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British. Scallop-edged cream taffeta apron. Silk and metal threads. Symmetrical floral design incorporating metal thread areas padded with cord. Extensive use of pearl and sequins. Framed.

*Not available / given


Scottish. Commemorating the Festival of Britain. Design suggests a firework display. In white and coloured embroidery on blue background. Names of designer, Robert Stewart and embroiderer, Kathleen Whyte in small motif on the back.

Stewart, Robert

Georgian Waistcoat

English. Fine white corded silk waistcoat with floral border incorporating the rose, thistle and shamrock. Pockets have embroidered flaps. Part of the spotted background has been unpicked. Shows influence of Chinese embroideries. This item was damaged in the fire in GSA's Mackintosh Building on 23rd May 2014. Textile conservation was completed in 2019.

*Not available / given

History essay: Pugin, Ruskin & Morris and the arts & crafts movement

Material related to the writing of a history essay studying the art and craft movement in the UK influenced by three architects, Augustus Pugin, John Ruskin, and William Morris. It consists of a hard back cover page with 20 pages (on white plastic strip binding) done in the form of hand writing. The aim is to study the architectural movement in Britain after the Industrial Revolution with its social and economic aspects and how the architects criticised the missing aspect of art and craft that marked by the "battle of styles" between the Classic and Gothic styles.

Platt, Christopher

History study sheet

A tracing paper studying the development of the bay window throughout different periods of time including selected historical building from the United Kingdom consisting of bay windows from the following dates: 1256, 1382, 1480, 1520, 1525, 1531, and 1910.

Platt, Christopher


Scrapbook featuring material collected throughout Christopher Platt's study at The Mackintosh School of Architecture including different articles, photos, and subjects from different magazines, like: The New York Times Magazine, Observer Magazine, The Sunday Times, Telegraph Sunday Magazine, and other resources. It also includes some free-hand sketches.

Platt, Christopher


Sketchbook containing free-hand sketches created throughout Christopher Platt's study at The Mackintosh School of Architecture covering different buildings, locations, and landscape. These drawings show architectural details from indoor and outdoor views as self-observation undertaken by the student.

Platt, Christopher


British. Pierced 'broderie anglaise' design of circles and flowers on lower half of sleeve and cuff. This item was damaged in the fire in GSA's Mackintosh Building on 23rd May 2014. Textile conservation was completed in 2019.

*Not available / given

Sociology essay 1

Essay submitted as part of sociology course in the form of comb binding with 15 handwritten pages. This paper studied the social life of people in the industrial era in the 19th and early 20th century from cities and towns across Britain. It addresses the development of both urban and suburban design associated with the style of massive house buildings programme that accommodates immigrant factory employees.

Platt, Christopher

Sociology essay 2: Tenements and terraces in the West End of Glasgow

Essay submitted as part of sociology course with 11 typewritten pages (no binding). This paper is a comparison of tenements and terraces in the West End of Glasgow. The aim is to study if there are any similarities rather than differences in their architectural design. It includes some photos and free hand sketches.
This study concluded that the terraces often had the similar fa├žade design (neo-classical style) and the only difference occurred with the use of trees and landscape factor.

Platt, Christopher

Tudor Flower Motif

British formal flower motif outlined in chain-stitched metal thread, on linen. Blackwork fillings in silk in several patterns have become worn in places. The motif has been cut out of background and mounted on modern linen. About half the metal thread embroidery is modern restoration. Shows influence of formal Sanish design. Much of the outline is restoration and has been remounted. This work may have been carried out in J&P Coats studio. Another identical and two related motifs, donated to the NDS by John Jacoby are in the Embroiderers' Guild Collection (EG 206). Originally they may have been part of a cover for a long cushion.

*Not available / given