The resources below have been designed to support GSA staff and students. However, we also encourage their use by anyone who is interested in using archives and collections in their practice. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

Research Guides

To help you research your chosen subject, we have created a series of research guides to help you navigate your way around the many archive sources available. These provide information about resources held at GSA Archives and Collections and elsewhere. Click on the relevant links below to access our research guides.

An Introduction to Using Archives


Communication Design

Fashion Show Material

Interior Design

Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture

Photography and Audiovisual

Product Design

Researching People

Silversmithing and Jewellery


World War One



Archives and Collections Learning Intentions and Glossary

Our Archives and Collections Learning Intentions” document provides a framework which demonstrates how the Archives and Collections can support GSA students and staff in their learning and teaching at each level of study.

You may also find it helpful to access our Archives and Collections Glossary which outlines key  terminology associated with archives and museum collections.

Archives and Creative Practice

Our “Archives And The Studio Leaflet” leaflet shows examples of some of the ways that our collections have been used by creative practitioners. You can find more examples like these on “The Hatchery”, a blog dedicated to the creative use of GSA’s Archives, Collections and Library resources.