Mac(k)cessibility Project

Mac(k)cessibility: exploring digital display & digital loans of Mackintosh collection material through an Augmented Reality App!

GSA Archives & Collections are excited to announce the launch of an Augmented Reality App at the DCDC21 Conference on Wednesday 30th June 2021! Find out more on the conference website here.

Please go to the App stores and search for ‘Mackintosh Furniture’ to download the App.Furniture pieces which can be browsed in the app. Please note that if your smart phone or tablet is not compatible with ‘AR Core’ you may not be able to access the App. See here for more information.

To see a short movie on how the App works, click here.

The App has been developed by GSA’s School of Simulation and Visualisation, through the School’s Archives and Collections, and with the generous support of Museums Galleries Scotland through the Museum Development Fund.

Recent events at The Glasgow School of Art have severely affected our Mackintosh Collection. The iconic Library, filled with Mackintosh pieces, was destroyed by fire in 2014 and a significant proportion of the Mackintosh Furniture Collection, which was stored above the library, was lost. Alongside the physical loss, GSA’s role as key custodian of all things Mackintosh, and its ability to loan works for exhibition around the world, has been dramatically reduced.

The “Mac(k)cessibility” project aims to explore:

• the potential capabilities of high end digital technologies to document, record, reconstruct, render and display artefacts and present them effectively in gallery settings;
• the viability of using this same technology to recreate ‘lost’ pieces;
• the potential of rolling out such technologies and concepts to facilitate ‘digital loans’ which could have economic, environmental and collection care benefits.

While the App is now freely available for download we are interested in exploring its potential in the context of inter-museum loans, and exploring and addressing contemporary issues that could be of benefit to the sector. To find out more about the research please click here.

And if you would like to participate in the research by providing some anonymous feedback, please fill in our questionnaire(s) here:

• If you work in the Museum and Gallery Sector, feedback on how it would work as a Museum Visitor Experience
• If you work in the Museum and Gallery Sector, feedback on the concept of Digital Loans from an Organisation’s Perspective
• Anyone else, feedback on the app’s general usability

To find out more about the furniture pieces that were selected for the App please see their records, alongside 3-d models, on the Archives & Collections catalogue:

Bookcase for Windyhill
Smokers Cabinet
High backed Chair from Argyle Street Tea Rooms
Settle from Willow Tea Rooms
Chair from Blue Room
Domino Table
Settle from the Dug Out
High back Directors Room Chair
Periodical Desk
Windsor Chair

And feel free to get in touch about the project if you’d like to know more, by emailing