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Programme for 'A Fashion Spectacular'

Programme for 'A Fashion Spectacular', hosted by Pringle of Scotland in the Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh on the 18th June 1969. Interior pages include advertisements from local businesses, letters from the Presidents of charities Cottage Homes and Purely Children's Trust, and the programme for the evening.

Featherhall Press

The University of Strathclyde

Harry Barnes' papers relating to the University of Strathclyde. Folders as follows: DIR/13/16/7/1: Correspondence with the University of Strathclyde, 1964-1967 (1 folder): Includes correspondence with staff at the University of Strathclyde and papers on topics such as: a meeting of the Scottish Environmental Group regarding the Built Environment; staffing references (closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection); visit of the Art School Design Group, Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde, to the School of Art; invitation for Barnes to the Installation of Chancellor at Strathclyde; Associateship Courses and Diplomas; an invitation for Barnes to attend a lecture by Manfred Gordon at the University of Strathclyde; correspondence with the University of Strathclyde Students' Association about damage to the Art School during Charities Week. DIR/13/16/7/2: Correspondence with the University of Strathclyde, 1969-1979 (1 folder): Includes: copy of minutes of a meeting of the trustees of the Bourdon Memorial Fund; correspondence about Arts Festival Week; correspondence about Strathclyde Theatre Group; notices of exhibitions at the Strathclyde University Collins Hall; correspondence about placing students in industry; correspondence about a tapestry 'Genesis'; correspondence about a 'New Churches' exhibition; correspondence about the School of Art assisting with a University of Strathclyde project to study methods of appraisal for buildings; a report of a 'Committee of the Lords of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council'; pressclipping about the new Principal of the University of Strathclyde, Professor Graham Hills.

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Student Society Events and Visits

Folder of papers regarding Student Representative Council, the Fashion Show, Glasgow School of Art Drama Club and other student events and visits. Includes: Notes on a Board of Studies meeting with the SRC; Notice of the SRC elections and Principal Office Bearers, 1966-1967; notice about the election of the Art School Charities Queen; correspondence about the Cartha Athletic Club, Rugby Section; correspondence about the Art Students' Summer Show, 1964; Notice of the Student Summer Show Prize Lists, 1959 & 1961; further papers about the Student Summer Show e.g. a catalogue for 1959 and Agenda for the opening ceremony, 1959; correspondence about the Art School Christmas Ball; 'Memorandum on the control and conduct of Student Dances in the Glasgow School of Art'; papers and correspondence about the Glasgow School of Art Drama Club productions, such as: 'The Crucible' 1967, 'The Decline and Fall of Kevin Walker' 1966, Tiger at the Gates 1965, 'All My Sons' 1959; correspondence about acquiring a Record Player for the Drama Club; notes on the Dramatic Society's sale of tickets; list of staff who attended a Dramatic Society production; programmes, cast lists, and tickets for Dramatic Society Productions; programme for the Scottish Union of Students, Student Drama Fesitval, 1965; correspondence about paintings to be taken to Jordanhill for an Exhibition, 1965; pressclippings about the Drama Club Productions; note of SRC expenditure, 1963-1965; note of Matriculation Fees, 1966-1967; programme for the Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show, 1966; tickets for the Fashion Show; Programme for the Fashion Show 1965; correspondence about costs of the Fashion Show and other organisational matters; correspondence about the Glasgow School of Art Film Society; correspondence and papers about student visits to and from Stuttgart Akademie, 1967-1969 e.g. itineraries, flight bookings, correspondence and timetables.

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Records of The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

  • GSAA
  • Collection
  • 15th century to early 21st century


  • Records of the Academic Council, 1973-2000
  • Audiovisual material, c1950s-2000s
  • Records of the Board of Studies, 1932-1950
  • Records of the Continuing Education Department, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Assistant Director and Company Secretary, c1986-2008
  • Records of the Deputy Director, c1946-1993
  • Records of the School of Design, c1979-2001
  • Records of the Development and External Relations Office, c1997-2004
  • Records of the Director, 1846-
  • Records of GSA Enterprises, c1991-2000

[b]Ephemera collection, 1890-[/b]

The School's collection of ephemera includes flyers, programmes and tickets for events at the School, such as plays, fashion shows, charities week events, exhibitions and performances.

  • Records of the Estates Department, c1964-2007
  • Records of the Exhibitions Officer, c1990-1994
  • Records of the School of Fine Art, c1978-1999
  • Records of the Finance Officer, 1870-2000
  • Records of First Year Studies, c1988-2000
  • Records of the Board of Governors, 1847-2007

Key records include:

  • Annual reports, 1847-2000 - The School's annual reports provide information on governors, staff and prizewinning students, and sometimes but not always, a headmaster's or director's report and annual accounts.
  • Building Committee papers, 1883-1949 - Minutes, correspondence, estimates, specifications and financial records relating to the erection of the Mackintosh Building, as well as the School's extension scheme.
  • Records of House for an Art Lover
  • Records of Liberal Studies/Historical and Critical Studies, c1992
  • Records of Information Services, c1900-2004
  • Records of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, c1957-2002

[b]Newspaper cuttings, 1864-[/b]

The School's press cuttings include articles relating to staff and students.

[b]Photographs, c1880s-[/b]

The School's photograph collection provides an excellent record of events at The Glasgow School of Art, its students and their work.

  • Records of the Personnel Office, c1987-2006
  • Records of the Planning Department, 1962-1964
  • Records of the Registrar, c1881-2000

Key records include:

  • Student records, 1881-1997 - The School's student registers can provide student's names, dates of birth, dates of admission, educational background, addresses, occupations, courses taken and marks and awards gained.

[b]Prospectuses, 1893-1995[/b]

  • The School's prospectuses provide information about staff and governors
  • the organisation and administration of the School
  • Summaries of the School's curriculum
  • individual courses and tutors
  • fees
  • Scholarships and bursaries.
  • Records of the School Council, 1969-1982
  • Records of the Secretary and Treasurer, 1853-1996
  • Records of the Senior Management Group
  • Records of the School of Simulation and Visualisation
  • Records of the Staff Council, 1909-1949
  • Records of the Student Support Service

The Glasgow School of Art

General Correspondence of H J Barnes

General, alphabetical, correspondence of Harry J Barnes, 1965-1966. Includes correspondence with: the Advisory Centre for Education; Henry Y Alison, thanking him for his donation to the Drama Club; the Ambassade de France, about a competition for students of British Schools of Art; correspondence about the Artists International Association; Bath & West & Southern Counties Society, about an exhibition; the Bladon Gallery, about a sabbatical for a student; the British Empire Cancer Campaign for Research, about a Christmas card competition; the British Firework Manufacturers' Safety Association, about a poster competition; Douglas Percy Bliss, about lectures at the Art School; J & P Coats, about positions for design students; the Carpet Industry Training Board; the Cotton Board Colour Design and Style Centre, about an exhibition; Dunoon Town Council, about a commission of a scroll carried out by Miss Avril Gibb; Contact with Denmark, magazine; Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Society about a Prize; the Danish Institute; Editions Alecto Limited, about exhibitions; Educational Films of Scotland, about a film on 'Greek' Thomson; Falkirk Technical College, about the School's experimental work; the Glasgow Herald, asking Barnes to write an article for them; the Glasgow Students' Charities Appeal, about damage done to the Art School; the Marquess of Hertford, about a dinner party; the Incorporated Institute of British Decorators and Interior Designers; Moray House College of Education, about a conference; the Museums Association; correspondence about Northern Young Contemporaries Exhibition, 1965; James Porteous and Co, about a gift to the School; correspondence with Robert Gordon's Technical College, Aberdeen; the School Broadcasting Council for Scotland, about a survey; the Scottish Film Council about screenings; the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art about Exhibitions; Scottish Television Ltd, about the 'Young Scot' competition; Sheffield University, about Architecture courses; Sutherland County, about schemes for craftsmen; the Thomson Foundation, about an exhibition; the Tree Lovers' Society Glasgow; the Victoria & Albert Museum thanking Barnes for a gift of a plaster cast from the School; corresponence with the West of Scotland Agricultural College; correspondence with the Workers' Educational Association. Folders as follows: DIR/13/1/2/2/1: Correspondence 'A', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/2: Correspondence 'B', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/3: Correspondence 'C', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/4: Correspondence 'D', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/5: Correspondence 'E', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/6: Correspondence 'F', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/7: Correspondence 'G', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/8: Correspondence 'H', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/9: Correspondence 'I & J', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/10: Correspondence 'L', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/11: Correspondence 'M & Mc', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/12: Correspondence 'N & O', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/13: Correspondence 'P & Q', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/14: Correspondence 'R', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/15: Correspondence 'S', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/16: Correspondence 'T', 1965-1966 DIR/13/1/2/2/17: Correspondence 'V & W', 1965-1966

*Not available / given

Colleges of Education

Harry Barnes' papers relating to Colleges of Education in the West of Scotland and the training of Art Teachers, including: Jordanhill College of Education, Craigie College of Education, and Hamilton College of Education. Folders as follows: DIR/13/19/1/1: Papers and correspondence relating to Jordanhill College, 1964-1968 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence about a residential course for Teachers of Art; papers about events at Jordanhill College such as plays by their dramatic club; prospectus of 'Jordanhill College of Education, Department of Inservice Training, session 1967-1968'; papers about the Jordanhill College of Education conferences for example: 'Fourth Annual Conference for Teachers of Modern Studies', 'Post-War American Literature', 'Teachers of Classics', 'Developments in the Field of Commerce', and Lecturers in Economics in Further Education', etc; programme for a Jordanhill course: 'Art and Education'; correspondence about a Jordanhill College of Education, Students' Exhibition, 1967; prospectus and papers for Jordanhill Summer Vacation and Special Courses, 1967; correspondence about a conference for Teachers of Art; correspondence about a Special Teachers' Recruitment Scheme; various correspondence with Jordanhill College of Education about matters such as: students, Charities Week, Jordanhill drama club shows, and exhibitions etc. DIR/13/19/1/2: Papers and Correspondence relating to Craigie College, 1965-1971 (1 folder): Includes: List of students on a course for Arts and Crafts; correspondence with Craigie College of Education about the assessment of the students; correspondence and papers regarding Barnes' role as External Examiner for Art at Craigie College of Education including his reports on courses and individual students (reports on students closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection); invitations to events at Craigie College e.g. a Christmas show; papers about Craigie College Art Extension; correspondence and papers about a new Art Department for Craigie College; memorandum on Craigie College of Education, Main Course in Art. DIR/13/19/1/3: Papers and Correspondence relating to Jordanhill College, 1969-1970 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence about references, from Jordanhill, for candidates for positions in Glasgow School of Art (closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection); papers about a programme of courses at Jordanhill for the qualification to teach; papers about conferences at Jordanhill e.g. 'Teachers of Geography', 'Teachers of Commerce', 'Lecturers in Liberal Studies and others Interested', 'Teachers of Modern Studies', a conference on Curriculum Papers Nos 2 and 6', and a one day conference 'Craft Studies Courses in Engineering'; papers about 'Inservice Courses'; revised list of Summer vacation courses; correspondence about the Scottish Art Teachers Association and the Scottish Education Department; correspondence about the 'National Committee for the In-Service Training of Teachers'; papers about Jordanhill Drama Club performances; correspondence and papers about a 'Residential course for Teachers of Art'; map of Western Glasgow showing Jordanhill College; proposed calendar for the School of Further Education for session 1969-1970; correspondence about a '5-weeks Teaching Project'. DIR/13/19/1/4: Papers and Correspondence relating to Craigie College, 1969-1973 (1 folder): Includes: correspondence and papers regarding Barnes' role as External Examiner for Art at Craigie College of Education including his reports on courses and individual students (reports on students closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection). DIR/13/19/1/5: Papers and Correspondence relating to Jordanhill College, 1971-1972 (1 folder): Includes: correspondence with the 'Council for Technical Education and Training for Overseas Countries' about overseas work; draft outline of an 'Introductory Course on Teaching in Higher Education'; correspondence about courses for FE teaching qualification; correspondence and papers about Jordanhill Residential Course 'Teaching in Higher Education'; references from Jordanhill College for candidates for positions at the Glasgow School of Art (closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection); correspondence about student representation on Boards of Governors; correspondence and papers about a one day conference for Teachers of Art; memorandum from Jordanhill about Courses for Teachers in Further Education; papers about a 'One Week Refresher Course for Teachers of Physics'. DIR/13/19/1/6: Papers and Correspondence relating to Craigie College, 1974 (1 folder): Includes: correspondence and papers regarding Barnes' role as External Examiner for Art at Craigie College of Education including his reports on courses and individual students (reports on students closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection). DIR/13/19/1/7: Papers and Correspondence relating to Hamilton College, 1976-1977 (1 folder): Includes: correspondence inviting Barnes to see an exhibition of S B Johnson's work at Kibble School, Paisley; papers relating to Barnes role as External Examiner for the BEd Course at Hamilton College of Education e.g.: Agenda for Board of Examiners for the Degree of BEd, University of Strathclyde, student marks for the degree of BEd (closed for 75 years in line with Data Protection), and Barnes' Reports.

*Not available / given

Records relating to Glasgow School of Art Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Needlecraft, 1916

Material includes: typescript list of 1012 items exhibited with descriptions and their purchasers when appropriate, 1916; photographs of individual items exhibited, 1916; financial records relating to the opening ceremony, 1916; printed stationery made for the exhibition, 1916; minutes of the Needlework Exhibition Committee, Oct 1915-Apr 1916; folder of papers relating to the organisation of the Exhibition including stationery, correspondence and a speech/forwarding address by Fra Newbery, 1915-1916.

The Glasgow School of Art

Student Representative Council (SRC) and other Student Associations

Harry Barnes' papers regarding the Student Representative Council (SRC) and other Student Clubs and Associations. Folders as follows: DIR/13/7/4/1: Folder labelled 'Student Christian Movement', 1964-1970 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence with St Stephen's Parish Church about the pastoral care of the students; notice of a Christmas Service by the Reverend Dr Angus T Stewart in the Lecture Theatre, 1968; programme of the Christmas Service; correspondence with the Scottish Secretary of State about a Student Association application for a licence to sell alcohol; correspondence about the Scottish Churches' House about the 'Scotland Consultation' event, 1969 and other meetings and events; correspondence about Christmas Services at the Art School and other Services; 'The Glasgow School of Art Student Christian Movement Account of Income and Expenditure for Session 1966-1967'; Order of Service documents for various Services at the Art School; correspondence with the Scottish Churches Council; correspondence with the Student Christian Movement; correspondence with Councillor JD Kelly about the Student Christian Movement. DIR/13/7/4/2: Papers relating to the Student Representative Council (SRC), 1965-1967 (1 folder): Includes: Notice of results of elections to SRC positions, 1966-1967; notices of SRC Office bearers; correspondence about the counselling of students with regard to mental health and welfare; notice of Matriculation fees, 1966-1967; correspondence about student activities; draft document: 'Rules regarding Students' Societies & Clubs'; minutes of an SRC meeting, 1966; notice about SRC elections; correspondence about the 'Mackintosh Club 66'; correspondence with the SRC about limiting the use of the Mackintosh Room due to potential damage of the furniture; memos for SRC members; correspondence with the SRC about matters such as the new proposed Code of Discipline for students, and Grant cut-backs; correspondence with the Scottish Union of Students about membership and other matters. DIR/13/7/4/3: Folder labelled 'SRC Russian Visit Feb 1966' (1 folder): Papers and correspondence about the organisation of a 'Visit of a Group of Soviet Artists and Sculptors to the Glasgow School of Art, Fri 24 Jun 1966'. Includes papers such as organisational correspondence; timetables; Report by the SRC on the visit; budget and expenditure; programmes; etc. DIR/13/7/4/4: Papers relating to the Student Representative Council (SRC), 1967-1970 (1 folder): Includes: correspondence and papers about the forming of the 'Students' Association' with the aim of 'obtaining and the government of premises for the provision of activities'; document: 'The Glasgow School of Art Students Representative Council, Receipts and Payments Account for the period from 01 Jun 1969 to 29 May 1970'; The Student Association/Union Accounts, 1970; correspondence with the SRC about presence at meetings; correspondence about Insurance Arrangements at Central Institutions; correspondence about the Students' Material Store; correspondence with the SRC about School premises; correspondence about the SRC Constitution. DIR/13/7/4/5: Papers relating to the Student Representative Council (SRC), 1968-1970 (1 folder): Includes: Notices of the Executive Committee of the SRC and Principal Office Bearers; correspondence about the premises of the School and the SRC; note of the SRC Budget 1969; correspondence about SRC finance and accounts; some minutes of SRC meetings; some minutes of other committee meetings discussing SRC matters; notes about the 'Associateship Course' at the School; correspondence between the SRC President and Harry Barnes; notices of meetings; notice to students and staff about the SRC liquor licence; 'Students' Association, Revised Constitution, Bye-laws and Standing Order', 1968; correspondence with Hamilton College of Education; handwritten document; 'Diploma Presentation Speech by SRC President', 1969; typed copies of the Diploma Presentation Speech, 1969; pressclipping about the Scottish Union of Students; paper: 'The Basic Principles involved in a Disciplinary Machinery for Colleges'; sheets of costings for events; SRC 'Constitutional Byelaws and Standing Order Amendments'; correspondence with the Scottish Union of Students about student exchanges; correspondence about the Czech Students Appeal Fund; Glasgow School of Art Students' Association, Financial Report, 1968-1969; notes of a meeting between the Director and the SRC; correspondence regarding visits to the School hosted by the SRC; correspondence with the Scottish Education Department about topics such as student discipline and legislation affecting Central (Art) Institutions; copy of the Glasgow School of Art Code of Discipline; correspondence about the new constitution of the SRC; notes of meetings of the Scottish Union of Students; handwritten report on social amenities; note of student material costs. DIR/13/7/4/6: Papers relating to the Students' Association and SRC Constitutions and Amendments, 1968-1970 (1 folder): Includes: Glasgow School of Art Students' Association, Revised Constitution, Bye-Laws and Standing Order, Mar 1968; note of 'SRC Constitution, Proposed Finance Clauses'; note of Constitution amendments; another, undated, copy of the 'Students' Association, Revised Contitution, Bye-Laws and Standing Orders'; annotated copy of 'Constitution, Bye-Laws and Standing Orders of the Students' Representative Council of the Glasgow School of Art'; Scottish Union of Students, Standing Orders, Feb 1970. DIR/13/7/4/7: Papers relating to the Student Representative Council (SRC), 1971-1973 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence about SRC accounts and money owed; notes of SRC elections, results, and office holders; correspondence about a 'Young Worker Seminar' organised by the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges; correspondence congratulating the SRC on the Fashion Show; newspaper clipping about student protest; correspondence between Harry Barnes and the SRC President about various matters; Student Information Service Constitution; correspondence about the publication of an SRC Student Handbook; correspondence about a potential snack bar in the Haldane Building; SRC President's Report for Session 1970-1971; correspondence about the SRC Constitution; circular letter about Hornsey College of Art's Student Action Committee; working paper on the system of Art Education; document: 'The nature of formal design education: an extract from What is Design by Norman Potter'; a study paper by DJ Warren Piper about structures of an art college; correspondence with the Scottish Union of Students; notes for meeting of the Chairman's Committee and members of the SRC. DIR/13/7/4/8: Papers relating to the Student Representative Council (SRC), 1974-1975 (1 folder): Includes: Notes about the election of Office Bearers; invitations to SRC events; correspondence with the City of Glasgow Parks Department about Sports Facilities in Glasgow; correspondence with the Glasgow Students Charities Appeal about topics such as damage to buildings and a lease of the School Refectory; Course Proposals from the SRC to Harry Barnes; Draft letter to students from Barnes about Social Education for students; correspondence about centralised premises for recreation of students; correspondence with the National Union of Students about student representation on the governing board of Central Institutions; correspondence and papers about Fashion Show finances.

*Not available / given

GSA Undergraduate Fashion Show

  • DC 093
  • Collection
  • 1950-1980

This collections in includes material relating to The Glasgow School of Art's undergraduate fashion show.

The Glasgow School of Art