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Alphabetical registers of students

The registers comprise lists of all students registering for attendance at Glasgow School of Art. Details recorded include registered number, name, age, month and year of admission to the School, address, trade or occupation of father. From 1892 the month of admission is omitted and from 1902 the date of admission is not given at all. From 1910 the student's date of birth is given instead of age, and the student's occupation is given instead of the father's. From 1974 the type of qualification studied for may be given, for example certificate, diploma or degree. From 1976 these registers are typed.

Bound registers include information as follows:

REG/2/1: 1881-1892

REG/2/2: 1892-1903

REG/2/3: 1903-1919

REG/2/4: 1919-1933

REG/2/5: 1933-1949

REG/2/6: 1949-1959

REG/2/7: 1959-1980


Annual Reports

The format and contents of the annual reports change gradually over time. The following types of information are to be found although they are not all recorded in each year's report: lists of office bearers, governors and staff, annual reports of Committee of Management/Board of Governors, reports of Headmaster/Director, various other reports, proceedings at annual meeting, tables of numbers of students attending each class, lists of occupations and ages of students, lists of prizes, programmes of classes and fees, lists of subscriptions, annual accounts. In more recent years the annual reports have mainly included only financial information. The two earliest volumes of the annual reports also include the following items: two copies of a pamphlet entitled "Laws and regulations of Glasgow Government School of Design", c1845; a copy of a document giving a short history of the Glasgow School of Art to be placed in the memorial stone to be laid by Sir Renny Watson on 25 May 1898; and a pamphlet entitled "an address to the council of the Government School of Design on the management of that institution by Henry J Townsend, member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and master of painting and modelling in the Government School of Design", 1846. Digital PDF copies exist for GOV/1/173 onwards and these can be found on the Glasgow School of Art website and are also stored within Archives and Collections.

Annual Reports are as follows:

GOV/1/1: Laws and Regulations [1845], An address to the Council of the Government School of Design [1846], and annual reports 1848-78

GOV/1/2: 1879-1906

GOV/1/3: 1906-1917

GOV/1/4: 1917-1938

GOV/1/5: 1938-1957 (1943-1944 is missing)

GOV/1/6: 1957-1964

GOV/1/7: 1964-1969

GOV/1/8: 1969-1972

GOV/1/9: 1972-1976

GOV/1/10: 1976-1980

GOV/1/11: 1980-1984

GOV/1/12: 1984-1988

GOV/1/13: 1988-1993 There is also a set of loose reports.

NB reports from 1993 onwards are all loose:

GOV/1/14-36: [1845-1867 wanting]

GOV/1/37: 1868

GOV/1/38-40: [1869-1871 wanting]

GOV/1/41: 1872

GOV/1/42: [1873 wanting]

GOV/1/43: 1874

GOV/1/44: 1875

GOV/1/45: 1876

GOV/1/46: 1877

GOV/1/47: 1878

GOV/1/48: 1879

GOV/1/49: 1880

GOV/1/50: 1881

GOV/1/51: 1882

GOV/1/52: 1883

GOV/1/53: 1884

GOV/1/54: 1885

GOV/1/55: [1886 wanting]

GOV/1/56: 1887

GOV/1/57: 1888

GOV/1/58: 1889

GOV/1/59: [1890 wanting]

GOV/1/60: 1891

GOV/1/61: 1892

GOV/1/62: 1893

GOV/1/63: 1894

GOV/1/64: 1895

GOV/1/65: 1896

GOV/1/66: 1897

GOV/1/67: [1898 wanting]

GOV/1/68: 1899

GOV/1/69: 1900

GOV/1/70: 1901

GOV/1/71: 1902

GOV/1/72: 1903

GOV/1/73: 1903-1904

GOV/1/74: 1904-1905

GOV/1/75: 1905-1906

GOV/1/76: 1906-1907

GOV/1/77: 1907-1908

GOV/1/78: 1908-1909

GOV/1/79: 1909-1910

GOV/1/80: 1910-1911

GOV/1/81: 1911-1912

GOV/1/82: 1912-1913

GOV/1/83: 1913-1914

GOV/1/84: 1914-1915

GOV/1/85: 1915-1916

GOV/1/86: 1916-1917

GOV/1/87: 1917-1918

GOV/1/88: 1918-1919

GOV/1/89: 1919-1920

GOV/1/90: 1920-1921

GOV/1/91: 1921-1922

GOV/1/92: 1922-1923

GOV/1/93: 1923-1924

GOV/1/94: 1924-1925

GOV/1/95: 1925-1926

GOV/1/96: 1926-1927

GOV/1/97: 1927-1928

GOV/1/98: 1928-1929

GOV/1/99: 1929-1930

GOV/1/100: 1930-1931

GOV/1/101: 1931-1932

GOV/1/102: 1932-1933

GOV/1/103: 1933-1934

GOV/1/104: 1934-1935

GOV/1/105: 1935-1936

GOV/1/106: 1936-1937

GOV/1/107: 1937-1938

GOV/1/108-114: [1938-1939 to 1945-1946 wanting]

GOV/1/115: 1946-1947- short report and includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/116: 1947-1948- includes separate Accounts reports

GOV/1/117: 1948-1949- includes separate Accounts reports

GOV/1/118: 1949-1950- Accounts reports only

GOV/1/119: 1950-1951- Accounts reports only

GOV/1/120: 1951-1952- includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/121: 1952-1953- includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/122: 1953-1954- includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/123: 1954-1955- includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/124: 1955-1956- includes a separate Accounts report

GOV/1/125: 1956-1957

GOV/1/126: 1957-1958

GOV/1/127: 1958-1959

GOV/1/128: 1959-1960

GOV/1/129: 1960-1961

GOV/1/130: 1961-1962

GOV/1/131: 1962-1963

GOV/1/132: 1963-1964

GOV/1/133: 1964-1965

GOV/1/134: 1965-1966

GOV/1/135: 1966-1967

GOV/1/136: 1967-1968

GOV/1/137: 1968-1969

GOV/1/138: 1969-1970

GOV/1/139: 1970-1971

GOV/1/140: 1971-1972

GOV/1/141: 1972-1973

GOV/1/142: 1973-1974

GOV/1/143: 1974-1975

GOV/1/144: 1975-1976

GOV/1/145: 1976-1977

GOV/1/146: 1977-1978

GOV/1/147: 1978-1979

GOV/1/148: 1979-1980

GOV/1/149: 1980-1981

GOV/1/150: 1981-1982

GOV/1/151: 1982-1983

GOV/1/152: 1983-1984

GOV/1/153: 1984-1985

GOV/1/154: 1985-1986

GOV/1/155: 1986-1987

GOV/1/156: 1987-1988

GOV/1/157: 1988-1989

GOV/1/158: 1989-1990

GOV/1/159: 1990-1991

GOV/1/160: 1991-1992

GOV/1/161: 1992-1993

GOV/1/162: 1993-1994

GOV/1/163: 1994-1995

GOV/1/164: 1995-1996

GOV/1/165: 1996-1997

GOV/1/166: 1997-1998

GOV/1/167: 1998-1999

GOV/1/168: 1999-2000

GOV/1/169: 2000-2001

GOV/1/170: 2001-2002

GOV/1/171: 2002-2003

GOV/1/172: 2003-2004

GOV/1/173: 2004-2005 (digital file also exists)

GOV/1/174: 2005-2006 (digital file also exists)

GOV/1/175: 2006-2007 (digital file and paper draft copy)

GOV/1/176: 2007-2008 (digital)

GOV/1/177: 2008-2009 (digital file and paper draft copy)

GOV/1/178: 2009-2010 (digital file also exists)

GOV/1/179: 2010-2011 (digital file and paper draft copy)

GOV/1/180: 2011-2012 (digital file and paper draft copy)

GOV/1/181: 2012-2013 (digital file and paper draft copy)

GOV/1/182: 2013-2014 (digital)

GOV/1/183: 2014-2015 (digital)

GOV/1/184: 2015-2016 (digital)

The Glasgow School of Art

Article 55 class records

These papers comprise material relating to the administration of the Article 55 classes run by Glasgow School of Art between 1901 and 1965. Records in this series include class registers, class lists, correspondence, and enrolment forms. Class registers record details of attendance by students including examinations attended, examination marks, the number of days and hours attended and whether attending Thursday or Saturday classes. Class lists record details of students enrolled in each class. Often there are also lists which include the students' final marks. However there is a separate run of class lists at the end of the main run of papers in this series (REG/10/54) which include final marks. Apart from correspondence, administrative papers can sometimes be found such as copies of blank certificates, prospectuses, and notes on class finances. Enrolment forms are also known as entrance slips or admission slips, changing their names over the years. Details recorded include desired course and session to be enrolled upon, name and address of student, date of birth, whether a certified or assistant teacher, name of school in which employed, previous attainments in subject; previous attendance in subject under Article 91(d)/Article 55, number of hours attended, marks. Over the years different types of forms are used. Noticeably, applications for admission to the summer courses were made on the Glasgow Provincial Committee's own forms which are different from the School's forms and called application forms. Finally this series also contains four volumes relating to the Article 55 classes (REG/10/55-58). These are listed at the end of the series and include index and fees books.

Associated Works

This collection includes works by a number of artists, designers and architects associated with Charles Rennie Mackintosh, including his wife Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, his sister-in-law Frances Macdonald MacNair and his sister-in-law's husband Herbert MacNair. These works include textiles, designs, and four volumes of a Glasgow School of Art student publication called The Magazine, as well as several individual watercolours now separated from the publication. The collection also includes a number of models for proposed architectural schemes by Mackintosh.

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Bursaries, Grants and Prize Funds

Papers relating to Bursaries, Grants and Prize Funds. Includes: GOV/11/1: Glasgow Educational Endowments Board and Hutchesons' Hospital and Educational Trust papers, 1883-1903 GOV/11/2: The Hart Trust papers, 1884-1908 GOV/11/3: National Competition of Schools of Science and Art and Art Classes, 1891-1898 GOV/11/4: Bellahouston Bequest Fund papers, 1892-1901 GOV/11/5: Lamont Scholarship, c1900 GOV/11/6: Andrew Carnegie Funds Correspondence, 1901-1905 GOV/11/7: International Exhibition Surplus Fund Application, 1902 GOV/11/8: Corporation Representatives on Outside Bodies papers, 1904-1906 GOV/11/9: Muirhead Bequest papers, 1905 GOV/11/10: Bequest of Mr McCaig of Oban, 1906 GOV/11/11: Prize Fund and Bequest Financial Information, 1979-1994 GOV/11/12: Hospitalfield Scholars, 1993 Business to do with bursaries, grants and prize funds was mainly dealt with by the Glasgow School of Art Secretary however these particular papers have historically been kept within the papers of the Board of Governors and so have been catalogued as such.

Not available / given

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Centenary Exhibition records

Arranged and compiled by John Walter Lindsay. Bulk of material is from 1968-1969. Contains material relating to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Centenary Exhibition 1968. Includes contents index, black & white photographs, ephemera (including Edinburgh Festival Charles Rennie Mackintosh Centenary Exhibition Catalogue, 1968), press clippings, correspondence, minutes and copies of plans.

Lindsay, John Walter

Commercial Work

The commercial work of George and Cordelia Oliver.  Includes: Cordelia's commercial illustrations and George's commercial work relating to transport.

Oliver, George

Correspondence and Misc Paperwork

Letter from Center for Integrative Studies regarding a visit to GSA, (23 Nov 1971); Memo from Director of Studies of the Architecture Dept regarding arranging a lunch, (12 Oct 1972); Letter from MSA President regarding address for circulars, a letter from Student Relations to Heads of Architecture Depts and a list of international architecture students prizewinners, (28 Nov 1972-25 Sep 1972); Letter from President of the Architects Society regarding a bus tour visit, (18 Jan 1973); Reply to the above letter, (25 Jan 1973); Letter regarding the Architectural Association Student's Union and RIBA, (31 Jan 1973); Annual Schools of Architecture Council meeting form, (1974); Letter regarding Architecture Dept open day as part of Activities week, (27 Apr 1976); NORSAC agenda, (22 Oct 1976); Minutes of NORSAC meeting, (c1976).

Mackintosh Students' Association of the Mackintosh School of Architecture

Correspondence and Newscuttings

Contains correspondence from John Walter Lindsay. Correspondence regarding work with Keppie Henderson Architects, including Ingram Street Panel projects, Glasgow School of Art Newbery Tower design, thoughts on restoration of GSA Mackintosh Building. Correspondents include Glasgow Museum Resource Centre, David Stark of Keppie Design Ltd, Lady Alice Barnes, National Museums of Scotland, and Prof. Seona Reid, Director of Glasgow School of Art; Correspondence regarding design work and contributions to 1968 Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition. Architectural plan for V&A Gallery, 1968-1970 (See also DC 032/5); Correspondence with Liz Arthur, Costume & Textile Consultant, regarding contributions to Robert Stewart Project, 2002; Correspondence regarding contributions to Glasgow School of Art Archives and Victoria & Albert Museum, 1998-2001; Miscellaneous newscuttings, correspondence and unknown photograph. Newscuttings regarding Glasgow School of Art students, GSA Alumni Magazine 'Partisan', correspondence regarding Lindsay's National Service.

Lindsay, John Walter

Correspondence and Working Papers

Correspondence and working papers of the Board of Governors, relating to matters such as the organisation of classes, the Scotch Education Department, and appointments. Mostly this type of business was dealt with by the Glasgow School of Art Secretary however these particular papers have historically been kept within the papers of the Board of Governors and so have been catalogued as such. Includes: GOV/10/1: Committee of Management Correspondence, 1854 GOV/10/2: Francis Newbery Application & Testimonials, 1881-1885 GOV/10/3: Correspondence with Scotch Education Department, 1898 GOV/10/4: Staffing Notes, 1901-1902 GOV/10/5: Presentation of a Quaich to Sir Henry Craik, 1904-1905 GOV/10/6: Appointment of Jean Delville to the Royal Academy of Arts, 12 Dec 1905 GOV/10/7: Harry Bathgate Jnr papers and correspondence, 1910-1911 GOV/10/8: Notes on the Re-organisation of Classes, 1929-1932 GOV/10/9: H.R.H The Prince of Wales, Glasgow School of Art Visitor, 1988-2001 GOV/10/10: Correspondence with Governors about Membership, 1997-2003 GOV/10/11: Honorary Fellowships, 1998-1999 GOV/10/12: Honorary President, 2000-2001 GOV/10/13: Proposed closure of Ceramics Department to Undergraduates, 2008

Not available / given

Correspondence and Working Papers

Correspondence and working papers of the Academic Council, relating to various matters such as the Scottish Education Department; Activities Week; Working Parties; relationship with the University of Glasgow; the Mackintosh School of Architecture; Staff Career Development; commercial activities at the Glasgow School of Art and Product Design Engineering. Includes: AC/6/1: Scottish Education Department Correspondence, 1973-1988 AC/6/2: Activities Week Papers, 1974-1981 AC/6/3: Academic Council General Correspondence, 1976-1983 AC/6/4: A Programme for Computer Development in the Glasgow School of Art Report, 1983 AC/6/5: Bute Fabrics Bursary Papers, 1985-1986 AC/6/6: Working Party on Audio-Visual Art and Design Education, c1987 AC/6/7: Working Party on Future Relationships with CNAA/University of Glasgow, 17 Mar 1988 AC/6/8: Career Review and Development Papers, c1989 AC/6/9: Commentary on KPMG Report for GSA Plan for Development of Commercial Activities, 1989 AC/6/10: Notes regarding the formation of the Mackintosh School of Architecture, 1993 AC/6/11: Limited Feasibility and Planning Study, 1994 AC/6/12: Product Design Engineering Papers, 1999-2000

The Glasgow School of Art

Correspondence of Liz Arthur

Contains the correspondence of Liz Arthur regarding her book 'Robert Stewart : Design 1946 - 95' and the associated exhibition. Includes a cutting from the Herald giving a review of the exhibition and a draft of 'Robert Stewart : a personal perspective' written by Tony Jones which appeared in the first chapter of the book.

Arthur, Liz

Correspondence of the Needlework Development Scheme in Scotland

The correspondence within the collection relates to the establishment and management of the Needlework Development in Scotland scheme than ran from 1934 until 1939 when the 1939-1945 World War lead to its suspension. It was re-established as the Needlework Development Scheme in 1945. Subjects covered within the correspondence include management issues; acquisition of needlework samples; finance; correspondence with J & P Coats Ltd who funded the scheme; minutes of meetings; aims and objectives of the scheme; exhibitions; loans of examples.

The Needlework Development Scheme

Day Books

Academic Council Day Books that complement the minutes of meetings. They include attendance records, notices, memos and various relevant documents and correspondence. Day Books are as follows: AC/2/1: Mar 1973- Dec 1973 AC/2/2: Jan 1974- Sep 1974 AC/2/3: Oct 1974- Mar 1975 AC/2/4: Apr 1975- Dec 1975 AC/2/5: Jan 1976- Jun 1976 AC/2/6: Jun 1976- Jan 1977 AC/2/7: Jan 1977- Jun 1977 AC/2/8: Jun 1977- Jun 1978 AC/2/9: Jun 1978- Jun 1979 AC/2/10: Jun 1979- Jun 1980 AC/2/11: Jun 1980- Jun 1981 AC/2/12: Jun 1981- Jun 1982 AC/2/13: Jun 1982- Jun 1983

The Glasgow School of Art

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