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Records of the Secretary and Treasurer

Material in SEC/5 onwards is currently uncatalogued and therefore not accessible for researchers. Includes: SEC/1: In letters, 1904-1944 In-coming letters on all aspects of the administration of the School. The series includes letters to the Director of the School as well as to the Secretary and Treasurer. The material is organised by year and then by surname. SEC/2: Copy out letters, 1853-1944 Copies of out-going letters on all aspects of the administration of the School. The series includes letters from the Director of the School, in particular from Charles Heath Wilson, 1853-1855, as well as from the Secretary and Treasurer. The material is organised chronologically. SEC/3: Letters to The Department of Science and Art and The Scotch Education Department, 1882-1925 Letters from the Secretary and Treasurer to the Department of Science and Art, 1882-1897, and to the Scottish Education Department, 1898-1925 relating to the administration and curriculum of the School. SEC/4: Letters from The Scotch Education Department, 1900-1925 Letters from the Scotch Education Department to the Secretary and Treasurer relating to the administration and curriculum of the School. SEC/5: Correspondence and subject files, 1925-1946 Subject files on staff appointments 1928-1946, students on active service 1939-1943, the School materials store 1940-1944, refectory invoices 1942-1943, and correspondence with the Scottish Education Department 1925-1944. SEC/6: Subject files, c1933-1993 Papers and correspondence relating to all aspects of the administration of the School. Subjects include governors, staff, students, courses, scholarships, finance, bequests, exhibitions, buildings, conferences, the Academic Council and correspondence with the Scottish Education Department. SEC/7: Subject files, 1944-1984 Papers and correspondence relating to all aspects of the administration of the School. Subjects include governors, staff, students, classes, examinations, scholarships, finance, bequests, exhibitions, buildings. SEC/8: Income and expenditure accounts, 1899-1955 SEC/9: Estimates of income and expenditure prepared for The Scotch Education Department, 1906-1929 Estimates of income and expenditure and related papers including abstracts of income and expenditure, balance sheets, lists of salaries, lists of bursaries and scholarships, correspondence and reports from bursary holders. SEC/10: Balance sheets, 1931-1955 SEC/11: Shop accounts, 1897-1926 Profit and loss accounts, 1901-1914: statements of accounts, 1902-1904; ledgers 1897-1926. SEC/12: Special accounts, 1899-1902 Cash book, 1899-1902; statements of income and expenditure, 1900-1902; receipts, 1900-1902; vouchers, 1899-1900. SEC/13: Cash books, 1897-1904 SEC/14: Class feees cash books, 1907-1946 SEC/15: Life models cash books, 1919-1934 SEC/16: Invoice books, 1897-1926 SEC/17: Returns book, 1900-1921 SEC/18: Annual subscriptions book, 1900-1935 SEC/19: Salaries books, 1900-1973 Salaries books for general staff, 1900-1969; office staff, 1934-1973; technical assistants, 1958-1969; visiting staff, 1941-1970. There is also an index of staff, 1901-1935. SEC/20: School fee books, 1902-1935 Details recorded are registered number, name, fees for day classes, afternoon classes and evening classes. SEC/21: Receipt books, 1904-1915 SEC/22: Correspondence on accounts, 1902-1905 Letters from accountants to Edward R. Catterns, Secretary and Treasurer. Includes list of accounts referred to in 1904 audit. SEC/23: Records relating to Prize Fund, 1896-1935 Financial records, 1896-1903; subscription book, 1900-1935. SEC/24: Records relating to James Fleming Panel Fund, 1897-1903 In 1897 a proposal was made to mark the zeal and untiring devotion to the service of Glasgow School of Art of James Fleming, chairman of the Board of Governors. Subscriptions were obtained and a marble presentation panel was commissioned from George Frampton, R.A., sculptor. The panel was placed in the entrance hall of the new building of the School and unveiled in 1903. Includes: subscriptions book, 1897-1903; papers and correspondence relating to subscriptions, 1897-1903; receipts, 1898-1902; payment vouchers, 1897-1903. SEC/25: Records relating to William J Anderson Fund, 1899-1901 This fund was set up for the widow and family of William J. Anderson. SEC/26: Records relating to War Memorial Fund, 1919 In 1919, two dramatic performances were produced by Miss Dorothy Carleton Smyth in order to raise funds to provide a memorial to the men of the School who fell at the front. SEC/27: Records relating to John Keppie Scholarships, 1923-1937 In 1923, John Keppie, an architect in Glasgow, endowed two scholarships at Glasgow School of Art, in architecture and sculpture, in order to encourage the arts of architecture and sculpture. The scholarships were worth GBP100 each and were to be awarded in alternate years to the best student of the year. The architecture scholarship was to be spent in the study of architecture in Great Britain, Europe or elsewhere or in the measuring and laying down of some building of outstanding excellence. The sculpture scholarship was to be spent on the study of sculpture in the Schools of London, Paris, Brussels, Italy or elsewhere. Includes: Deed of constitution, 1923; correspondence, 1923; financial records,1923-1937. SEC/28: Correspondence with Carnegie Trust, 1911-1930 Correspondence on grants by the Carnegie Trust to Glasgow School of Art. SEC/29: James Brough Memorial Prize, 1929-1936 James Brough of Jamaica Plain left a legacy in 1929 to provide a prize or prizes for the best designs for interior decoration, furniture or decorative composition. Includes: cash book, 1929-1936. SEC/30: Records relating to Belgium Tryst Fund SEC/31: Records relating to the Bourdon Memorial SEC/32: Advert books SEC/33: Diaries SEC/34: Article 55 correspondence SEC/35: Reports to the Scotch Education Departments (SED) Includes, amongst others, a report on GSA by Robert Anning Bell on behalf of the SED, 1903. SEC/36: Records relating to the Centenary Fund SEC/37: Correspondence files SEC/38: Records relating to the appointment of the Director SEC/39: Visitors' book SEC/40: Fire fighters' logbook SEC/41: Illness and accident book SEC/42: Correspondence from students on active service SEC/43: Records relating to staffing SEC/44: Functions book SEC/45: Refectory cash book and journal, 1935-1981 SEC/46: Prizes, 1890s Contains information on students who have won prizes (including National Competitions) in the 1890s. Alphabetically listed. SEC/47: Bursaries book, 1911 SEC/48: Materials store cashbook, 1935-1947 SEC/49: Correspondence with Jordanhill, 1943-1969 SEC/50: SMS cashbook, 1947-1955 SEC/51: School notices, 1946 Further unlisted and uncatalogued material includes: correspondence and admin relating to education endowments; gifts to the School; leases of let property; receipt books; copyright and insurance. There is also general department correspondence and working papers of Frank W. Kean (Secretary and Treasurer 1968/69-1992/93). Committee papers held within this department include - Evaluation Committee, Financial Control Committee, Refectory Committee/Refectory Users' Advisory Committee, Students' Material Store Committee.

The Glasgow School of Art

Records relating to Glasgow School of Art Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Needlecraft, 1916

Material includes: typescript list of 1012 items exhibited with descriptions and their purchasers when appropriate, 1916; photographs of individual items exhibited, 1916; financial records relating to the opening ceremony, 1916; printed stationery made for the exhibition, 1916; minutes of the Needlework Exhibition Committee, Oct 1915-Apr 1916; folder of papers relating to the organisation of the Exhibition including stationery, correspondence and a speech/forwarding address by Fra Newbery, 1915-1916.

The Glasgow School of Art

Records relating to School extension scheme

Records relating to the Glasgow School of Art Extension Scheme from 1926-1932. Includes: GOV/5/10/1: Building Committee Minutes, 1926-1930 GOV/5/10/2: Financial Records, 1926-1949 GOV/5/10/3: Property Records, 1915-1931 GOV/5/10/4: Subscriptions and the School Extension Building Fund, 1907-1931 GOV/5/10/5: Estimates, 1926-1927 GOV/5/10/6: Contracts and Agreements, 1927-1929 GOV/5/10/7: Correspondence with Contractors, 1926-1930 GOV/5/10/8: Fire Precaution Papers, 1928 GOV/5/10/9: Receipts, 1926-1932 GOV/5/10/10: Opening of the Extension 18 Dec, 1929 GOV/5/10/11: Plans, 1928 See also this blog post written about the papers of the School Extension Scheme: