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Papers of the Shepherd and Biggar families
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Collection of newspaper clippings

The newspaper clippings describe the Kino Film Group and explain future showings of movies. Includes film descriptions on the Civil War in Spain, the Nanjing Massacre in China by the Japanese, language films, Irish Black and Tan Troubles of 1919, on the topic of tea, and about the USSR. They also had a newsreel with scenes from the Duke of Windsor's wedding which he asked not to be released to the public and they refused. The group seems to promote politically intense films about communism, propaganda, unions, and opposing fascism. Some films are silent and some have coloured parts to them. The newspaper clippings describe the group travelling around Scotland to show the films to a wider audience and raise money for China and Spain. Some movies are from different countries like Spain, Czechoslovak, America, and Russia.

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Drawing of a city from above

Drawing of a city from above with a figured monument in the centre and two individuals sitting below it. Includes churches and various houses surrounding the monument with hills in the background. "148" in the top left corner.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of a female figure

Female figure with short to medium length hair on white paper, pasted on to black construction paper. There appears to be a window in the background. Signed and dated by Helen Biggar. "151" in the bottom right corner.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of buildings

Various high-rise buildings in a hill-like formation. Appears to be a monument with six levels and a long cuboid at the top. Gated lot with street lamps surrounding it in the foreground. "The Forerunner by Merejkowski" is written at the top right which is the second novel in a trilogy by Dmitry Merezhkovsky titled "The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci" originally published in 1900. "Merejkowski" written four times below. Helen Biggar did illustrations for a later edition of this novel published after 1926.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of puzzle pieces and buildings

Two grids with puzzle pieces and architecture stylistic drawings. Includes small buildings and some shapes drawn into the grid squares. Large drawing in the centre bottom of various high-rise buildings with windows. "147" in the top left corner. A woman's figure in profile verso.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of three figures

Drawing of three figures in a rectangle with vines surrounding them. Two figures appear to be female, in the centre and on the left, and one male with the centre female holding her arms out to the sides. Organized in a sculptural manner. Includes a small sketch of the same drawing to the left.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of three figures and eyes

Pencil drawing of three figures/sculptures which all appear to be female. Sculptures looking in three different directions. The word "futile" seems to be written to the right of the women. Four drawn eyes that seem to be similar to the Egyptian Eye of Horus verso.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Drawing of three men

Pencil drawing of three men in what appears to be a bath house lounging and conversing. Includes windows and plants in the background. Signed. Dark blue mount. "45" and "50" verso. '"Three Brothers" c.1930." on the back top left and "Shepherd 5250" on the top right.

Shepherd, Sydney d'Horne

Drawing of various faces

Three faces, all appear upset and two of them have been scratched out. "Theatre" is written at the top twice with the word "Thari" written on the left hand side. Female nude with long hair verso.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Handwritten documents

The handwritten documents are written on the back of Kino Film Ltd. agent's booking forms. 12 pages in total. Titled "Highland Clearances." On the first page, it describes the contents as "showing the change from Chief of Clan to Lord of Earl."

Biggar, Helen Manson

Handwritten note

Handwritten note discussing "Com. Fraser" and "Com. Mune". Quote from "Com. Mune" about an item going into the care of the Kino Film Group once "Kino was ready for it" which "Com. Mune" denied stating.

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Hugh Biggar's Haldane medal

Bust of Haldane? (obverse): figure of Minerva (reverse). Awarded to Hugh Biggar. The GSA was known as the Glasgow School of Art and Haldane Academy from 1869-1892. Inscribed obverse: "Glasgow School of Art and Haldane Academy"; On rim: "Hugh Biggar."

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Lined handwritten note

Includes a full page of two handwritten paragraphs that mention "Com. of H. Biggar". Includes drawings of the Union Jack, a swastika, a flower, a lightning bolt in a circle, and the symbol used in communism, the hammer and sickle, verso. "Ferguson" and a scratched out name verso.

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Minute book

Includes information on the Glasgow Kino Film Group's meetings over the span of a year. It includes content on who was present, what correspondence was dealt with, and when the next meeting would take place. As well as, film complaints, treasurer's reports, voting, future shows, changes needed to shows, general business, and more.

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National Fire Service Certificate of Service

A Certificate of Service awarded to Sydney Horne Shepherd near the end of World War II. National Fire Service No. was 236892 with a fireman rank. Cause of discharge was "on reduction of establishment". Served from December 19, 1941 to June 30, 1945. Signed at the bottom by what appears to be a V. Bolten Deputy Fire Force Commander.

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Papers of the Shepherd and Biggar families

  • DC 097
  • Collection
  • 1886-1993

The collection includes material related to Helen Biggar, Sydney d'Horne Shepherd, Hugh Biggar, and the Kino Film Group.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Photograph of a sculpture (front)

Black and white photograph of a bronze male head sculpture sitting on a box. Male figure has a chin strap beard and prominent nose. Says ""Jack Dalziel" - by Helen Biggar - c. 1939" written in blue pen with "92B" circled verso. Jack Dalziel (real name "John") was likely a friend of Helen's.

Biggar, Helen Manson

Photograph of Sadie McLellan

Portrait of Sadie McLellan from the chest up with her head tilted to her left. Hair is in an up do and she wears an embroidered patterned traditional ethnic top with puffy white long sleeves and a metal button up wool waistcoat over top. "Sadie McLellan / about 1938" verso.

*Not available / given

Photograph of Sydney d'Horne Shepherd

Black and white portrait photograph. Believed to be Sydney d'Horne Shepherd, wearing a white dress shirt, light coloured tie, and darker coloured suit jacket. A stamp reads "Howard Coster, / Photographer of Men, / 9, Sackville St., Piccadilly, W.1. / Regent 4561.", with an "A" drawn in pencil below it verso.

Coster, Howard

Photograph of two women

Small photograph depicting two smiling women from the shins up wearing dresses. Appear to be standing in an art studio as there is a framed image and another image of a naked female body. "Grace Chisholm, Everilde In a painting studio in the Glasgow School of Art / About 1935?" verso. "141" on the right side.

*Not available / given


Includes two black and white photographs of women. The first features Sadie McLellan. The second features Grace Chisholm and Everilde.

*Not available / given

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