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Materials relating to Francis Newbery

Various papers and documents relating to Francis Newbery, including articles written by and about him, possibly related to the exhibition 'Fra H Newbery, Artist and Art Educationist, 1855-1946', held at The Glasgow School of Art, 29 Jul 1996-30 Aug 1996, curated by George Rawson. File includes: postcard of ‘The Paisley Shawl’, a painting by Francis Newbery c1910; printed image with description hand-written on back which reads ‘caricature of F H Newbery by Hugh Munro – in “St Mungo” 1897’; photocopy of article by Francis Newbery titled ‘Art Education’ and labelled ‘article by Fra Newbery, BA meeting Glasgow 1901’, about art education in Glasgow with particular focus on The Glasgow School of Art; typed copies of song titled ‘Dumble-Dum-Dearie or How Fra Newbery Got His Cloak and Hat; The School of Art Song’, unauthored, likely related to Newbery’s retirement [1916] (3 copies); typed page with biographical information regarding Francis Newbery’s artistic and educational career titled ‘Who’s Who In Glasgow In 1909’, unauthored and undated; typed page titled ‘Francis Henry Newbery 1853-1946’ with a biography of Newbery’s life and career from birth to death, focused on Newbery’s connection to Bridport in Dorset, unauthored and undated but likely related to and written by someone associated with Bridport; typed copy of a text titled ‘Francis Henry Newbery (1853-1946)’, possibly a draft of a catalogue published to accompany the exhibition 'Fra H Newbery, Artist and Art Educationist, 1855-1946', The Glasgow School of Art, 29 Jul-30 Aug 1996, written by George Rawson (2 copies); photocopy of article titled ‘Francis Newbery and the Glasgow Style’ by Isobel Spencer (now Isobel Johnstone) for Apollo Magazine, Oct 1973.

Newbery, Francis Henry

Family Photographs

Family photographs, mostly of Francis Newbery and some of his paintings. Photographs as follows:
DIR/5/38/7/1: Photograph of Newbery, head and torso, taken by Annan, c1895 (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/2: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and torso, wearing large beret style hat and draped with cloak around shoulders, c1903. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:29'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/3: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and shoulders, with an exhibition ticket of Newbery's pasted to the back, 1913. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:30'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/4: Photograph album of the Newbery family, with note on the front reading: 'Newbery Photo Album. Donated to GSA 1986 by Mr F Lang from the estate of Mary Newbery Sturrock'. Photographs date from c1910-1929 and include: photographs of Francis and Jessie Newbery; views of Blashenwell Farm, Corfe Castle; Lottie Seymour, a Corfe Castle character; views of Eastgate, Corfe Castle; views of family gravestones; photographs of Corfe Castle pageants; views in and around Chideock, Dorset; and family members e.g. Fred Lang, grandson of the Newberys, as a baby. Some photographs have become detached over time and are no longer present. Requires careful handling. (38 photographs within 1 volume) DIR/5/38/7/5: Black and white photographs on a card of a mural triptych painting of the 'Annunciation' and the 'Adoration' by Francis Newbery. Card has a greeting written on the back by Francis Newbery: 'To my friend J T Ewen from the Artist, Corfe Castle, Christmas 1910' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/6: Mounted photograph of Francis Newbery in painter's overalls and with palette, next to his large painting of 'The Annunciation'. Inscription on the photograph mount reads: 'The Annunciation, Lady Chapel-Church of the Holy Ghost & St Edward, Swanage, Dorset. Fra H Newbery, Pinxit, John T Ewen, with Seasonable Greetings, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Christmas 1930' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/7: Black and white photograph of a painting by Newbery of Edward S Reynolds, 1919-1920, Mayor of Bridport, 1919 & 1945, painted 1925 (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/8: Colour photograph of one of Francis Newbery's paintings, of a young girl in a black dress leaning on a railing, looking out to a river with a paddle steamer in view (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/9: Sleeve of negatives of Newbery paintings that are in the Town Hall in Bridport, c1980s (24 negatives).

*Not available / given

Family Papers

Papers of the Newbery family including papers dating to after Newbery's retirement; papers of his wife, Jessie Newbery; and documents relating to Mary Newbery Sturrock, daughter of Francis and Jessie Newbery. Papers as follows:

  • DIR/5/38/6/1: Letter from F R Benson of the Royalty Theatre, Glasgow, to Miss Newbery enclosing tickets for a Box for the play 'Much Ado', 12 Mar 1906 (1 sheet).

  • DIR/5/38/6/2: Headed letter paper of Francis Newbery, Eastgate, Corfe Castle, Dorset, c1918 (10 sheets).

  • DIR/5/38/6/3: Order of Proceedings for the inauguration of the Sign of Saint Edward, King and Martyr, Patron Saint of the Village, at Corfe Castle. Newbery made many of the readings at the event, 02 Jul 1927 (1 item).

  • DIR/5/38/6/4: Cardboard silhouette of Francis and Jessie Newbery in a photograph mount, c1930s (1 item).

  • DIR/5/38/6/5: Letters and fragments of letters from Jessie Newbery to her daughter Elsie and perhaps Mary. One of the letters to Elsie is dated 24 Sep 1934. The other letters are fragmentary and include topics such as recipes, books and sewing projects, c1934. (4 sheets)

  • DIR/5/38/6/6: Letter from George M Baltus to Mr and Mrs Newbery catching up with them following the Second World War, telling them of his experiences during that time, and telling them family news, 07 Jan 1946 (1 sheet).

  • DIR/5/38/6/7: File of photographs, pressclippings, sketches, designs, documents and letters relating to Mary Newbery Sturrock, daughter of Francis and Jessie Newbery, c1930s-80s (1 folder). File includes:

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/1: postcard of ‘Port Vendres’, watercolour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh c1926-27, dated 1979;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/2: mounted photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock at South Gray Street Edinburgh, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/3: letter from Mary Newbery Sturrock thanking her correspondent (name not given) for the Mackintosh card and about her memories of the doors of The Glasgow School of Art being white, 16 Oct 1984;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/4: mounted photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock and another woman, front of mount reads ‘Wedding’, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/5: pressclipping from the Helensburgh Advertiser about the opening of a special Mackintosh exhibition held at the Hill House, 03 May 1977;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/6: card addressed to Mary, from ‘Pamela’ thanking her for a recent note. Front of card depicts ‘Painted gesso panel set with glass beads and shell’ by Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, 1904, card is undated.

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/7: postcard from ‘Pat’ and Harry Barnes to Mary Newbery Sturrock, from Port-Vendres in France, 1981.

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/8: postcard from Tom Howarth to Mary Newbery Sturrock, from Port-Vendres in France, undated; photograph of Jessie and Francis Newbery; photograph of Mary Newbery Sturrock and another woman; photograph of two women, one likely Mary Newbery Sturrock, signed ‘Whiteleigh, Christmas 66’, 1966;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/9: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x4), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/10: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x3), undated; close-up photograph of a necklace, undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/11: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x2), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/12: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock (x2), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/13: photographs of Mary Newbery Sturrock and family (x4), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/14: photograph of Eastgate, Corfe Castle, undated; photographs of Jessie and Francis Newbery at Eastgate (x3), undated;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/15: photograph of Jessie and Francis Newbery and family, undated; photograph of village street, likely Corfe Castle;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/16: letter from Rodrigo Rodriguez of Cassina S.p.A to Mary Sturrock regarding the terms of an agreement between them for the reproduction of items (cutlery and the 'Six Columns Clock') designed for Sturrock by C.R. Mackintosh, 30 Oct 1979;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/17: change of address card for Mr and Mrs A. R. Sturrock, from 2 Mansfield Place Edinburgh to 13 South Gray Street, c1945 (7 copies);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/18: two hand-printed floral designs with addition of watercolour, unsigned and undated (possibly 1937 based on related designs); two versions of a hand-printed design with addition of watercolour depicting a woman with floral headdress, signed ‘M.N.S.’, undated (possibly 1937 based on related designs);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/19: hand-printed floral Christmas card design with addition of watercolour and ink, back of card is signed ‘C.R., 1/-', dated 1937;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/20: bundle of sketchbook and loose pages featuring sketches of, notes about and designs for ceramics, unsigned and undated (one example, drawn on the back of a card to Mary reads ‘wishing her good business and good health in 1956’);

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/21: invitation for exhibition of Sigrid Mavor (Ceramic flora and fauna) and M.N. Sturrock (Flower Drawings) from 30 Oct – 10 Nov at ‘The Open Eye Gallery’ Edinburgh [1982];

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/22: letter from Alison Adburgham to MNS Sturrock in response to a letter sent by Sturrock related to her family history and relationship to Liberty fabrics, 01 Jul 1983;

  • DIR/5/38/6/7/23: interview between Mary Newbery Sturrock and Tony Jones (director of GSA 1980-1986) about the history of The Glasgow School of Art, Fra Newbery and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, c1980.

Newbery, Francis Henry

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