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Barnes, Sir Harry Jefferson
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General Correspondence of H J Barnes

General, alphabetical, correspondence of Harry J Barnes, dating from c1966-1981. NB: A small amount of this correspondence in these folders is from Anthony Jones, Director of the Art School after Barnes. Jones appears to have carried on some of this correspondence on behalf of Barnes, as his successor. Includes correspondence with: 'Age Concern Scotland', about education for older people; T R Annan and Sons Ltd, about a picture book; The Architectural Association about a Mackintosh exhibition; Anderson, Fyfe, Stewart & Young, about the sale of a property near Renfrew Street; the Marquess of Bute; Bute Fabrics about a furniture design competition; Councillor Buchan of Strathclyde Regional Council; Douglas P Bliss about lectures he has delivered; Professor Sam Black from the University of British Columbia; British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, about an exchange of information with the Centro de Altos Estudios FAE; the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles about drawings of the ruins of Iona; the Burgh of Bishopbriggs, about the former home of Thomas Muir; the Citizens' Theatre; Caledonian Estates about School property; Angela Catlin, Glasow College of Building and Printing; the Crafts Council; Mrs J Cooke about Joan Eardley's easel; Emilio Coia about an STV calendar; the City and Guilds of London Insitute; the Countryside Commission for Scotland; Douglas Cockerell & Son about taking on an apprentice for their book repairs; the Council for Educational Technology; David Donaldson about a portrait of Harry Barnes; the Society of Designer-Craftsmen; the Danish Institute; the Glasgow Herald about stories and competitions; Garnethill Community Council about a research and photography project; the City of Glasgow Council about various local matters; the Friends of Glasgow Cathedral about the Robert Love bequest; the Glasgow Building Guardians Committee; Glasgow Arts Centres about the Artist in Residence; Glasgow International Arts Enterprises; the Gulbenkian Foundation and awards; John Gainsborough about a 'Coldstream Report' written by Barnes; Ian Hepburn about marketing student products; the Historic Buildings Council for Scotland; Highlands and Islands Development Board about a Craft Training Centre; the Japanese Embassy about Mackintosh; Michael Kelly, Lord Provost of Glasgow; The Lincolnshire Association, about a mobile exhibition service; the Lord Lyon about a vacancy for a Herald-Painter; correspondence about the St Mungo Prize; the National Gallery of Scotland about exhibitions; correspondence about Napier College proposed photography course; Paisley College of Technology; the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama; the Royal Dublin Society; the Royal Scottish Museum about Persian pottery; the Honourable Georgina Stonor, about a Mackintosh designed piano; the Earl of Snowdon; the Scottish College of Textiles; the Scottish Institute of Adult Education; the Third Eye Centre about seminars. Folders as follows: DIR/13/1/2/4/1: Correspondence 'A', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/2: Correspondence 'B', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/3: Correspondence 'C', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/4: Correspondence 'D', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/5: [Correspondence 'E', wanting] DIR/13/1/2/4/6: [Correspondence 'F', wanting] DIR/13/1/2/4/7: Correspondence 'G', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/8: Correspondence 'H', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/9: [Correspondence 'I', wanting] DIR/13/1/2/4/10: Correspondence 'J', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/11: Correspondence 'K', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/12: Correspondence 'L', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/13: Correspondence 'M', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/14: Correspondence 'Mc', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/15: Correspondence 'N', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/16: [Correspondence 'O', wanting] DIR/13/1/2/4/17: Correspondence 'P', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/18: Correspondence 'Q', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/19: Correspondence 'R', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/20: 'Robertson RWKC', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/21: Correspondence 'S', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/22: Correspondence 'T', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/23: Correspondence 'U', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/24: Correspondence 'V', c1966-1981 DIR/13/1/2/4/25: Correspondence 'W, X, Y, Z', c1966-1981

Jones, Anthony

Papers of Sir Harry Jefferson Barnes, Director of Glasgow School of Art

DATA PROTECTION NOTICE: This collection contains sensitive information about individuals that is protected by the Data Protection Act. Until this material has been checked for sensitive information the collection will not be available for researchers. Once this Data Protection work is complete, the collection will be open for access with sensitive information closed for 75 years from its date of creation. The papers and correspondence of Sir Harry Jefferson Barnes, Director of the Glasgow School of Art 1964-1980. The material has been thematically arranged into the sub-series below based on the filing system of Barnes. Sub-series as follows: DIR/13/1: General Correspondence of Harry J Barnes, 1964-1976 DIR/13/2: Operational and Reporting Papers, 1964-1976 DIR/13/3: Course Validation, Review, and Funding Bodies, 1964-1979 DIR/13/4: Departments and Courses, 1952-1979 DIR/13/5: Diploma Papers, 1957-1975 DIR/13/6: Prizes, Competitions and Scholarships, 1958-1976 DIR/13/7: Papers Relating to Students, c1964-1977 DIR/13/8: Papers Relating to Staff, 1945-1977 DIR/13/9: Committee Papers and Correspondence, 1964-1978 DIR/13/10: Estates and Building Developments, 1957-1978 DIR/13/11: Gifts to Glasgow School of Art, 1966-1972 DIR/13/12: Art Residencies and Summer Schools, 1958-1979 DIR/13/13: Events, 1964-1977 DIR/13/14: Invitations to the Director, 1964-1974 DIR/13/15: The Committee of Principals and Directors of Central (Art) Institutions, 1959-1978 DIR/13/16: Correspondence with other Higher Education Institutions, 1964-1978 DIR/13/17: Affiliations with other Bodies and Organisations, 1960-1979 DIR/13/18: Craft Initiatives and Committees, 1964-1978 DIR/13/19: Papers relating to Professional Practice and the Teaching of Art, 1955-1978 DIR/13/20: Barnes' Working Papers Pre-dating his Term as Director, 1930-1960 DIR/13/21: Artworks and Designs, c1950s-1970s

Barnes, Sir Harry Jefferson

Papers of Conrad McKenna, student and staff member at The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

  • DC 073
  • Collection
  • c1940s-2010s


  • a selection of Christmas cards and other ephemera collected by Conrad McKenna, a former student and staff member at The Glasgow School of Art, plus typed and handwritten materials used by McKenna to deliver teaching at The Glasgow School of Art
  • correspondence between Conrad McKenna and The Glasgow School of Art and members of staff, and correspondence and printed ephemera regarding The San Gimignano Summer School.

The cards and ephemera have been created by former Glasgow School of Art staff and students and friends of Conrad McKenna, including Gordon Huntly, Rosalind Bliss, Michael Moulder, Peter Sumsion, Michael Healey, Mark Severin and James Cosgrove.

This material may contain sensitive information about individuals that is protected by the Data Protection Act. Until this material has been checked for sensitive information, it will not be available for researchers. Once this Data Protection work is complete the collection will be open for access, however any sensitive information will be closed and inaccessible for 75 years from the date of creation.

McKenna, Conrad

Records of the Director of the Glasgow School of Art

Correspondence and Working Papers of the Directors of the Glasgow School of Art from 1846 to the present day. Material from DIR/14 onwards is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Papers are arranged by Director into the sub-series below, and each sub-series is catalogued in further detail: DIR/1: Henry MacManus, Headmaster from 1844-1848 DIR/2: Charles Heath Wilson, Headmaster from 1849-1863 DIR/3: Robert Greenlees, Headmaster from 1863-1881 DIR/4: Thomas C Simmonds, Headmaster from 1881-1885 DIR/5: Francis H Newbery, Director from 1885-1918 DIR/6: John Henderson, Director from 1918-1924 DIR/7: John D Revel, Director from 1925-1932 DIR/8: James Gray, Interim Director from 1932-1933 DIR/9: William Oliphant Hutchison, Director from 1933-1943 DIR/10: Allan Walton, Director from 1943-1945 DIR/11: Henry Y Allison, Interim Director from 1945-1946 DIR/12: Douglas Percy Bliss, Director from 1946-1964 DIR/13: Harry Jefferson Barnes, Director from 1964-1980

Greenlees, Robert