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The Newbery Medal was first awarded in 1921. On page 12 of GSA's Annual Report for the session 1919-1920 it states:

To commemorate the long and valuable service of Mr Fra. H. Newbery, Emeritus Director of the School, a medal, designated the "Newbery Medal" has been arranged to be given by the Governors each year to the most distinguished student completing the Diploma course.

Medal winners include:

1921: Isabella E Hill

1922: Fenwick W Keltie

1923: Agnes C McCredie

1924: Charles C Baillie

1925: William Gardner

1926: Dorothy N Richard: Drawing & Painting

1927: Edward Baird: Drawing & Painting

1928: William Farquharson Small: Drawing & Painting

1929: Mary Alison McKenzie: Textiles

1930: Gregor Iain Smith

1931: Helen C Yuill

1932: Doris E Aird

1933: Douglas R Bissett: Modelling and Sculpture

1934: William G Whiteford: Drawing & Painting

1935: John T Maguire: Drawing & Painting

1936: William Crosbie: Drawing & Painting

1937: John B McLellan: Drawing & Painting

1944: Dorothy C Smith: Embroidery

1945: Elizabeth Jamieson: Commercial Art

1950: Fyffe Christie: Mural

1952: Agnes C B H Bryden: Drawing & Painting

1953: Gordon H Wyllie: Drawing & Painting

1954: Peter S Fraser: Lettering & Illumination

1955: Alexander Goudie: Drawing & Painting

1956: Atholl Hill: Industrial Design

1957: Mary Conely: Drawing & Painting

1958: Jean Fleming: Drawing & Painting

1959: Pamela Mitchell: Textiles

1960: Alexander Simpson: Commercial Art

1961: John F Martin: Commercial Art

1962: John J Donachie: Sculpture

1963: John Byrne: Drawing & Painting

1964: Patricia C Monro: Drawing & Painting

1965: Penelope A Cheesman: Textile Design

1966: Ian McLachlan Scott: Drawing & Painting

1967: Hannah Morrow Frew: Embroidery & Weaving

1968: Eric Ritchie Masterton: Graphic Design Printmaking

1969: Caroline Jane Baird: Printed Textiles

1970: Edward Adam Gordon: Sculpture

1971: James Cosgrove Printed: Textiles

1972: Malcolm Kenneth Park: Graphic Design

1982: Ken Currie: Drawing & Painting

1983: Carol Ann Esson: Ceramics

1984: Janice M Kirkpatrick: Graphic Design

1985: Karen Strang: Drawing & Painting

1986: Jane McNeill: Industrial Design

1987: Andrew C Bow: Architecture

1996: Tassy Thompson: Sculpture

2001: Tom Jenkins: Product Design

2002: Henry Coombes: Drawing & Painting

2003: James Taylor: Diploma in Architecture

2004: Thomas Bangsted: Photography

2005: Fiona Clark: Visual Communication

2006: David Murphy: Sculpture and Environmental Art

2007: Claire McLachlan: Textiles

2008: James Houston: Visual Communication

2009: Jude Pullen: Product Design Engineering

2010: Alex Whitton: Architecture

2011: Zara Idelson: Painting and Printmaking

2012: Kathryn Beckett: Textiles

2013: Ross Hogg: Vis Comm

2014: Alexander Kuusik: Fine Art

2015: Gemma Lord: Product Design

2016: Jack McCombe: Fine Art Photography



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