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Animal prints

Collection of various animal prints including sheep, cows, horses, dogs, and deer with focus on different parts of the anatomy (full body, heads, horns, hoofs, tails, etc). Many prints with French labels. Some prints signed by Robert Hills (1769-1844).

Not available / given

Architectural prints

Includes two copies of architectural sketches for an early English doorway, entrance to Chapter House, Glasgow Cathedral. Sketch is dated 28 January 1903, supplement to The Builder's Journal and Architectural Record, measured and drawn by Charles Forsyth. Also includes collection of architectural lithograph prints, sketches, and watercolours of various locations including Paris, Rome, Cairo, and throughout the UK, some by E. Hildebrandt. Two have a stamp on corner of work, "Department of Science and Art, Specimen presented to schools". Also includes coloured prints of various rooms in the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia. Views include halls, courtyard, indoor garden, holy vestibule, throne room. Labelled in Russian and French, some include English labels written in pencil. Also includes collection of printed architectural plans and designs including two ordinance surveys of Garnethill and City Centre/Sauchiehall St., three copies of a poster of "100 Years of British Architecture" by The Observer, a floor plan of the Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow, a poster of "James Caldwell & Co. Abbotsford Stained Glassworks" designs, and three small architectural sketches/plans/designs of Grey Friars Church in Edinburgh, Chartres Cathedral in France, and Candlish Memorial Church in Glasgow.

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Cloud studies

Collection of cloud and sky study photographs. Photographs are mounted on a supporting cardboard backing. Most have a stamp on the support that says "Glasgow School of Art and Haldane Academy".

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Charles Edward Whitelaw photograph collection

Collection of photographs of architectural exteriors and interiors of churches and other historical buildings in Ireland and France. Photographs are mounted on a supporting cardboard backing. Back of photographs have stamp "Chas. E. Whitelaw". Many photographs have handwritten titles on cardboard below the photograph.

Not available / given

Miscellaneous photographs

Group of miscellaneous photographs that do not fit an existing theme and do not have any notes indicating a collector/tutor, except one photograph which has a handwritten note "J Keppie" (John Keppie). Includes architectural photographs and photographic prints of various artwork and ornamental details.

Not available / given

Eugene Bourdon photograph collection

Collection of photographs of architectural exteriors and interiors of churches and other historical buildings in Italy and France. Photographs are mounted on a supporting cardboard backing. Back of photographs have stamp "Eugene Bourdon, Architecte, Diplome par le Gouvernement". Some photographs have handwritten titles on the cardboard below the photograph.

Not available / given

Catalogue of  Books etc Belonging to the Glasgow Government School of Design, Books, Prints, Plans, Statues etc

Catalogue of books and prints belonging to the School and plans, busts, statues and tablets recommended to be acquired by the School in readiness for opening in 1845. Also contains correspondence regarding the acquiring of the specimens to make copies.

Not available / given

Chronological bound and loose newscuttings relating to The Glasgow School of Art

This series of cuttings relates to the activities of the School and its pupils from 1864 onwards. They cover all aspects of the School's activities from exhibitions, student events and course advertisements through to job adverts. As well as later loose material, this includes volumes for the following dates: NEW/1/1/1: 1864-1897 NEW/1/1/2: 1897-1907 NEW/1/1/3: 1907-1917 NEW/1/1/4: 1917-1927 NEW/1/1/5: 1927-1932 NEW/1/1/6: 1932-1942 NEW/1/1/7: 1943-1952 NEW/1/1/8: 1952-1960 NEW/1/1/9: 1960-1961 NEW/1/1/10: 1961-1968

Not available / given

Family photographs

Collection of black & white personal family photographs. Images include family members as well as scenery and architecture of Scalloway, Orkney and Kirkwall. Some photographs have been annotated.Also included is a photograph album bearing the inscription "To Daisy from Janie, Oct 7th 1924". It contains images of family members & pets, wild life, and scenery. [Loose photographs have been removed from album and packaged separately for conservation purposes.]

The Anderson family

Lace Samples (corners)

Lace corners, possibly from a Darvel mill, showing a range of techniques & motifs. Cream coloured crocheted lace corners of various sizes. Motifs include horseshoes, 4 leaf clovers, thistles, leaves, squares, stars, lattices, iris flowers. Range of straight edged & curved edged corners, some with picot edgings. Variety of delicate crocheted lace & coarser household textile crocheted lace.

Not available / given

Flower prints

Collection of prints and sketches of flowers, fruits, and other plants. Includes empty portfolio used to store the collection of flower prints. Written in pencil on the front cover, "Photographs and Coloured Illustrations of Flowers".

Not available / given

Studio books

Bound ledger book with lock and key belonging to John McGlashan, father of Dasiy and Violet. Contains 1896-1915 balance sheets [boxed separately]."Picture Book": contains purchase orders listing title, size, shape, price, and purchaser; 1874-1876. Belonged to Alexander McGlashan Studio of West Regent St, Glasgow.

The Anderson family

Loose pencil sketches and etchings

Illustrated postcards of Inverness Cathedral; Hexham Abbey; Buchanan St, Glasgow; The Hall of Industry Scottish Exhibition National History Art & Industry, Glasgow 1911; The Art Place Scottish Exhibition 1911; Park Church; Broomielaw Bridge, Glasgow.Pencil sketches of a couple by W. F. Brown; R.S.W, Arran 1951; Trean, July 1951; "Bawbee Geggie" foot of Saltmarket, Glasgow 1877; a man; and turret staircase to altar screen Beverley Minster by Walter Alison, June 29th '10.

Not available / given

Family Photographs

Family photographs, mostly of Francis Newbery and some of his paintings. Photographs as follows: DIR/5/38/7/1: Photograph of Newbery, head and torso, taken by Annan, c1895 (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/2: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and torso, wearing large beret style hat and draped with cloak around shoulders, c1903. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:29'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/3: Photograph of Francis Newbery, head and shoulders, with an exhibition ticket of Newbery's pasted to the back, 1913. Previous reference: 'GSA:MC:P:30'. (1 item) DIR/5/38/7/4: Photograph album of the Newbery family, with note on the front reading: 'Newbery Photo Album. Donated to GSA 1986 by Mr F Lang from the estate of Mary Newbery Sturrock'. Photographs date from c1910-1929 and include: photographs of Francis and Jessie Newbery; views of Blashenwell Farm, Corfe Castle; Lottie Seymour, a Corfe Castle character; views of Eastgate, Corfe Castle; views of family gravestones; photographs of Corfe Castle pageants; views in and around Chideock, Dorset; and family members e.g. Fred Lang, grandson of the Newberys, as a baby. Some photographs have become detatched over time and are no longer present. Requires careful handling. (38 photographs within 1 volume) DIR/5/38/7/5: Black and white photographs on a card of a mural tryptych painting of the 'Annunciation' and the 'Adoration' by Francis Newbery. Card has a greeting written on the back by Francis Newbery: 'To my friend J T Ewen from the Artist, Corfe Castle, Christmas 1910' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/6: Mounted photograph of Francis Newbery in painter's overalls and with palette, next to his large painting of 'The Annunciation'. Inscription on the photograph mount reads: 'The Annunciation, Lady Chapel-Church of the Holy Ghost & St Edward, Swanage, Dorset. Fra H Newbery, Pinxit, John T Ewen, with Seasonable Greetings, Corfe Castle, Dorset, Christmas 1930' (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/7: Black and white photograph of a painting by Newbery of Edward S Reynolds, 1919-1920, Mayor of Bridport, 1919 & 1945, painted 1925 (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/8: Colour photograph of one of Francis Newbery's paintings, of a young girl in a black dress leaning on a railing, looking out to a river with a paddel steamer in view (1 item). DIR/5/38/7/9: Sleeve of negatives of Newbery paintings that are in the Town Hall in Bridport, c1980s (24 negatives).

Not available / given


Various correspondence of Francis Newbery, and relating to Francis Newbery. Some correspondence dates from his time as Director of the School but other correspondence dates to after Newbery's retirement. Most of the correspondence is Newbery's but some is from the School Secretary or others connected with the School of Art. The letters include correspondence with artists, writers and architects such as: William Morris, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, P Wilson Steer, David Young Cameron, Auguste Rodin, John Lavery, Walter Crane, and H.G. Wells. Correspondence as follows: DIR/5/38/1/1: Letters from William Morris to Mr Mavor, 1889 (4 letters): (a) Letter about Morris visiting Glasgow to give a lecture and about his travelling expenses,14 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (b) Letter about a series of lectures Morris was to give upon his visit to Glasgow to groups such as 'the Glasgow Branch of the S. L.' , the students of the School of Art, and the Edinburgh Socialists, 21 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (c) Letter addressed 'Dear Sir' about lectures Morris plans to deliver on his visit: 'Arts & Crafts', and 'Gothic Architecture' for the Haldane Students, 24 Jan 1889 (1 sheet). (d) Letter about Morris' travel arrangements to Glasgow, 06 Feb (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/2: Postcard, perhaps from T. P. C..(?) of 146 Blythswood Drive (portion of postcard damaged) to Francis Newbery about an engraving of a brooch found at Duncan Keith's auction rooms, called 'The Macgregor Brooch', 14 Mar 1896 (1 item). DIR/5/38/1/3: Letter from Edward J Poynter to Newbery conveying thanks for Newbery's congratulations on Poynter's election, 04 Dec 1896 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/4: Letter from John Lavery to Newbery about his seeing Newbery's paintings at an exhibition in Venice,18 May 1897 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/5: Letters from Walter Crane to Newbery, 1897-1913 (3 letters): (a) Letter to Mr & Mrs Newbery thanking them for their hospitality during his short stay, 12 Dec 1897 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Newbery thanking Newbery for his kind letter on Crane's appointment, 28 Aug 1898 (1 sheet). (c) Letter to Newbery thanking Newbery and his wife for their hospitality during his visit, 12 Jun 1913 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/6: Letters from staff to Newbery requesting an increase in salary, 1898 (5 letters): (a) Letter from John Dunlop, 12 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from James M Dunlop, 13 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (c) Letter from A Aston Nicholas, 15 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (d) Letter from Johan Keller, 17 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). (e) Letter from James Gray, 19 Sep 1898 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/7: Draft letter to Mr R S Allan about classes at the School, c1900 (3 sheets). DIR/5/38/1/8: Correspondence to Newbery about a fire escape stair, 1900 (2 letters): (a) Letter from W Forrest & Salmon cover letter returing documents sent by Newbery concerning a proposed escape stair, 07 Dec 1900 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Honeyman & Keppie from Robert Scott, Measurer & Valuator about the cost of a fire escape stair for the Glasgow School of Art, 01 Aug 1900. Enclosure of the above (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/9: Letters from Auguste Rodin to Newbery, 1901-1903 (2 letters): (a) Letter, in French, about the return of plaster casts to Rodin and about an exhibition of plaster casts, 29 Apr 1901 (1 sheet). (b) Letter, in French, thanking Newbery for his kind wishes, 11 Dec 1903 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/10 Correspondence between Newbery and Vanderstappen about proposing Mr Delville and Mr Paul Artot as Professors at the School, 1902 (4 letters). DIR/5/38/1/11: Letter and transcription of letter from William Leiper, Architect, to Newbery, 1904-1905 (2 letters): (a) Letter from Leiper to Newbery congratulating Newbery on the work of the School observed by Leiper on a recent visit, 13 Dec 1904 (1 sheet). (b) Typed transcript of the above letter from William Leiper to Newbery, 13 Dec 1904. Also on this sheet is a typed transcript of a letter from Alexander Roche to Newbery about an enclosed cheque for a supplementary travelling studentship, 22 May 1905 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/12: Letter from W Forrest Salmon of Salmon & Son & Gillespie Architects to E Catterns, School Secretary, apologising that Salmon will be unable to attend the next Governors' meeting and recording his thoughts on some business such as his support for the re-election of W Fleming to the Chair, 26 Sep 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/13: Letter from George Gregory to Newbery about arrangements for Mr Wilson's class coming to 'modelling' (the sculpture department), 12 Oct 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/14: Correspondence about a letter to Newbery from Sir Henry Craik, Oct 1906 (2 letters): (a) Letter from Newbery to James Fleming requesting Fleming to telephone him to discuss an enclosure. On the back is a draft reply to the enclosure that Newbery wishes to discuss with Fleming (see below for enclosure), Oct 1906 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from H Craik to Newbery enquiring about the possibility of a position for a 'W Kennaway' who was at the Athenaeum School of Art in Glasgow until it closed. (enclosure of above correspondence), 23 Oct 1906 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/15: Correspondence with Mr Robertson Weir, 1909-1919 (3 letters): This correspondence was donated to the School of Art Archives and Collections by the daughter of Robertson Weir in 1994. (ACC 52) (a) Letter from Newbery to Robertson Weir about Weir's trasmission to the Scotch Education Department. Refers to the course of study and Training of Teachers in the Special Subject of Art (Article 47), 04 Nov 1909 (1 sheet). (b) Letter from Newbery to Robertson Weir expressing his relief that Weir survived the War, 19 May 1919 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/16: Letter from J Struthers of the Scotch Education Department to Newbery about the possible uses of the bursary of a student Mr Alexander Gordon, 28 Jul 1910 (2 sheets). DIR/5/38/1/17: Letter from H G Wells to Newbery thanking him for sending a copy of the Art School 'Masque', 10 Jun 1927 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/18: Letters from Charles Francis Annesley Voysey to Newbery, 1927-1931 (2 letters): (a) Letter about a letter Newbery sent to 'MacAlister' that was flattering to Voysey and thanking Newbery for his support, 15 Nov 1927 (1 sheet). (b) Letter to Mr and Mrs Newbery apologising for having missed them when they went to his show and asking them if they have ever visited Sir Herbert Cook who lives in a house built by Voysey for Alfred Sutro, 05 Oct 1931 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/19: Letter from P Wilson Steer to Newbery thanking Newbery for his congratulations and reminiscing about Walberswick, 19 Jan 1931 (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/20: Letter from D. Y. Cameron to Mr & Mrs Newbery thanking them for their sympathy on the death of his partner, c1930s (1 sheet). DIR/5/38/1/21: Letter from Archibald A McGlashan to 'Alick' thanking Alick for sending a painting of Francis Newbery and reflecting on the character of Newbery, 03 May 1947 (1 sheet).

Morris, William

Glasgow Misc.

Folder containing 85 black and white photographs depicting Glasgow city scenes of various sizes. All taken by George Oliver apart from two dated c1897. Includes images featuring the Barrowlands, the Gorbals (high-rise flats and tennements), St. Enoch Station and Hotel, West End, New Bedford Cinema, Ingram Street, and the Old Fruitmarket.

Oliver, George

The Magazine

There are 4 known surviving volumes: The Magazine 1893 The Magazine April 1894 The Magazine November 1894 The Magazine 1896 The Magazine was a publication of original writings and designs by students from the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, and their friends. Appearing in 4 volumes between November 1893 and Spring 1896, The Magazine contains text from contributors handwritten by Lucy Raeburn, editor, accompanied by original illustrations. These volumes are the only known copies of The Magazine. In addition to rare, early watercolours and designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the volumes contain early designs by Frances MacDonald and Margaret MacDonald, at a stage in their development which has been labelled 'Spook School', and two sets of photographs by James Craig Annan, when he was beginning to establish a reputation at home and abroad. Among other contibutors were Janet Aitken, Katherine Cameron, Agnes Raeburn and Jessie Keppie, all of whom enjoyed lengthy careers in art and design. The Magazine is similar to an album amicorum such as those which originated in the middle of the 16th century among German university students, who collected autographs of their friends and notable persons, sometimes adding coats of arms and illustrations. The Magazine resembled the album amicorum in that contributions were by a close group of students and their friends and is all the more interesting because the illustrations were produced by young people who had a common social background, were trained at the same school, and subjected to the same artistic influences. the contributors were closely linked, some by family, some by romantic attachments and had close social connections. Other contributors include C Kelpie, John M Wilson, Jane Keppie, and Ethel M Goodrich. Source: Jude Burkhauser, Glasgow Girls: women in art and design (Edinburgh : Canongate, 1990) The Magazine has been digitised in its entirety, and is available to search and browse at

Raeburn, Lucy


Folder containing 3 photographs and 1 contact sheet of historic Glasgow and Dumfries. The contact sheet comprises of photographs of a book containing images of historic Glasgow taken by George Oliver and is dated 1989. The photographs date from c1900, photographer unknown. Includes: photograph mounted on board entitled ' High Street from North, Dumfries'.

Oliver, George


Three bookplates. Bookplate (a): for "Book No 12693" thought to be early 1900s. Bookplate (b): for "Book 18203" is believed to be in Figaro font, devised in 1940, and so it is thought the plate dates to post 1940. Bookplate (c): Is believed to use Chisel font, devised by Robert Harling in 1930, and so it is thought to date to post 1939. Governors' Minutes 22 January 1945 read: "Designs by three students were submitted for a bookplate for the library books and the design of Miss Elizabeth Jamieson was selected. It was agreed that Miss Jamieson receive the sum of £5.5.0 for her design." However it is not clear which bookplate this is referring to.

Not available / given

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