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Articles written for The Glasgow Herald unless otherwise stated.

Hand written draft copies of around 170 articles of 350-1100 word length, by Clare Henry for The Glasgow Herald, January-December 1986, Art Review, and her first for The Guardian from August 1986 for visual art exhibitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Milngavie, Peeblesshire and St Andrews. The Guardian listings focus on reviews of exhibitions in London at The Royal Academy and Serpentine.

A number of the Scottish reviews are for exhibitions at former galleries: Main Fine Arts Studio Gallery Gibson Street, New 57 Gallery, 369 Gallery, Artspace Aberdeen, Compass Gallery and JD Kelly Gallery as well as a review for the closing of Corners Gallery Glasgow and the 70th Birthday of Cyril Gerber. The reviews also cover private galleries: The Third Eye Centre, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Fruitmarket Edinburgh (also referred to as Scottish Arts Council Gallery), Mercury Gallery and Talbot Rice, as well as publicly funded galleries: Kelvingrove (also known as Glasgow Art Gallery), National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Academy, Aberdeen Art Gallery and Hunterian Gallery Glasgow.

There are also reviews for offsite projects at Cramond Sculpture Park Edinburgh and Saltire House Edinburgh. The exhibitions covered are solo shows, by artists such as Alfred Loos, John Bellany and Peter Wilson. The Glasgow School of Art Postgraduate and Masters Degree shows are also reviewed alongside several reviews for Mayfest Festival Glasgow and the Edinburgh Festival.

This file also includes longer feature and perspective articles for Art Review and her research for STV when she visited Canada at the invite of Canada Council to Vancouver to Calgary/Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal and New York. Some personal correspondence in also included from Bet Low.

  • 3 Jan Women of 1986, Rosemary Watt, June Redfern
  • 6 Jan Scottish Crafts, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Barbara Davidson, Anne Clare Graham, Bridget Drakeford
  • 8 Jan The 20th Century German Woodcut, Collins, Gallery Glasgow
  • 9 Jan Letter from Charles Booth-Clibborn regarding ‘Critical Lines’ exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, he later founded Paragon Press
  • 17 Jan Anne Redpath Solo, Mercury Gallery London
  • 20 Jan Peter Wilson Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 21 Jan Critical Lines, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Charles Booth-Clibborn, Dick Floyd
  • 23 Jan Castle Toward Art Exhibition, Bellahouston Palace of Art Glasgow, Neil Fleming, Alison McKendrick, David Lee, Carol Peacock
  • 22 Jan Museum Education Services, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
  • 28 Jan War of Images, The Glasgow School of Art, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Peter Dunn, Lorraine Leeson, Mark Cardwell, Ian Killen, Peter Seddon
  • 28 Jan Brian McCann Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 28 Jan (Feature) New Portrait of Ian Botham by John Bellany, National Portrait Gallery London
  • 31 Jan John Duncan Solo, City Arts Centre Edinburgh
  • 3 Feb The Riddell Collection of Photographs, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Woodworks, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, Tim Stead, Doug Cocker
  • 5 Feb Peter Nardini Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Relief Printing, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 11 Feb Michael Judge Solo, Glasgow Print Studios, Silver Studio Art Nouveau, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 12 Feb Ian McCulloch Solo, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh
  • 13 Feb Decoration of the Suburban Villa , Collins Gallery Glasgow, Templeton and Stoddard Carpets
  • 14 Feb Dominic Snyder Solo, Metro Gallery Glasgow
  • 17 Feb Mascaras de Mexico, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 19 Feb Design Review, Scottish Design Council Glasgow
  • 21 Feb Geoffrey MacEwan Solo, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 22 Feb David Hockney Solo, Tate London (for Today Newspaper London)
  • 27 Feb John Bellany Solo, National Portrait Gallery London
  • 28 Feb Helen Lee Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh (including French Institute Glasgow)
  • 26 Mar Ten Scottish Painters, Royal Academy London, David Donaldson, Jack Knox
  • 1 Apr Main Fine Art Glasgow, Phil Braham, Ian Hughes
  • 2 Apr Ursula Jakob Solo, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 3 Apr Henryle Gotlib, Cyril Gerber Fine Art Glasgow
  • 4 Apr Adolf Loos Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 8 Apr Keith McIntyre Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Apr Carnival of Animals, The Glasgow School of Art, Victoria Crowe Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 10 Apr View from Above, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • 14 Apr Neil MacPerson Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 17 Apr Glenn Scouller, Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • 20 Apr Munch and the Workers, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 23 Apr Cyril Gerber A Personal Choice, The Glasgow School of Art (to mark his 70th Birthday)
  • 23 Apr Popularity Services Agency Sculpture Competition, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 24 Apr The East Coast Tradition, Fine Art Society Edinburgh, Scottie Wilson, George Donald, John Bellany, John Houston, Antina Verboom Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow
  • 28 Apr Lys Hansen Solo, 369 Glasgow Edinburgh
  • 28 Apr Royal Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • 6 May (Feature) Mayfest, George Wyllie, Glasgow Art Centre, Barras at Cyril Gerber, Bet Low Doug Cocker Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 8 May William Maclean, National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 13 May (Feature) Mayfest, Self Portraits, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Peter Howson, Hock-Ann Teh, Phil Braham, Danny Ferguson, Jimmy Cosgrove, Corners Gallery Glasgow, Metro Gallery Glasgow, Ronald Forbes, Babity Bowster
  • 14 May Frank Stella Tapestries, National Gallery of Modern Art
  • 15 May (Feature) Mayfest, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Hunterian Art Gallery Glasgow
  • 19 May Spring 86, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Henry Eyemouth, Barbara Rae
  • 20 May Eadie Gulland, David Gulland, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 21 May Scottish Contemporary Art, Clare Hall Cambridge, Keith McIntyre, Eddie Summerton, Joyce Cairns
  • 27 May Spring Fling Sculpture Show, Princes St Gardens Edinburgh, David Mach, Andrew Miller, Doug Cocker
  • 29 May Paisley Art Institute, Paisley Art Gallery, James Orr, Margaret Robertson
  • 29 May Edinburgh Exhibitions, Mhairi Sutherland Solo, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh, Baajie Pickard, Douglas Davies, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Louise Annand, Gordon Wyllie
  • 30 May Scottish Contemporary Art, International Art Fair Olympia London, Glasgow Print Studios, Compass Gallery Glasgow, John Taylor, Elizabeth Blackadder, Ian McCulloch
  • 3 Jun Henri Matisse, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
  • 4 Jun Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy London
  • 5 Jun Liberty, Terror and Virtue, Smith Gallery Stirling
  • 9 Jun Eye of the Storm, Smith Gallery Stirling, George Wyllie, Peter Howson
  • 10 Jun (Feature interview) Rosemary Watt as new director at the Burrell Collection Glasgow
  • 11 Jun Impressionist Drawings, Burrell Collection Glasgow
  • 17 Jun The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
  • 19 Jun Gareth Fisher Solo, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
  • 23 Jun Tamarind Lithographs, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 24 Jun Aleksander Zyw Solo, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 26 Jun Inverclyde Biennial, McLean Art Gallery Greenock, Andrew Brown, George Wyllie
  • 1 Jul Gilbert and George, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
  • 2 Jul Brian Ballard Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow, William Baillie Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 7 Jul New Generation, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Ian Scott, Linda Downie
  • 7 Jul Central Region Artists, Smith Art Gallery Stirling, Anne Gordon, Anne Anderson, Anne Mackintosh
  • 8 Jul Roberto Gonzalez Fernandez Solo, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 14 Jul A Monkey Town Besieged by Dogs, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Hogaarth Rowlandson
  • 15 Jul (Feature Interview) Andy Warhol, Anthony d'Offay Gallery London
  • 22 Jul (Feature) Commonwealth Art, Edinburgh College of Art
  • 23 Jul Mirror and the Lamp, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Gerhard Richter, Helen Chadwick
  • 25 Jul Scottish Art London, National Gallery London, Jun Redfern, Neil Macpherson, Boundary Gallery London, Ian Hughes, Gwen Hardie, Jack Knox
  • 29 Jul Jack Knox, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • 29 Jul L’Amour Fou Surrealism, Hayward Gallery London
  • Jul Johnny McGuinness Solo, Dick Institute Kilmarnock
  • Aug Artists at Work
  • 1 Aug Impressionism, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
  • 4 Aug (Feature) Eduardo Paolozzi
  • 5 Aug Printed Light, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh, Robert Adamson, D O Hill
  • 8 Aug Paving the Way, Edinburgh Festival, Paul Crawforth, Andy Benton, Colin Watt, Paul Roxton
  • 8 Aug James Tassie Solo, Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Aug (Feature) Scottish Art Today Artists Art Work Edinburgh Festival Guide, Sean Connery
  • 11 Aug The Golden Age Painting Scotland 1707-1843, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh, Henry Raeburn, Alexander Nasmyth
  • 14 Aug John Bellany Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 18 Aug (Feature) Festival Art on the Fringe, Bruce McLean Solo, Scottish Gallery, Vera Simons, Ariel Crown, National Gallery of Scotland, John Bellany Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, Ian McCulloch Solo, Richard Demarco Gallery Blackfriars Street
  • 31 Aug (Feature Obituary) Henry Moore
  • 3 Sep Three in One, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Tessa Jackson, Sheena Macfarlance, Jane Gallacher, Meg Mitchell
  • 5 Sep Jan Nimmo Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Art of Etching, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Marion McIntosh, DY Cameron, James Strang
  • Sep (Feature interview) Bridget Riley, MacLaurin Gallery Ayr
  • 11 Sep Art off the Wall, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Matt Inglis, Lesley Raeside
  • 12 Sep Iain Patterson Solo, Graeme Murray Fine Art Edinburgh
  • 15 Sep (News Feature) David Donaldson paints Mrs Thatcher
  • 16 Sep Three Artists, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Alison Wilding, Jeffrey Dennis, Alan Green
  • 18 Sep Bill Woodrow Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 Sep Mackintosh Watercolours, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • 25 Sep James McDonald Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Derek Green Solo, Corners Gallery Glasgow
  • 25 Sep Young Artists in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Metro Gallery Glasgow, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Julia Campbell, Claire Harrigan, Lorraine Cotterell, David Bird, David Watt, Robert Maclaurin, Dorothy Black
  • 29 Sep Pete Bevan Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 30 Sep English Etchers *1880-*1940, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
  • Oct (Series) That’s My Weakness Now, Bruce McLean
  • Oct (Series) That’s My Weakness Now, Steven Campbell
  • 3 Oct Sandy Murphy Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Eye of the Storm, Glasgow Art Centre, Pete Seddon, Keith Ross
  • 5 Oct Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art 125th Year, McLellan Galleries
  • 10 Oct (Feature) Identity & Desire, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Roberta Graham, Alexis Hunter, Helen Chadwick (featuring Scottish Arts Council Traineeships) Three Dutch painters, Richard Demarco Gallery, Fred Stiven, John Kirkwood, Stephen Lawson, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scotland St School, Danish Arts & Crafts, The Glasgow School of Art, A Look Back to the Future, Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow
  • 17 Oct William Scott, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh, Nine Photographers, Glasgow Print Studios, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Oscar Marzaroli, Calum Colvin Solo, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 24 Oct The Scottish Beastiary, Artspace Aberdeen, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, James McDonald Solo, Glasgow Print Studios (including gallery briefings; Glasgow Style, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Ronald Rae, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Colin Lawson, Collective Gallery Edinburgh, James Hawkins, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh Phil Duthie, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 31 Oct Tom McKendrick's Clydebank, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie, Sholto Johnstone Douglas, Cyril GerbEr Gallery Glasgow (including gallery briefings; John Bellany, the Gallery Moffat; Royal Glasgow Institute 125th, McLellan Galleries Glasgow)
  • 31 Oct (Guardian briefings) Rodin, Hayward Gallery London, The Boyle Family, Hayward Gallery London, Tom McKendrick's Clydebank, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie, Sholto Johnstone Douglas, Cyril Gerber Gallery Glasgow
  • 4 Nov (Guardian) The Boyle Family, Hayward Gallery London
  • 4 Nov The Boyle Family, Hayward Gallery London
  • 5 Nov Rodin, Hayward Gallery London
  • 7 Nov (Guardian) Nicholas Pope Solo, Waddington Gallery London, The Golden Age of Scottish Painting, Tate Gallery London, Paul Signac Solo, Marlborough Gallery London, Contemporary Art Society Market, Bernard Dunstan Solo, Agnews Gallery London, David Austen Solo, Anthony Reynolds London (including out of town; Liz Rideal, Jacki Parry, Yorkshire Sculpture Park)
  • 7 Nov (Feature) Joyce Cairns Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Edward Summton Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Elspeth Lamb Solo, Glasgow Print Studios (Including gallery briefings; Tartan Castle, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh, Picasso Sketchbooks, Royal Academy London)
  • 14 Nov (Guardian) Serpentine Gallery London, Martin Naylor, Roger Palmer, Elizabeth II, National Portrait Gallery, Treasures at Fyvie, Agnews Gallery London, Stephen McKenna Soo, Totah Gallery London (including out of town)
  • 14 Nov (Feature) Willie Rodger solo, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Aberdeen Peacock Printmakers, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Edward Summton Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Liz Rideal Solo, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh, Picasso Sketchbooks, Royal Academy London
  • 21 Nov (Feature) Celtic Vision, Glasgow Arts Centre; From Two Words, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Whitechapel Gallery London
  • Nov (Art Review Letter from Scotland) George Wyllie, Scottish Society of Artists
  • 28 Nov Scottish Society of Artist, National Gallery Edinburgh (including gallery briefings; Three Artists, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Helen Flockhart, Anne Elliot, Alison Stirling, Metro Gallery Glasgow, The Barry Rooms, National Gallery of Scotland; Scottish Art Today wins ABSA Award for best single project prented by Prince Michael of Kent)
  • 5 Dec (Feature) Smith Art Gallery Stirling, Cunningham Graham, Scottish Society of Water colourists, Royal Scottish Academy (including Mark Jones, Malcolm Appleby)
  • 12 Dec (Guardian) The Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair
  • 16 Dec Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair and International Contemporary Art Fair London
  • 19 Dec In praise of Youth, Visual Art Studio, Castle Toward, Karen Strang, Dis-Place-Ment, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Artist in Industry Scheme, Glasgow Print Studios Christmas Exhibitions, Lesley Main Solo, Main Fine Art Glasgow, The Barry Rooms, National Gallery London
  • Dec Clare Henry Art Oscars 1986

Articles written in this year which are not present in the archive: Aug Edinburgh Festival, Artists at Work

  • 10 Sep Jack Miller at GPS

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Clare Henry FRSA was art critic for The Herald from 1980-2000. For 20 years she covered the Scottish and UK art scene in depth, writing roughly 200 articles a year. With a particular emphasis on Scottish artists, her writing provides profiles, interviews and art news pieces along with critical reviews. Graduating in 1964 with BA Hons Fine Art from The University of Reading she became a Researcher at the Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art (1968-1970) before taking the position of art reviewer for West End Times (1976-1980). She was also art critic for The Herald (1980-2000) and arts presenter at Scottish TV (1984-1987). She wrote regular features for The Art Newspaper (1986-2003) and contributed to The Guardian, Marxism Today, 20/20 London, Ikebana Ryusei Japan and The Scotsman. She curated exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s including 'New Scottish Prints' for Britain Salutes New York, in NYC; London's 'Serpentine Summer Show', 1985; 'Artists at Work', Edinburgh Festival, 1986; 'The Vigorous Imagination' at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for the Edinburgh Festival, 1987; Critic's Choice London, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992; Scots in Los Angeles, 1989; Scotland at the Venice Biennale, 1990, Critic's Choice for the RSA Edinburgh, 1994, New Millennium, Chicago and Washington DC, 1999. She is a founding member of the Council of Management and a former chairman of both The Glasgow Print Studio and Salvo (the Scottish arts lobbying organisation). She served on the Scottish Design Council in the 1980s and on the working party for contemporary art of the National Trust. She was also on the board of Stirling's Smith Art Gallery and Museum and a trustee of the Scottish Sculpture Trust, 1984-1990. She is also a former member of the British Council Visiting Arts panel, the National Union of Journalists, the Arts Correspondents Group London, Blackburn Printmaking Workshop NYC, and is a current member of the International Association of Art Critics, (AICA UK) and the American Association of Art Critics. In 2000 she moved to New York where she was art critic for the Financial Times and The New York Sun until 2008. She now writes for various magazines in the UK and the USA and keeps a regular blog.

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