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Works of Lewis Ballantine & Others

Collection of drawings. Some are signed by Lewis Ballantine, some are unattributed and some are signed by others. Includes: abstract works of art; "Mes Parents"; abstract female life studies; portrait of a female signed A. Roberts(on?); scene of thatched cottages signed R.D. Nisbet, 1932; portrait of R. Dow Nisbet (her father) signed ALN (Alice Nisbet); male life study; studies of windows and scenes "after" Daniel Vierge, Joseph Pannell, D.A. Gregg; sketch of a train; water colour of a canal scene signed James Morton. Some drawings are outsize.

Ballantine, Lewis Nisbet

Works of Lewis Ballantine

Collection of artwork done by Lewis Ballantine:A Sketch of head, 1966B Studies of different heads, 1965/6C Life studies of fellow students done under John Type, including study of Liz Cameron, 1966/7 [outsize]D "Dionysius At Sea", Design Class, 1966/7E Studies of different heads, Jan 1966 [outsize]F Self portrait, pastel, homework 1967/8 [outsize]G Female figures, 1966H Male figures, 1967I "Art", Art homework, 1967/8J "Vaulting", Design homework, 1966/7K Design of a moveable children's play area, Design homework, 1966L Male life study, 1967M Female life study, 1968/9N "Colour For Facade - Beakely St", Architecture Design, 1966/7 [outsize]O Female life study, modeled by Mrs Nanny [outsize]P Male life studies, 1968 [outsize]Q Male life study, 1965 and 3/4 length self portrait, May1967 [mounted together, outsize]R Female life study, 1969 [outsize]S Design Work, Sept-Dec 1966T Sketch of tree, 1967U Female life study, 1969V First Year Design Project, 1966W Christmas card, 1965X Christmas card, 1967Y Card, n.d.Z "Peer Gynt", n.d.AA Untitled, n.d.Drawings are outsize.

Ballantine, Lewis Nisbet

Working Papers of Francis Newbery

Working Papers of Francis Newbery. Reports and papers from Newbery's time as Director of the School. Papers as follows: DIR/5/38/2/1: Total Abstinence Pledge card signed by the School Janitor Alex Russell and countersigned by Francis Newbery as witness, in envelope, 07 Jan 1902 (1 item). DIR/5/38/2/2: Typewritten report on the Turin Exhibition by Newbery, 1902 (11 pages). DIR/5/38/2/3: Handwritten document: 'School of Art, Central Institution, Resolutions', regarding topics such as the scheme of work and the Scottish Education Department. Looks like comment on another document with paragraphs numbered, c1910 (6 pages). DIR/5/38/2/4: Correspondence and papers relating to the National Art Survey, 1909-1912 (1 folder).

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Folder containing black and white negatives and contact sheets of photographs relating to Wildcat Stage Productions taken by George Oliver. Most are annotated. Includes: Wildcat 'Dummies' in performance, Wildcat publicity pictures, and dress rehearsal for 'History of Rock 'N' Roll.

Oliver, George

Visits to Glasgow School of Art

Harry Barnes' papers relating to visits by individuals and groups to the Glasgow School of Art. Papers are mainly correspondence regarding the organisation of visits and thanks following visits. Papers also include some programmes for School visits. Folders as follows: DIR/13/13/5/1: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1966-1967 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: Technische Hochschule Graz, Austria for an Architect's study visit, including a programme for the visit; Raymond C Prior to view the interior of the Art School; Pauline Vogelpoel of The Contemporary Arts Society to see the Mackintosh Building and Dovecote Studio; Margaret Strachan from the William Morris Gallery; representatives from Richard Sheppard, Robson & Partners Architects; The Victorian Society and a group of Scots, English and American students to see the Mackintosh building; Dutch students studying Architecture, Planning and Engineering, on a tour of Scotland; the Architectural Students' Group (ARTEC); students from Manchester College of Art and Design; pupils from The Academy in Cumnock; Professor Bohn and a party of students of Architecture from The Technical University in Aachen. DIR/13/13/5/2: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1968 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: Professor van Heyningen to see the Mackintosh Building; students from the Liverpool College of Building; students from Leeds School of Architecture; the Oberburgermeister or Nurnberg; 'Partick Methodist Friendship Evening' members; John L Paterson of Paterson Architects; Latin-American planning professionals; Bill Gilmour to visit and photograph the Art School; Eduard Sekler to see Mackintosh's work; architects from the Architectural Association London; James Connoly from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria; students from Oxford School of Architecture; pupils from Allan Glen's School; Paul K Floyd; Fiona Alexander; Architecture students from Austria; Filipe Alison from the University of Naples, faculty of Architecture. DIR/13/13/5/3: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1969-1970 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: R A Lee, student of Three Dimensional/Interior Design at Brighton Polytechnic to take some photographs of the School; Architects from Yugoslavia; G Vendevelde from the Niagara College of Applied Arts to find out about teaching Graphic and Commercial Art; Professor William Jordy and Professor Allen Brooks; staff and students from Notre Dame College of Education; students from the University of Puerto Rico; Louise Strom, librarian of 'Konstindustriskolan', Sweden; Leslie Jones of the Department of Education and Science, Wales; The Plastics Institute, London; the Society of Chemical Industry; The Lord and Lady Clark of Saltwood Castle; the Savings Bank of Glasgow Camera Club; the BBC to film in the Ceramics Department; the Partick Camera Club; P R Hall, an Architecture Student from Sheffield University; group of Architects from Cumbernauld; party from the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, including a programme for their visit; Gene Butt of the Ontario College of Art; pupils of the Mary Erskine School for Girls; The Architecture Society, University of Strathclyde; Architecture students from Leicester College of Art; members of the Colour Group; Professor Zuk, School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. DIR/13/13/5/4: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1971-1972 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: Leeds School of Architecture; the Glasgow Society of Women Artists; the High Commissioner of Canada; Pauline Moss from the South Australian Institute of Technology; Linda McKean, Architecture Student at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Francis Carr, lecturer at Ravensbourne and Hornsey Colleges of Art to see the Mackintosh Collections; members of the 'New Glasgow Society'; Edinburgh Arts Summerschool students; the Victorian Society; Mr J A Walter from Ontario College of Art; William Jackson of Associated Weavers Limited; a group from Copenhagen; J H Swann of Design Canada; pupils from Castle Douglas High School; Julie Brinton, Manchester Polytechnic; Professor C de Seta, University of Reggio, Calabria, Italy; representatives from British Olivetti Limited; students from Jordanhill College of Education; Sylvia Schlossinger, an art student from Sao Paolo, Brazil; Howard Tanner, Australian Architect; David St John, Architect recently qualified from a London School of Architecture; Mr Ford Kennedy, Vice President of the Ford Foundation; J Laraway, student from Lancaster College of Art about to begin a thesis on Mackintosh; group from the Society of Architectural Historians, USA; a research student from Nottingham University; Crawforddyke Social Club; Dean J Norwood Bosserman, University of Virginia. Also includes a programme for a Special Activities Week at the School, 1971. DIR/13/13/5/5: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1973-1974 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: Eric Clements of Wolverhampton Polytechnic; J Garth Reynolds of Reynolds Woodware Ltd to see Mackintosh work; Robert Macfarlane from the Prahran College of Advanced Education; Alexander Macgregor who would like to take colour slides of the Mackintosh Building; National Art Collections Fund, including visit programme; Lynne Walker studying the History of Architecture at the University of London; a group of Italian Architects; group of students from Leeds Polytechnic; Susan Forsyth, jornalist working on behalf of the magazine Inhabit; Ian Gibson, architecture student of Newcastle upon Tyne to see the Bourdon Building; Bearsden Art Club; Tom Gleghorn from Sturt College of Advanced Education, South Australia; members of Hamilton Soroptimist Club; Tobias Faber of Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi; members of the University of Glasgow Ladies' Club; members of the Glasgow Jewish Discussion group. DIR/13/13/5/6: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1976 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: members of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain; Colin Barrie of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Dr Carmel Murtagh, Carysfort College, Dublin; Lyon Roussel, Representative Designate of the British Council in the USA; students of Washington State University; Dutch Architects visiting Glasgow; students from Escuela Technica Superior de Arquitectura, Barelona, Spain; a Spanish Architect studying at Heriot Watt University; University of Strathclyde Women's Club; the Association of Art Historians; the Education Committee of the Corporation of the City of Aberdeen; Hugh A W Roche of Kincorth Academy; Mr D C Peebles from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. DIR/13/13/5/7: Papers regarding visits to Glasgow School of Art, 1977 (1 folder): Includes correspondence and papers about visits from: Mrs Montgomery from South Africa; Peter Forgacs from Hungary to find out about the Arts in education in Britain; student group from the Polytechnic of North London; the Italian Consul; the Guild of Carpet Designers; E Alan White, of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for research on Mackintosh; Norman R Dack from the Department of Art and Design, Bendigo College of Advanced Education, Victoria, Australia; Christine Rousselot, student from the School of Architecture, Nancy, France, to see Mackintosh work; Joseph McCulloch from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio, to see the Mackintosh Building; staff from Manchester Polytechnic to see the Embroidery and Weaving Department of the School; students from the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York; Louis Hellman, Architect, Designer and Illustrator, to see the Mackintosh Building; Mr and Mrs Bohus of Hungary; Peter Prangnell, School of Architecture, University of Toronto, to see the Mackintosh Building.

Not available / given

Visiting Lecturers

Harry Barnes' papers and correspondence relating to academics invited to the Glasgow School of Art to deliver single lectures or a series of lectures for the Students. Folders include correspondence with those invited to give talks and lectures at the Glasgow School of Art regarding organisational matters such as travel arrangements and also thank you notes after the event. Folders as follows: DIR/13/13/4/1: Folder labelled 'Talks & Lectures', 1966-1967 (1 folder): Correspondence with invited speakers and lecture topics including: E Prins on "The Ravenna Mosaics" and lectures about Rembrandt; A M Boal on Railway Architecture; James Murray on Industrial Design; Mischa Black on Design; Bernard Leach on Pottery; D L Jelley on 'Case History of Design in Capital Equipment'; David C Loudon on the 'Organisation of Industry'; George H Russell on 'Design for Mass Production'. Also includes a list of Design lectures in a series, 1967. DIR/13/13/4/2: Papers regarding visiting lectures, 1966-1969 (1 folder): Correspondence with invited speakers and lecture topics including: Ettore Sottsass on "The Role of the Fine Artist in Industrial Design"; Monty Berman on Industrial Design; Dr Curran on Industrial Design; Donald Firth on Art and Engineering Design; Victor Glasstone on German Theatre; Sir Anthony Blunt on Picasso's 'Guernica'; P R Kliskey on Abbotsinch Airport; Peter S Ferguson; William Crozier about his work; Professor E H J Gombrich on "The Rejection of Illusion in Art". Also includes a notice with details for the lecture by Sir Anthony Blunt and some correspondence about arrangements for the Cargill Lecture of 1967. DIR/13/13/4/3: Folder labelled 'Talks & Lectures', 1969-1973 (1 folder): Correspondence with invited speakers and lecture topics including: E Prins on "Modern Trends in Dutch Art" and a lecture series on "The Challenge of the Seventies"; Brian Griffiths; Paul Ritter on Architecture; Hugh Spencer on 'Design Consulting in the United States'; David Walker on Architecture; Dr John McHale on Architecture; Norbert Dutton on Professional Practice; Professor Rudolf Wittkower on "The Sculptor's Workshop" for the Cargill Lecture; Bruce McLean on modern sculpture. Also includes correspondence on a 'Symposium on Colour', 1971. DIR/13/13/4/4: Papers regarding visiting lectures, 1973-1975 (1 folder): Correspondence with invited speakers and lecture topics including: E Prins on "Vermeer and his Contemporaries" and "Rembrandt, the Man and the Painter"; David Heathcote on Hausa Art; William Maclellan on Celtic Art; Robert Godfrey on films by students of Guildford School of Art; Kenneth Raphael.

Not available / given

Various Photographs

Folder containing black and white and coloured photographs, taken by George Oliver and of various sizes. Also contains some contact sheets. Some are annotated. Includes: architecture of Glasgow, Citizen's Theatre and Joan Eardley.

Oliver, George

Various personal items

Includes a framed photograph of Kath Whyte; framed photograph with 'wishing you a very happy birthday, 4.8.18' inscribed on the back (possibly Kath's mother); a framed photograph of Kath Whyte's mother; a Conway Stuart fountain pen in original box; a silver fountain pen; audio-cassette tape labelled 'Macgregor's Gathering, 13&20/7/87; a brown leather box with blue lining and 'K.WHYTE' embossed on lid; three wooden combs;and a metal printing plate for a Christmas card featuring an image of an angel with 'from Kath Whyte' below.

Whyte, Helen Kathleen R

Various Articles KEEP! CMO APR '06

A collection of various articles, reviews and research notes written by Cordelia Oliver.  Includes: a review of the 104th annual exhibition of the Royal Glasgow Institue of the Fine Arts at the McLellan Galleries held in 1965 and an article written in 1983 for the Guardian about the Burrell Collection which was to open a few months later.  The original folder had the inscription 'KEEP! CMO APR '06'.

Oliver, Cordelia


Folder containing 3 photographs and 1 contact sheet of historic Glasgow and Dumfries. The contact sheet comprises of photographs of a book containing images of historic Glasgow taken by George Oliver and is dated 1989. The photographs date from c1900, photographer unknown. Includes: photograph mounted on board entitled ' High Street from North, Dumfries'.

Oliver, George

University of Glasgow

Harry Barnes' correspondence and papers relating to the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art's relationship with the institution. NB: A small amount of the correspondence in folder DIR/13/16/4/5 is from Anthony Jones, Director of the Art School after Barnes. Jones appears to have carried on some of this correspondence on behalf of Barnes, as his successor. Folders as follows: DIR/13/16/4/1: Correspondence with the University of Glasgow, 1964-1967 (1 folder): Includes correspondence about topics such as: the painting of Murals for Glasgow University Union's 'Daft Friday' Ball; a Working Party on Architecture; invitation to a lecture to be delivered by Dr Honeyman at the University; the Fine Art Society of the University of Glasgow; an Anatomy Course at the University; Colour Vision tests by the Department of Psychology of the University; a 'Psychological study of the Creative Person' research by the Department of Psychology; Commemoration Day at the University of Glasgow; nameplates for buildings around the University Campus; valuation of Mackintosh items in the collection of Mrs E E Gibb; prospectus entries for shared courses; Graduate Courses in Town and Regional Planning; additional staff; Programmed Teaching projects; a Lectureship in the History of Art; a visit to the School of Art by the University of Glasgow Ladies' Club; Evening Classes at the Glasgow School of Art; the School of Architecture. Also includes: a programme of study for University of Glasgow Fine Art Class, 1965-1966; newspaper clipping from the Glasgow Herald with an article about Robert Grieve; notices for public lectures at the University of Glasgow; papers of an Exhibition of Illustrations to the Inferno at the University of Glasgow to celebrate the birth of Dante; a copy of the University of Glasgow Calendar, 1964; papers about a memorial for Sir Hector Hetherington; information about the BSc in Architecture at the University; information about the University of Glasgow's degrees in Education; papers about the University of Glasgow Department of Extra-Mural Education, Residential Summer School, 1965. DIR/13/16/4/2: Correspondence with the University of Glasgow, 1968-1974 (1 folder): Includes: University of Glasgow Course Document for Management Course: 'Network Planning- Project Planning and Control by Networks'; correspondence about a Summer School: 'Art and Psychopathology' at the Nuffied Centre, Ruchill Hospital; correspondence about the retirement of L R Pickford; correspondence about the appointment of Senate Assessors on University Court; copies of an article 'The Psychology of Ugliness' R W Pickford; correspondence about Tintoretto slides; copy of an article ' "Let the Arts Flourish", a Statement on the Plight of the Arts in Glasgow.'; correspondence about University Lettering; time-table of examinations from the University, Faculties of Arts, Divinity, Law and Science 1973-1974. DIR/13/16/4/3: Papers relating to the Senate of the University of Glasgow, 1973 (1 folder): Includes: Document- 'Proposed First Degree in Planning'- recommendation from the Committee approved by the Senate for the institution of the course; Reports to the Senate of the Joint Board for the Degree of B Arch. DIR/13/16/4/4: Papers and Minutes of meetings of the Senate of the University of Glasgow, 1978 (5 folders): Papers include Agendas, Minutes, Departmental Reports, and Course Documents. (a) Meetings Papers for 11 May 1978, including minutes of 16 Mar 1978 meeting (1 folder) (b) Meetings Papers for 07 Jul 1978, including minutes of 19 Jun 1978 meeting (1 folder) (c) Meetings Papers for 12 Oct 1978, including minutes of 08 Jun 1978 meeting (1 folder) (d) Meetings Papers for 02 Nov 1978, including minutes of 12 Oct 1978 meeting (1 folder) (e) Meetings Papers for Dec 1978, including minutes of 02 Nov 1978 meeting (1 folder) DIR/13/16/4/5: Correspondence with the University of Glasgow, 1973-1981 (1 folder): Includes correspondence about: Architecture and Town Planning; correspondence and papers about a Japanese Festival; correspondence informing Barnes that he has been elected to receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Glasgow; information about graduation ceremonies at the University of Glasgow and Commemoration Day; correspondence about the University of Glasgow obtaining the Mackintosh writing cabinet; papers about the role of women at the University; papers about a presentation to Professor W Walker Chambers; correspondence about Charles Rennie Mackintosh commemorations; various correspondence about Mackintosh events and projects; correspondence about the University Chair of Fine Art; correspondence about University committee meetings; document: 'University of Glasgow Report of the Appointments Committee 1976-1977'; correspondence about the Cargill Memorial Lecture; papers about the Directorship of the Hunterian Museum; correspondence about student accommodation in Glasgow.

Not available / given

Two Papers by Misha Black

Folder labelled 'Two Papers by Misha Black'. Including papers: 'The Design of Ships' Interiors' (co-authored with Kenneth Bayes), paper from Symposium of Industrial Design titled 'The Training of Industrial Designers in Great Britain', and Appendix A, 'Royal College of Art, School of Industrial Design (Engineering), Abridged Syllabus 1959/60', Appendix B, 'LCC Central School of Arts and Crafts, Organisation and Work of the Department of Industrial Design', and Appendix C, 'Royal College of Art, School of Industrial Design (Engineering), List of Machinery and Equipment in the Workshops'.

Not available / given

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