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Articles written for The Glasgow Herald unless otherwise stated.

Hand written draft copies of around 200 articles of 250-900 word length, by Clare Henry for The Glasgow Herald, January-December 1984, relating to visual art exhibitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Milngavie and Inverness. Also including several reviews of exhibitions in London at ICA, Camden Arts Centre, Serpentine, AIR Gallery and Tate and Grand Palais Paris. Henry’s daily articles begin to develop into weekly feature articles, with a main discussion followed by ‘Gallery Briefings’ covering more generally current exhibitions of interest.

A number of the Scottish reviews are for exhibitions at former galleries: Main Fine Arts Studio Gallery Gibson Street, Corners Gallery Glasgow, New 57 Gallery, 369 Gallery, Artspace Aberdeen, JD Kelly Gallery, and organisations: Fine Art Society Glasgow, Fine Art Society Edinburgh and Group 81.

The reviews cover galleries: The Third Eye Centre, Compass Gallery, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Fruitmarket Edinburgh (also referred to as Scottish Arts Council Gallery), Mercury Gallery and Talbot Rice, Kelvingrove (also known as Glasgow Art Gallery), National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Museum and Hunterian Gallery Glasgow.

The exhibitions covered are solo shows, by artists such as Adrian Wiszniewski, Lyn Hansen and Jacki Parry; Group exhibitions, particularly Construction Painting and Blank Images at Transmission Gallery Glasgow and larger historical exhibitions such as Art of Japan at Kelvingrove and The Glasgow Boys, and also annual exhibitions of painting and printmaking at Royal Scottish Academy. The Glasgow School of Art Postgraduate and Masters degree shows are also reviewed and design and textile exhibitions, particularly British Glass and Paisley Ceramics. A large quantity of these reviews focus on events during the Edinburgh Festival and the Fringe Festival.

This file also includes longer feature and perspective articles on: The appointment of Colin Thompson as Director of National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh, Scottish Portrait Commissions, the first Turner Prize Award, Judy Chicago Dinner Party, Liverpool Garden Festival and The Venice Biennale.

Also included is a letter to Glasgow Museums requesting visitor figures for Kelvingrove Gallery 1984 and pieces written for the Herald News Desk.

  • 5 Jan Winston Link Solo, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 6 Jan Scots abroad, City Art Centre Edinburgh, George Henry, David Roberts
  • 6 Jan (Feature) New Director Colin Thompson, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
  • 9 Jan Ewan Mundy Fine Art Gallery Glasgow & Cyril Gerber Fine Art Gallery Glasgow, David Gill, Elizabeth Frink
  • 10 Jan French Prints and Watercolours, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 11 Jan Scotland’s Art, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Tessa Jackson, John Bellany, Graeme Swanson, Ken Dingwall
  • 13 Jan Fine Art Society Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • 16 Jan Crawford Campbell and Contemporary British Studio Glass, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Anthony Stern, Charlie Meaker, Peter Layton
  • 17 Jan (Feature) New Scottish Prints at Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 17 Jan Art Matters, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Marion Mitchell, Brian McGeoch
  • 18 Jan Joan Eardley & Joan Renton, National Gallery of Scotland, Turner Watercolours, National Gallery of Scotland
  • 19 Jan Construction Painting, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Matthew Inglis, David Heale, Alistair Magee, Alastair Strachan
  • 23 Jan (Feature) Barbican International Art Fair
  • 23 Jan Alexander Frazer Solo, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 24 Jan David Mullen & Aileen Alexander, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow, Rob Paul Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 25 Jan The Omega Workshop 1913-19, Craft Council Gallery London
  • 26 Jan British Studio Glass, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Charlie Meake, Colin Reid, Jenny Antonio
  • 27 Jan Scottish Watercolours, Victoria & Albert Museum London, John Bellany, Bruce McLean, Edwardo Palozzi, Stephen Cox
  • 31 Jan Royal Scottish Society of Watercolourists, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, John Mooney, David Martin, George Melvin
  • 1 Feb Paul Hill Solo, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 1 Feb Artists Intervention Association, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 2 Feb (Feature) Scottish Portrait Commissions, William Dobson, Bryan Organ, Duncan Thomson
  • 3 Feb Don Emery Solo, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 6 Feb Keith McIntyre Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 7 Feb (Feature) Germinsations exhibition by German-French Youth Office, Adrian Wisniewski, Christopher Taylor, Stuart MacKenzie, RSA
  • 8 Feb Ed Ardizzione Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Feb Gift from Glasgow and Greenock, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • 13 Feb Art Teachers Exhibition, Lillie Gallery Milngavie, Willie Rodger, Dawson Murray, Joan Palmer
  • 14 Feb JD Ferguson Solo, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 15 Feb Alex Pearce Solo, Scottish Amicable Glasgow, Mary Louise Colouris, Glasgow Art Centre
  • 16 Feb Traverse, Demarco
  • 17 Feb National Gallery Edinburgh, Capricious View
  • 20 Feb Kaye Lynch Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Lesley Main at Main Fine Art
  • 21 Feb Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh, Sylvia Von Hartman, Ian D Cook
  • 22 Feb Treasures From Korea, British Museum London
  • 24 Feb Lys Hansen Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 27 Feb William Brotherson Solo, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh, Anthony Armstrong Solo, Cadogan Gallery London
  • 28 Feb Print Room Stars, Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh, George Seurat, Pieter Saenredam
  • 29 Feb Blank Images, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Allan Ewing, Christopher Taylor, Andrew Webber
  • 2 Mar The Kessler Bequest, Tate Gallery London
  • 5 Mar Four Women Printmakers, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Jacki Parry, Barbara Robertson Nicki McHarg, Carmen Ambrozevich, Duncan Shanks
  • 6 Mar Student Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh, Michael Kerr, Judith Findlay, Susannah Robinson, George Wilson
  • 7 Mar The Arts of Japan, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 8 Mar Maker Designers Today, Camden Art Centre London, Paul Connell, Fred Baler, Floris van der Broecke
  • 9 Mar Three Artists from Aberdeen, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Robert Black, Ian Robertson, Graeme Swenson Scoular Anderson, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow, Phil Braham, Main Fine Art
  • 13 Mar Scottish Print Open, Glasgow Print Studios, Ian Howard, George Donald, Bobbie Wallace
  • 14 Mar The Glasgow Boys, Graham Mundy Fine Art Glasgow, Claire Scullion Solo, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh Claude Villat Solo, French Institute Edinburgh
  • 15 Mar Chris Wainwright Solo, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 19 Mar Highland Region Art Exhibition, Inverness Art Gallery, Allan Thomson
  • 20 Mar Susan Hiller Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 21 Mar Lennox Dunbar & Ian Howard, Glasgow Art Centre
  • 22 Mar French and British Gravure, Edinburgh College of Art, Denise Brown, Andre Stempfel, Paolo Boni
  • 30 Mar Gill Tyson Solo, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, Sir William Gilles, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 3 Apr Winning hearts and minds, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Lesley Raeside, Peter Howson, Helen Gibson, Andrew Squire
  • 4 Apr Graham Crowley & Judith Rugg, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 5 Apr Hugh Buchanan & Marjorie Lucas, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 6 Apr Romanesque Art, Hayward Gallery London
  • 9 Apr Kirsty Davidson Solo, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Tom Wilson, Macaulay Gallery Stenton
  • 10 Apr Geoff McEwan Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 11 Apr Sue Mackecknie & Jonathon Robertson, Glasgow Print Studio
  • 12 Apr Margaret Malty & John Holmes, Moffat Gallery
  • 13 Apr *19th Century Dutch Watercolours, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 16 Apr Margaret Morris Solo, Cyril Gerber Fine Art Glasgow
  • 17 Apr Adrian Wiszniewski Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow (including plus Air Gallery London)
  • 18 Apr Tom Scott, Solo, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh, Hilda Goldwag Solo, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow Jim Nicholson Solo, Gladstone’s Land Gallery Edinburgh
  • 19 Apr Design Review 1984, Scottish Design Centre Glasgow (including Scottish Craft Centre Edinburgh)
  • 20 Apr Gallery Poll, Artspace Aberdeen, Karl Horst Hodicke (including Winifred McKenzie, The English Speaking Union Gallery Edinburgh)
  • 23 Apr Five From Saskatchewan, MacRobert Arts Centre Stirling, Joe Faford, Dorothy Knowles, Eli Bronstein Ian McPherson Solo, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 24 Apr Karsh 50 years of Photography Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Yousuf Karsh, Action Portraits, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Richard Weaver, Helen Marmott, Work Music People, Glasgow Print Studios, Simon Burden, Dominic Sryder, Mary Louise Coulouris
  • 25 Apr Gaudier Brzeska Solo, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh (including Forte silver commissions)
  • 26 Apr Michael Windle Solo, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh, Sax Shaw Solo, Calton Gallery Edinburgh
  • 27 Apr Alasdair Gray Solo, Corners Gallery Glasgow, Easter Exhibition, Main Fine Arts The Studio Gallery Glasgow
  • 30 Apr The Forties, Cyril Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Bet Low, Tom Macdonald, Bill Wright Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 1 May Greek Thompson, Third Eye Central Glasgow for Mayfest
  • 3 May Islands Exhibition, Compass Gallery Glasgow, and Barbara Rae
  • 4 May Oscar Mazaroli Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 7 May Scottish Sculpture Trust Conference, Dundee
  • 8 May (Feature) Mayfest Art 1984, John Byrne
  • 10 May Hanael Cassidy Solo, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 16 May Mayfest Scotstyle, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Artists in Industry, City Art Centre Edinburgh, Andrew Hambleton, Davy Mckee, Artajeer Dhanjal
  • 17 May (News Feature) Extra £1 million sponsorship by Government
  • 18 May Royal Scottish Academy Ed, and Royal Academy London annual exhibitions
  • 21 May Women Live, Theatre Workshop Gallery London, Alisa Hyslop, Mary McCaan, Debbie Ball Four Women Artists, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Alison Dunlop, Jenny Grevatte, Janet Patterson, Fiona Robertson
  • 22 May Murihead Bone & Elizabeth Blackadder, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 May Rococo Art and Design, Victoria & Albert Museum London
  • 24 May Gregor Smith Solo, Lillie Gall Milngavie, Glasgow School of Art Painters, Strathclyde University Glasgow, Stephen Barclay, Graham Crowley, Malcolm Dickson
  • 25 May Peter Howson & Renwick Thompson, The Glasgow School of Art, Goethe Institute
  • 28 May Leonard McComb Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 29 May (Feature) Whistler’s 150th Anniversary, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow, Martin Rayner Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Marie Goodenough Solo, ESU Gallery Edinburgh
  • 30 May Scottish Contemporary Art, Caledonian Club London, Sylvia Stevenson, William Maclean, Martin Rayner
  • 31 May Crawford Centre St Andrews, George Wyllie, Margaret Milne, James Castle, Winifred McKenzie, Alison McKenzie
  • 1 Jun Scottish Arts Council Travelling Gallery, Diana Sykes, Bill Buchanan, Bet Low, Joan Eardley, Cliff Bowen
  • 4 Jun New Print Studio Prints, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen, Marion Mitchell, Brian McGeoch, Artspace
  • 5 Jun The 2th Glasgow Group Exhibition, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Douglas Thompson, Tom Macdonald, Tom Shanks, John McCulloch, James Connell, George Wyllie
  • 6 Jun Royal Glasgow Institute Exhibition, JD Kelly Gallery, David Donaldson Lennox Patterson, Artists at Sotheby’s, Anne Anderson, Anne Gordon
  • 7 Jun Modern British Abstracts, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, William Turnbull, Richard Lin, Matthew Rugg
  • 8 Jun Sylvia Wishart Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow, William Littlejohn, Scottish Gallery Glasgow
  • 11 Jun The Individual Landscape, Glasgow Print Studios, William Cowan, Stephen McNulty, Donald Wilkinson
  • 12 Jun George Wyllie Solo, Aberdeen Artspace
  • 13 Jun Stefano della Bella Solo, National Gallery of Scotland
  • 15 Jun Gerard Hemsworth Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 16 Jun Farm Security Photos, Stills Gallery Edinburgh, Jack Delans, Russell Lee
  • 19 Jun (Feature) Degree shows The Glasgow School of Art, The Golden Age of British Photography, Victoria and Albert Museum London, Fox Talbot, Sylvia Margaret Cameron, Craig Annan, Hill & Adamson
  • 20 Jun William Crosbie Solo, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow (including Brian Kelly Solo, Corners Gallery Glasgow)
  • 21 Jun Henri Chopin, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 22 Jun Landscape in Mixed Media, Gladstone’s Land Gallery Edinburgh, Keith Dunkley, George McGavin, Jack Firth, Decorative Ceramics, Scottish Amicable Gallery Glasgow
  • 25 Jun Robert Fitcher Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 26 Jun (Feature) Venice Biennale
  • 27 Jun The Artist Delineated, Fine Art Society Edinburgh, John Ballantyne, Thomas Faed, Harry Woolford
  • 28 Jun Scottish Expressionism, Warwick Arts Trust London, Jun Redfern, Graham Durward
  • 20 Jun French Graphics, Images Gallery Glasgow
  • 2 Jul Past into Future, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, James Patterson, Sandy Moffat, Victoria Crowe
  • 3 Jul (Feature) Third Eye Centre Exhibitions, Felim Egan, Dennis Shields, John Carson
  • 4 Jul Ten Years Collecting, National Museum of Antiquities
  • 5 Jul New Generation Artists, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Dougie Thomson, Elizabeth McBride, Stephen Barclay
  • 6 Jul New French Painting, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Jul Dutch Church Painters, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
  • 10 Jul (Feature) Paisley Ceramics, Bernard Leech, Hans Coper
  • 11 Jul Etching The Glasgow Style, Glasgow Print Studio, John Mackenchie, Jonathan Robertson, Dawson Murray
  • 13 Jul Scottish Landscape, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh, Patrick Nasmyth, Hocus Pocus, Shepherd’s Pie Bistro Glasgow, Graham Bell, Elizabeth McLean, Karen Michel
  • 16 Jul Graduate Students, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Stephen Barclay, Lesley Cullon, Callum Innes, Fiona Dean
  • 17 Jul Douglas Thompson Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Gwen Hardie, Studio Gallery Main Fine Art Glasgow
  • 23 Jul Gavin Scobie Solo, Talbot Rice Gallery Glasgow
  • 24 Jul (Feature) Liverpool Garden Festival sculpture, Bradford Print Biennale
  • 25 Jul Early Views of England and Wales, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 30 Jul Denis Peploe Solo, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Jane Soeder Solo, Shore Gallery Leith, (Feature) Scottish National Portrait Sale, Richard Dadd, Sir Alex Morrison
  • 31 Jul (Feature) Castle Toward
  • 1 Aug Daniel Ranalli Solo, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 2 Aug Peacock Printmakers, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Beth Fisher, John Houston, Elizabeth Blackadder
  • 3 Aug Henri Matisse Solo, City Arts Centre Edinburgh
  • 6 Aug Tom McKenzie Solo, Glasgow Print Studios, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Linda Taylor, David Linley, Ian Macpherson
  • 7 Aug Space Complex, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Tony Robin, Simon Reed, Hannah Collins
  • 8 Aug Clay on Walls, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Tessa Jackson, (News Desk Feature) Turner Acquisition for Edinburgh
  • 9 Aug (Feature) The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago
  • 10 Aug John Bellany Solo, Mercury Gallery Glasgow, The New Waves, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Alan Watson, Adrian Wiszniewski
  • 11 Aug (Feature) Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh Festival Opening
  • 13 Aug Anton Krajnc & Brenda Lenagan, Calton Gallery Edinburgh
  • 14 Aug Demarcation Exhibition and Conference, Edinburgh College of Art, Richard Demarco, Howard Hodgkin, Susan Hiller, Yoko Terancho, Paul Negai
  • 17 Aug Jean Michel Basquiat & John Cage, Fruitmarket Gallery Glasgow
  • 23 Aug Alfred Steiglitz Solo, Stills Gallery Glasgow, Sir John Lavery, Fine Art Society Edinburgh, George Donald & Henry Moore, Edinburgh Printmakers
  • 27 Aug Andrea Palladio Architecture, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • 28 Aug Chinese Watercolours, University of Edinburgh, Collective Gallery Edinburgh, opening
  • 31 Aug Fionna Carlisle, Traverse gallery Edinburgh, William Baillie Solo, Haddington House
  • 5 Sep (Feature) WASPS New Building Patriothall Edinburgh, (Feature) Yulla Lipticz Solo, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 11 Sep Kes Mosaics Gallery Edinburgh, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh, Tom Shanks, David Martin, Templeton Carpets, Torquil Anderson, Tom Allan, John Sanders
  • 14 Sep (Feature) Scottish Young Contemporaries, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Heather Walker, Alexander Fraser, Alistair Magee, Lesley Raeside, Richard Wright, Andrew Walker, Fiona MacInnes, Josef Herman Solo, Cybil Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Graham Munro Solo, Douglas Fraser Antiques Glasgow, Anthony Armstrong Solo, Scottish Amicable Glasgow
  • 21 Sep (Feature) Anthony Green, Dundee Art Gallery, Dundee Printmakers, Elizabeth Shepherd, Andrew Hanbleton, Jill Patterson, Jill Downie, Eight Swedish artists, Edinburgh Printmakers, Barbara Robertson, Glasgow Print Studio, Ikiki Gallery Glasgow, Jack Miller, Elspeth Lamb
  • 24 Sep Joan Eardley Solo, Crawford Arts Centre St Andrews
  • 28 Sep (Feature) Glasgow Society of Women Artists, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie, Sheila MacMillan, Anne Mackintosh, Margot Gardiner, Moira Whitfield (including galleries briefing for; Crawford Arts Centre St Andrews, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Corners Gallery Glasgow, The Gallery Moffat, Tom McKendrick, Peter Warren, Graham Dallachie, Glasgow Art Centre, Studio Main Fine Art Gallery Glasgow, David Bachelor, June McMillan, Stansmore Dean Stevenson)
  • 2 Oct Museums Council Conference Report
  • 5 Oct (Feature) Royal Glasgow Institute, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, David Donaldson, Robin Philipson, Dougie Thomson, Helen Wilson (including galleries briefing for; Castle Toward, Aberdeen Artspace, Crawford Arts Centre St Andrews, Joyce Cairns), Artspace (Cut) + St Andrews, Ceramics from 3
  • 8 Oct Kate Whiteford Solo, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 12 Oct (Feature) Anthony Green Solo, Glasgow Art Centre (including gallery briefings for; plus Glasgow Print Studios, Glasgow School of Art, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Lennox Paterson, Norman Wilkinson, Winston Link), Scotland’s Story
  • 19 Oct Richard Deacon Solo, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (including gallery briefing; City Art Centre, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Thomas Duncan, Nancy Hemingway)
  • 24 Oct Serpentine Gallery London, Graeme Murray Fine Art Gallery Edinburgh, Scottish Society of Artists *90th Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • 26 Oct (Feature) Contemporary Scottish Drawings, Fine Art Society Glasgow (including galleries briefings; Edinburgh College of Art, Traverse Gallery Edinburgh, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Stephen Lawson Demarco, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Linda, Colin Ruscoe)
  • 31 Oct AIR Gallery London, Adrian Wiszniewski, June Redfern
  • 2 Nov (Feature) ‘When Attitudes Became Form, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (including gallery briefings; Collective Gallery Edinburgh, Transmission Gallery Glasgow, Art Curial Gallery Paris, The Glasgow School of Art, Angela Flowers London, Richard Behrens; Colin Cina, Carol Rhodes, Alastair Strachen, Richard Wright)
  • 6 Nov (Feature) Introducing the Turner Prize, Tate Gallery London
  • 9 Nov Jacki Parry Solo, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • About Face, Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh (including galleries briefings; City Art Centre, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow, Kathryn Kynoch, Open Eye Edinburgh, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh)
  • 13 Nov Durer in Dublin, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow, Albert Durer
  • 16 Nov (Feature) Aberdeen Peacock Printmakers *10th Birthday (including gallery briefings; Mercury Gallery London, John Houston
  • 23 Nov (Feature) Scottish Society of Watercolour Painters, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh (including galleries briefings; Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Aberdeen Art Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, Molly Bullick, Robert Sinclair Thomson memorial
  • 26 Nov Pradip Malde Solo, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • 27 Nov Antonie Watteau, Grande Palais Paris
  • 30 Nov (Feature) Geometry of Rage, Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Denis Masi, Deanna Pethebridge, Michael Sandle (including galleries briefings; Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, John Piper)
  • 7 Dec Francesco Clemente, Fruitmarket Edinburgh (including galleries briefing; Cybil Gerber Fine Art, Compass Gallery, Charles McCall, Arthur Anderson, New Glasgow Society)
  • 11 Dec Glasgow Print Studio, Members Exhibition, Kathleen Lindsey, Varsha Ancha
  • 12 Dec ‘Decisions’ MA Degree Show, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 14 Dec Local Heroes Fine, Art Society Glasgow, Helen Wilson, George Devlin, Barclay Lennie Fine Art Glasgow, James Fullerton (including galleries briefings; Calton Gallery Edinburgh, Corners Gallery Glasgow, Main Fine Art Glasgow, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh, Anthony Armstrong, John Mathison, Chris Serle, Tony Armstrong) Inn on the Green
  • 21 Dec Western Approaches, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie, Somerville Shanks, James Simpson, Group 8*1, McLellan Galleries, JR Hargan, George Epsworth (including galleries briefings); Main Fine Art Glasgow, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Saltoun pottery, Nancy Smillie, Gian Carlo Venuto, Moray Miller
  • 28 Dec (Feature) Funding increase Scottish Museums Council, provision of Exhibitions for Children, Haggs Castle, Canongate Tolbooth Edinburgh (including galleries briefings); Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Burrell Collection Glasgow, Serpentine Gallery London, Graeme Murray Fine Art Edinburgh, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 31 Dec (Feature) Henry Oscars for Art 1984

Articles written in this year which are not present in the archive:

  • 4 Jan Glasgow Museums new acquisitions
  • 30 Jan Robert Adam, Hunterian Gallery, Glasgow
  • 23 Mar Graham Dallachie, Compass Gallery, David Atack, Netherbow
  • 26 Mar Douglas Swan, French Institute, Demarco & Moira Maitland, Open Eye Gallery
  • 27 Mar Elizabeth Ogilvie, Talbot Rice
  • 28 Mar The Orientalists, RA London
  • 29 Mar Cadburys children competition, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 2 May Three artists, Dominic Snyder, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 5 Jun (feature) Richard Demarco and the Ed Festival
  • 27 Jul Glasgow style, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
  • 16 Aug Paolozzi, RSA Edinburgh
  • 25 Sep (Feature) SSA, RSA Scottish Society of Artists
  • 4 Oct Liberty Four Rooms, Aberdeen Art Gallery
  • 20 Oct Stubbs, Tate Gallery, London

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Clare Henry FRSA was art critic for The Herald from 1980-2000. For 20 years she covered the Scottish and UK art scene in depth, writing roughly 200 articles a year. With a particular emphasis on Scottish artists, her writing provides profiles, interviews and art news pieces along with critical reviews. Graduating in 1964 with BA Hons Fine Art from The University of Reading she became a Researcher at the Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art (1968-1970) before taking the position of art reviewer for West End Times (1976-1980). She was also art critic for The Herald (1980-2000) and arts presenter at Scottish TV (1984-1987). She wrote regular features for The Art Newspaper (1986-2003) and contributed to The Guardian, Marxism Today, 20/20 London, Ikebana Ryusei Japan and The Scotsman. She curated exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s including 'New Scottish Prints' for Britain Salutes New York, in NYC; London's 'Serpentine Summer Show', 1985; 'Artists at Work', Edinburgh Festival, 1986; 'The Vigorous Imagination' at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for the Edinburgh Festival, 1987; Critic's Choice London, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992; Scots in Los Angeles, 1989; Scotland at the Venice Biennale, 1990, Critic's Choice for the RSA Edinburgh, 1994, New Millennium, Chicago and Washington DC, 1999. She is a founding member of the Council of Management and a former chairman of both The Glasgow Print Studio and Salvo (the Scottish arts lobbying organisation). She served on the Scottish Design Council in the 1980s and on the working party for contemporary art of the National Trust. She was also on the board of Stirling's Smith Art Gallery and Museum and a trustee of the Scottish Sculpture Trust, 1984-1990. She is also a former member of the British Council Visiting Arts panel, the National Union of Journalists, the Arts Correspondents Group London, Blackburn Printmaking Workshop NYC, and is a current member of the International Association of Art Critics, (AICA UK) and the American Association of Art Critics. In 2000 she moved to New York where she was art critic for the Financial Times and The New York Sun until 2008. She now writes for various magazines in the UK and the USA and keeps a regular blog.

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