Something to Show Off About

01 Jun 2023 – 8 Jun 2023

Annual student exhibitions have always been a highlight of GSA’s calendar.

Even before the four-year diploma was established in the early 1900s, students from GSA have submitted their work to local and national competitions, and by the 1890s, GSA students were winning more medals than any other art school in the country.

In the 1970s, the longstanding Undergraduate Diploma was replaced by a new BA(Hons) Degree and the ‘Degree Show’, as we know it, was born.

Then and now, these exhibitions showcase personal achievements and creative development and are a testament to the vibrant and creative community fostered by GSA.

GSA Archives and Collections hold a comprehensive institutional archive, including  student records, letters, photographs and ephemera which help to build a rich picture of staff, students, their work and the extra-curricular life of the School.

In this display, you will find a sample of this material relating to annual exhibitions. Posters and catalogues offer a glimpse into students’ work while ephemera, certificates  and medals mark achievements and reveal trends and cultural shifts across the years.

By preserving this material, Archives and Collections play a vital role in documenting the ever-evolving teaching practices of GSA, while celebrating the notable achievements of graduating students.

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