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Margaret Tudor

Costume doll: Margaret Tudor, married to James IV and Henry VIII's sister, (or Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1587).

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Marjorie Fleming

Costume doll: Marjorie Fleming, also known as 'Pet Marjorie' who wrote a diary at about 7 years old, (or Sir Walter Scott's Daughter).

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George Heriot

Costume doll: George Heriot also known as 'Jangling Geordie', 1563-1624, Jeweller to James VI and founder of 'Heriot's School', (or Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, c1545-1567).

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Sir Walter Scott

Costume doll: Sir Walter Scott, 1773-1832, 1st Baronet was a prolific Scottish historical novelist and poet popular throughout Europe.

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Prince Albert

Costume doll: Prince Albert of Saxcoburg-Gotha, Consort of Queen Victoria (or 19th Century Man).

Not available / given

Mrs. Keith of Raveltson

Costume doll: Mrs Keith of Raveltson, Grandmother of Marjorie Fleming and friend of Sir Walter Scott (or Charlotte Charpentier, Sir Walter Scott's Wife).

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Untitled Paisley shawl designs

Three designs attached to one piece of paper: Two of which are Paisley pattern like the rest of the collection, but one is a floral rug design.

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