameron whilst studying at The Glasgow School of Art between 1957-1963.

In addition it contains the following publications:

  • Dugald Cameron Industrial Designer
  • No. 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force
  • From the Karoo to the Kelvin
  • Personal Passions (exhibition catalogue)

Please note that this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore some items may not be accessible to researchers.

Cameron, Dugald

Records of the Board of Governors

Papers of the Board of Governors of the Glasgow School of Art. Includes: GOV/1: Annual reports, 1847-2016 GOV/2: Minutes, 1854-2017 GOV/3: Registers of attendance, 1943-1991 GOV/4: Foundational and Legal Documents, 1842-1999 GOV/5: Property Records, 1845-1949 GOV/6: School Committee and Finance Committee requirements book, 1899-1911 GOV/7: Inventories and Insurances, 1844-1976 GOV/8: Planning Documents, 1988-2001 GOV/9: Reporting Documents, 1893-2000 GOV/10: Correspondence and Working Papers, 1854-1932 GOV/11: Bursaries, Grants and Prize Funds, 1883-1993 GOV/12: Sub-Committees of the Board of Governors, 1987-2017 GOV/13: Other Committees, 1984-2017 GOV/14: Board of Governors Biographies, c2001-2003 GOV/15: Register of Interests, 2006-2009 GOV/16: Register of Directors, 1922-2002 Access Restrictions: Most records which are over 30 years old are available for public consultation. Records which are less than 30 years old can be accessed with the permission of the head of the relevant department of the school. Records containing sensitive information about individuals have been collected into separate folders that will be closed for 75 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Glasgow School of Art


Minutes of the Committee of Management, 1854-1892, and of the Board of Governors, 1892-2002. The minute books also contain minutes and some correspondence of a large number of committees of the Board of Governors including: the Chairman’s Committee; Finance Committee; Staff and School Committee (Human Resources Committee); Estates Committee; Audit Committee; Business Committee and a number of sub committees that change from year to year. Appendices: The minute books also contain appendices or supporting documents and papers including correspondence, reports, financial statements and press clippings. Until 1995 appendices tend to be stored pasted or interleaved within the minutes however from 1995-2002 surviving appendices have been collected and stored in a separate folder(s), labelled accordingly.

From 2003 onwards Board of Governors meeting papers, or appendices, are stored within the minute books. Minutes of Board of Governors meetings from 2003 onwards will be found amongst the papers of the next Board meeting, during which they were approved e.g. Minutes for the Board meeting of 03 Dec 2002 and found within the papers for the meeting of 06 Feb 2003.

Annual Reports and Accounts, Strategic plans, Press Clippings, and Annual Reports to Senate have been removed from the meeting papers of 2003-2014. Annual Reports and Accounts can be found at GSAA/GOV/1; Strategic plans at GSAA/GOV/8/1; Press Clippings at GSAA/NEW; and Annual Reports to Senate at GSAA/AC.

Format: From 1845-March 1909 minutes are handwritten in bound volumes. From May 1909-Jun 1955 minutes are typed in bound volumes (with the exception of GOV/2/16 which is loose). Thereafter minutes are typed and loose in folders.

The minutes up to 2002 have separate index books, and many are indexed by committee and/or subjects. From Oct 2014 Board of Governors minutes and papers are stored digitally as PDF files.

Data protection and sensitivity: Minutes over 30 years old are available for public consultation. Permission from the Board of Governors is needed for access to those which are less than 30 years old. However, minutes from 2012 onwards are published online at:,-papers-and-minutes/ please note, these may be redacted. Records containing sensitive information about individuals have been collected into separate folders that will be closed for 75 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Volumes are as follows:

GOV/2/1: Apr 1854-Mar 1882

GOV/2/2: Apr 1882-Mar 1890

GOV/2/3: Apr 1890-Mar 1895

GOV/2/4: Mar 1895-Jun 1901

GOV/2/5: Aug 1901-Jun 1907

GOV/2/6: Sep 1907-Mar 1909

GOV/2/7: May 1909-Jun 1911

GOV/2/8: Aug 1911-Mar 1913

GOV/2/9: Mar 1913-Jun 1914

GOV/2/10: Jun 1914-Jul 1916

GOV/2/11: Oct 1916-Jun 1920

GOV/2/12: Jul 1920-Dec 1924

GOV/2/13: Jan 1925-Dec 1927

GOV/2/14: Jan 1928-Dec 1929

GOV/2/15: Jan 1930-Aug 1931

GOV/2/16: Oct 1931-May 1934

GOV/2/17: Oct 1934-Jun 1937

GOV/2/18: Aug 1937-Jul 1945

GOV/2/19: Sep 1945-Jul 1949

GOV/2/20: Aug 1949-Jul 1952

GOV/2/21: Sep 1952-Jun 1955

GOV/2/22: Sep 1955-Jun 1956

GOV/2/23: Jun 1956-Jan 1958

GOV/2/24: Feb 1958-May 1959

GOV/2/25: Aug 1959-Jan 1962

GOV/2/26: Feb 1962-Dec 1963

GOV/2/27: Jan 1964-Jun 1966

GOV/2/28: Sep 1966-Jul 1968

GOV/2/29: Oct 1968-Nov 1969

GOV/2/30: Jan 1970-Dec 1970

GOV/2/31: Dec 1970- Dec 1971

GOV/2/32: 1972

GOV/2/33: 1973

GOV/2/34: 1974

GOV/2/35: 1975

GOV/2/36: 1976

GOV/2/37: 1977

GOV/2/38: 1978

GOV/2/39: 1979

GOV/2/40: 1980

GOV/2/41: 1981

GOV/2/42: 1982

GOV/2/43: 1983

GOV/2/44: 1984

GOV/2/45: 1985

GOV/2/46: 1986

GOV/2/47: 1987

GOV/2/48: 1988

GOV/2/49: 1989

GOV/2/50: 1990

GOV/2/51: 1991

GOV/2/52: 1992

GOV/2/53: 1993

GOV/2/54: 1994

GOV/2/55: 1995

GOV/2/56: 1996

GOV/2/57: 1997

GOV/2/58: 1998

GOV/2/59: 1999

GOV/2/60: 2000

GOV/2/61: 2001

GOV/2/62: 2002

GOV/2/63: 2003

GOV/2/64: 2004

GOV/2/65: 2005

GOV/2/66: 2006

GOV/2/67: 2007

GOV/2/68: 2008

GOV/2/69: 2009

GOV/2/70: 2010

GOV/2/71: 2011

GOV/2/72: 2012

GOV/2/73: 2013

GOV/2/74: 2014 (Feb-Jun are paper records, Oct-Dec are digital files)

GOV/2/75: 2015 (digital)

GOV/2/76: 2016 (digital)

GOV/2/77: 2017 (digital)

The Glasgow School of Art

Personal papers


  • GSA fashion show advertisement including Valerie Wilson (Bloomfield-Ambrose) as a mannequin in 1955
  • Three Christmas cards made by Alasdair Gray for Veronica Matthew
  • Valerie Bloomfield-Ambrose (nee Wilson) Floridian business
  • Mackintosh postcard from Joanne Semple to Veronica Matthew in 2008
  • Invitation to the Glasgow Girls exhibition in 2014.

Matthew, Veronica

Information sheets

Conrad McKenna’s information sheets during his various teaching roles at The Glasgow School of Art. Including typed materials, hand written notes, photocopies, worksheets, newspaper clippings, annotated diagrams and drawings by Conrad McKenna and others for the delivery of teaching and student trips. Materials outline and discuss: materials, processes, techniques, definitions and references relating to: printing, papers, typography, wood and metal work, pattern, drawing, colour, shape and volume, tone, communication, photography, linocuts, monoprints, colour theory, design and design theory. Also included are briefs, materials lists and reading lists for student projects. Along with itineraries for student trips such as a London visit in 1973. Selections of typed materials are titled "First Year Course". Whilst the majority of these are general; others are course specific and provide details of first year courses in Architecture and Drawing and Painting. All provide course overviews, references, definitions and information on materials, processes and techniques.

McKenna, Conrad

Arctic Alba; Thesis

A thesis exploring links between the North and Scotland, and discussing issues of climate change and its effects on the Arctic pack ice. The thesis relates to a series of models and publications produced as part of a final year student project.

Lord, Gemma

Arctic Alba; Process Journal

Volume detailing the processes which resulted in a final series of models and publications. These were produced as part of a final year student project, addressing issues of climate change and the relationship between Scotland and the North.

Lord, Gemma

Invite to the The Glasgow Girls 1920-1960 exhibition

Includes a print of an oil painting of a little girl with a red hat, blue coat, and a beach ball. "The Lord MacFarlane of Bearsden K.T. has great pleasure in inviting you to the private view of the exhibition The Glasgow Girls 1920-1960 in Kirkcudbright Town Hall on Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 6pm drinks will be served (for) Ms. Veronica Matthew and guest. RSVP by Friday 20 June to Kirkcudbright 2000 c/o 6 Woodlands Ave., Kirkcudbright, DG6 4BP or by email to"

Not available / given

Records of the Assistant Director and Company Secretary

This material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes administrative papers and correspondence relating to fundraising, prize winners and prize funds, insurance and the working files of Michael L. Foley (Assistant Director/Company Secretary 1993/94-1999/2000). Committee papers held within this department - Senior Management Group Committee, Audit Committee, Business Committee, General Purposes Committee, Health and Safety Committee, Remuneration Committee.

The Glasgow School of Art


This collection includes two folders of material. The first, containing DC 009/4/1-9, includes publications produced by the G.S.A. Students’ Association between 1984 and 2005. The second, containing DC 009/4/10-21, includes publications created by students at the Glasgow School of Art, collected by the Students’ Association dating between 2003 and 2013.

• DC 009/4/1: Collection of GSA Students’ Association weekly publication ‘BLANK’ and other variations 1984-1985
• DC 009/4/2: Collection of GSA Students’ Association materials relating to Activities Week 1985
• DC/009/4/3: Collection of GSA Students’ Association weekly publication ‘SPANK’ 1985-1991
• DC/009/4/4: Two copies of newsletter ‘Stubble’, published 18 and 24 May 1988.
• DC 009/4/5: Copy of newsletter ‘TRASH’, Oct 1988
• DC 009/4/6: Copy of newsletter 'Think!', Jan 1990
• DC 009/4/7: Two copies of GSA Students’ Association 'Comic Book' issue 1, c 2000s
• DC 009/4/8: 'Fuse', Glasgow School of Art listings guide Issue 1, Jan 2001
• DC 009/4/9: Two copies of leaflet for 'AYE’, 15 Feb 2005-18 Feb 2005.
• DC 009/4/10: Copy of ‘FREAK’ Magazine, Dec 2003
• DC 009/4/11: Gallery of the bizarre, strange and the deranged magazine, 2004
• DC 009/4/12: 2 x Phreque magazine, 2004
• DC 009/4/13: Copy of ‘le magazine de BANG BANG’, Jul 2004
• DC 009/4/14: Copy of ‘PAVILION’ magazine, 2005
• DC 009/4/15: Copy of ‘THE CLAQUE’ Issue 1, ‘a collection of washroom images and unspoken words’, 2005
• DC 009/4/16: Two copies of comic ‘Things and Stuff’ no.2, April 2005
• DC 009/4/17: Your Order no. 1 magazine, Mar 2006
• DC 009/4/18: Milk Chocolate, 2007
• DC 009/4/19: 3 issues of Mammogram magazine, 2008 – 2009
• DC 009/4/20: Fold, Dec 2011
• DC 009/4/21: Undercurrents magazine, Issue 3, April 2013

The Glasgow School of Art

Records of the Estates Department

This material is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes: A.W. Perry's subject files c1964-1991, as well as uncatalogued material including: capital grant admin, School development plans, project approval forms, GSA space audit, department correspondence and working files of Frank Kean (Secretary and Treasurer 1968/69 - 1992/93) and A.W. Perry (Assistant Secretary: Building 1976/77). Committee papers held within this department include - Building and Fabric Committee/Buildings and Interior Committee, Estates Committee/Estates Management Committee, Project Task Group.

The Glasgow School of Art

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