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Mackintosh, Charles Rennie With digital objects
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Design for Glasgow School of Art: back elevation

Architectural drawing showing back elevation. On the left is the tower block of the Library. The little walkway at the top of the building (the 'Hen Run') links the new West wing with the earlier East wing, separated by the already built Director's Studio. The greenhouse cantilevered out from a studio on the top floor provided models for still life painting. The superimposed alterations show changes made to the first building, and those in pencil others thought of between 1907 and 1910.

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Design for Glasgow School of Art: elevation to Scott Street/elevation to Dalhousie Street

Architectural drawing showing east/west elevations. 'The East elevation is as built... the West elevation has been completely redesigned. In 1897 the roof line falls with the steep slop of Scott Street: in 1907 the lower part of the site provides a base for a soaring tower block containing the Library which, if it has affinities with the spirit of the traditional Scottish tower house, is completely twentieth century in all its detailing... Other changes were made in the course of construction,... the ashlar of the blank wall on the left was replaced by undressed stone and... the normal sized doorway grew to colossal proportions, extending well above the line of the windows (Mackintosh's pencilled alterations are just visible on the drawing).' (McLaren Young).

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Design for Glasgow School of Art: plan of second floor

Architectural drawing showing second floor plan. The addition of this floor in the 1907-09 stage of building did not change the external appearance of Mackintosh's original two storey facade as the set back series of studios are not visible from street level. The plan shows how Mackintosh linked the two ends of the floor, by passing the already built Director's studio with the 'Hen-Run'.

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Design for Glasgow School of Art: south elevation

Architectural drawing showing back elevation of building.'Even after his revisions to the first half of the building, and the proposed alterations pencilled on the 1907 elevation, Mackintosh made a few others. This drawing, from a set made in 1910 of the completed building, shows the facade as it is, including the parts that are now virtually invisible' (McLaren Young).

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Design for Glasgow School of Art: plan of basement floor - East wing

Architectural drawing showing basement plan of building. This sketch, very possibly not in Mackintosh's own hand but drawn by a draughtsman in his office, shows how the accommodation was arranged in the East wing basement before the GSA was completed with the addition of the West wing in 1906-09. The technical studios on the plan were housed in a temporary building which can be seen in the perspective drawing of the unfinished GSA.

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie