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Articles written for The Glasgow Herald unless otherwise stated.

Hand written draft copies of around 190 articles of minimum 250 word length, by Clare Henry for The Glasgow Herald from March 1982 to June 1982, relating to visual art exhibitions in Glasgow and Edinburgh and Scottish regions including Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

A number of these reviews are for exhibitions at former galleries: New 57 Gallery, 369 Gallery, McLellan Galleries and includes review of the inaugural exhibition at Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, and organisations: Fine Art Society and Glasgow Group. The reviews cover galleries: The Third Eye Centre, Compass Gallery, Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Rozelle House, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Talbot Rice and Stills Gallery, Kelvingrove, National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Museum and Huntarian Gallery Glasgow. The exhibitions covered are solo shows, group exhibitions and annual exhibitions predominantly of visual art, painting and sculpture by artists and students including Edinburgh college of Art and Glasgow School of Art degree shows. Some articles focus on new art forms such as video, photography and performance art, craft such as Polish tapestries and other international artists from Canada and America.

This file also includes longer feature and perspective articles on: the new building for the National Galleries of Scotland, The Bath Contemporary Art Festival, George Rickey and a book review on Henri Matisse and Edward Burne Jones. In addition to these journalistic features there is a piece on The Portrait Gallery for National Galleries Annual Report. Also included is research, notes and data for Scottish Funding for Museums between 1979-1982 and Festival 82 acquisition and policies for television interview with Tim Mason.

  • 3 Jan Mixed Show, Hillhead Underground Gallery
  • 5 Jan New Acquisitions, James McBey, Glasgow University Library
  • 10 Jan Philip Reeves, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 12 Jan Michael Ayrton, Collins Exhibition Hall Glasgow
  • 17 Jan Mayakovsky, Fruit Market Gallery Edinburgh
  • 17 Jan Hibernian Inscape, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 18 Jan Penelope Beaton, The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 21 Jan Philip Duthie, 369 Edinburgh
  • 22 Jan Four Irish Performance Artists, Danny McCarthy, John Aiken, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 24 Jan Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour annual exhbition, Royal Scottish Acadamy Edinburgh
  • 24 Jan Stanley William Hayter, Printmaking Workshop Edinburgh
  • 25 Jan New Wave Artists
  • 26 Jan James Hardie, The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 29 Jan Alastair MacLennon, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 1 Feb John McCallum, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 2 Feb Giacometti's Paris, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 5 Feb Jane Bown, Collins Exhibition Hall Glasgow
  • 6 Feb John Walker, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 8 Feb James McIntosh Patrick, Fine Art Society Edinburgh
  • 8 Feb Paysanneries, Paisley Art Gallery
  • 9 Feb David Allan, National Gallery of Scotland
  • 15 Feb Patricia Leighton, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 16 Feb Modern Scottish Painting, Glasgow Art Gallery Kelvingrove
  • 18 Feb Douglas Gray, John Kirkwood, Robert Hamilton, Glasgow Print Studio
  • 22 Feb Manet to Toulouse-Lautrec, Glasgow Art Gallery Kelvingrove
  • 22 Feb (Book Review) The Faeds by Mary McKerrow, published by Cannongate Books
  • 23 Feb Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Pamela Reekie, Hunterian Glasgow
  • 23 Feb Alex Leckie, St Enoch Centre Glasgow
  • 24 Feb The Paisley Boteh, Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 25 Feb Architects as Artists, Scottish Amicable
  • Feb Bill Rennie, Graeme Sawnson, Hendersons Gallery Edinburgh
  • Feb Stephen Elliot, Hugh Buchanan, Hendersons Gallery Edinburgh, Bourdon Building Glasgow School of Art
  • 2 Mar Scottish Public Gallery Acquisitions
  • 2 Mar Fred Bushe, Talbot Rice Centre Edinburgh
  • 7 Mar Student Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy
  • 9 Mar Vuillard, Ewan Mundy Fine Art Glasgow
  • 12 Mar Adrian McCurdy, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 14 Mar Art into the 80s, Fruit Market Gallery Edinburgh
  • 15 Mar Douglas Simpson, Kes Mosaics Edinburgh
  • 17 Mar Jonathan Gibbs, 369 Gallery Edinburgh, Kathryn Kynoch, JD Kelly Gallery Glasgow
  • 24 Mar Eric Marwick, Glasgow Print Studios, Eric Marwick
  • 25 Mar Michael Sandle, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh, Michael Sandle
  • 26 Mar The Yarringtons, New Solen Gallery, Edinburgh, Donald Yarrington, Vivienne Yarrington
  • Mar Pictures of Ourselves, The Travelling Gallery, Strathclyde
  • Mar Cadbury's Children's Art Show, Paisley Art Gallery
  • Mar Cleaveland 5th International Drawing Biennale, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • Mar Joan Eardley, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie
  • Mar Anthony Caro, Hunterian Glasgow
  • Mar (feature) The Visual Art and the Edinburgh Festival
  • 1 Apr John Gardiner Crawford, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 2 Apr Mary Armour, Fine Art Society
  • 5 Apr Edinburgh Printmakers, Picasso prints
  • Apr Alberto Morrocco, English Speaking Union Gallery Edinburgh
  • Apr Scottish Crafts and Glasgow Embroidery, Collins Exhibition Hall Glasgow, Tim Stead, Nicola Fletcher, David Kaplan, Annica Sanstrom, Graham Crimmins
  • 7 Apr Gillian Ayres, The Third Eye Centre
  • 9 Apr Weegee New York Photographs, The Third Eye Centre
  • 12 Apr Marcel Duchamp’s Box, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 13 Apr The Subjective Eye, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Edward Lucie-Smith, Moira Kelly, Alan David, John Bellany
  • 13 Apr (Feature) John Watson’s New building for Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 14 Apr Andrew Williams, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 15 Apr Three Artists, The Abacus Gallery Edinburgh, Jean Fleming, Elaine Dick, John McKenzie
  • 16 Apr Henry Moore, Rozelle House Ayr
  • 19 Apr Scottish Amicable, Panache Gallery, Jean Gardner, Shelia McMillan, Josephine Graham
  • 20 Apr Ronald Rae, Rozelle House Ayr
  • 21 Apr Galloway Artists, Various sites in Galloway, Bridget Drakeford, Annie Parker Smith, Joan Gray, Anna Hotchkiss
  • Apr 156th Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • 22 Apr American Photographs, Stills Gallery Edinburgh, Helen Nestor, Arthur Tress, Robert Haids, Dennis Kievet
  • Apr Mary Armour, Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • Apr Picasso Prints, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 25 Apr (Annual Report) The Portrait Gallery, for National Galleries Annual Report
  • Apr Max Beckham, National Gallery Edinburgh, Max Beckham
  • 26 Apr Neil Macdonald, Glasgow School of Art
  • 29 Apr Henderson Gallery and Traverse Theatre Club Edinburgh, Anne Redpath, Marilyn Tabarznik, June Redfern, Fiona Robertson
  • Apr The Current Art Scene in America and Scotland
  • 30 Apr Tina Keane Video, The Third Eye Centre
  • May (Book review) Monet by Paul Hayes Tucker, Burne Jones Talking by Thomas Rooke
  • 4 May Australian Jewellery, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • May Women Live, New Solen Gallery Edinburgh
  • 6 May Brenda Lenaghan, English Speaker Union Edinburgh, Brenda Lenaghan
  • 7 May Mackintosh Furniture, The Glasgow School of Art, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • May Polish Modern Tapestry, Fruit Market Gallery Edinburgh
  • 13 May Canadian Prints, Glasgow Print Studios, Carl Heywood, Eugene Ouchi, Richard Turner
  • 14 May Spring Exhibition, Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • 18 May John Hoyland, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 18 May William Gear, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
  • May Four Artists, Abacus Gallery Edinburgh, David Martin, James McNuety, David Pactor, William Landles
  • 19 May Paisley Art Institute, Paisley Art Gallery, Margaret McGavin, Cynthia Wall, Josephine Graham, Stephen Boshell
  • 20 May Four Scottish Artists, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Victoria Crowe, Douglas Davies, Perpetua Pope, Ninian Buchan Hepburn
  • 21 May Five Artists from Aberdeen, The Third Eye Centre Glasgow, Lennox Dunbar, Beth Fisher, Frances Pelly
  • 25 May Thank You Very Much, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 26 May Gregor Smith, Shore Gallery Edinburgh, Robert Shaw, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 27 May Matisse’s Jazz, National Gallery Edinburgh, Henri Matisse
  • 28 May Prints from Blake to Picasso, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 29 May (Interview Feature) Steel on the Clyde, George Rickey
  • 1 Jun (Feature) Bath Festival Contemporary Art Fair
  • 2 Jun On the waterfront, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh, Samuel Bough
  • 3 Jun Margot Lovejoy, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 7 Jun Kinetic Sculpture on Clydeside, St Enochs Gallery, George Rickey
  • 8 Jun Glasgow Group Jubilee, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Anda Paterson, Philip Reeves, Jack Knox, Dennis Buchan, George Wyllie
  • 9 Jun Ronald Rae, Dough Cocker, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 10 Jun Big Prints, Fruit Market Gallery Edinburgh, Victor Pasmore, David Hockney
  • 13 Jun Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
  • 15 Jun Mark Gertler, Glasgow Print Studio
  • 16 Jun Edinburgh College of Art Design Degree Show, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 16 Jun Five Artists, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Colin Walker, Francis Houston
  • 17 Jun Design Centre Awards 1982, Design Centre Glasgow
  • 22 Jun Jewish Art in Britain, Fine Art Society Glasgow, Roger Fry, Alfred Aaron Wolmark
  • 23 Jun Aroldo Bonzargini, Talbot Rice
  • 24 Jun Peter Pretzel, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh
  • 24 Jun Norma Farquhar & Marie Cockroft, Kelly Gallery Glasgow
  • 25 Jun Object to Object, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow, Isobel Johnstone, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff
  • 28 Jun William Wilson, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 29 Jun Festival of India, The Third Eye Centre, Vithal das Sharma
  • 30 Jun New members show, Scottish Craft Centre Edinburgh, Bridget Drakeford, Carol Sheddon, Elaine Dick
  • 1 Jul Vincent Butler, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 5 Jul Huntley & Metcalfe, Henderson’s Gallery Edinburgh, Eric Huntley, Yolande Metcalfe
  • 6 Jul Hugh McDiarmid Memorial, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
  • 6 Jul (Feature) Scotch Myths The Film, Sam Fuller
  • 7 Jul Chick Chalmers, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • 8 Jul Phil May, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 9 Jul David Evans, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 13 Jul Marion McIntosh, New Solen Gallery Edinburgh
  • 14 Jul New Generation Artists, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Stephen Campbell, Ken Peat
  • 14 Jul Glasgow Group and *56 Group Wales, City Art Centre Edinburgh, Mary Lloyd Jones, Christopher Shurroch, Tom Gillespy, Erica Paborn, Anthony Davies
  • 19 Jul The Painted Lady, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh, John William Godward, James Paterson
  • 20 Jul J D Fergusson, Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • 27 Jul (Feature interview) Robin Banks
  • Jul Contemporary Art, Glasgow Art Gallery, Neil Dallas Brown, Barbara Rae, John Mooney
  • 2 Aug Contemporary British Ceramics, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Henry Rothschild
  • 3 Aug A Day Down the Goldmine, The Third Eye Centre, George Wyllie
  • 3 Aug Alfred Fuchs, Henderson’s Gallery Edinburgh, Alfred Fuchs
  • 3 Aug Three Artists, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh, Marjorie Cameron, Susan Carter, Christopher Carter
  • 3 Aug Basis & Baer, Glasgow Print Studio, Mati Basis, Peter Baer
  • Aug Red Nudes, The Third Eye Centre, Joan Key
  • Aug (News Feature) New 1.3 million Saenredam acquisition for National Gallery Edinburgh
  • 10 Aug (Feature) RIBA Architectural awards, Gerard Connelly, Douglas Niven
  • 9 Aug Three Edinburgh Exhibitions, Traverse Theatre, Saltire Society, New Solen, Frank Docherty, Anne Millin, Marie Abel, Joanne Howarth, Anne Jackson, Bridget Drakeford
  • Aug Degas Sculpture, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow, Edgar Degas
  • Aug Architectural Photography German and Glasgow, Peoples Palace Glasgow
  • Aug Angles, Unicorns & Nobles, National Museum of Scotland
  • Aug Reindhart Behrens , Henderson’s Gallery Edinburgh
  • Aug On tour in Europe, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, George Donald, Alfons Bytautas, Molly Bullick, Gill Tyson
  • Aug (Feature) Joan Miro, The Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • Aug Expressive Images, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh, Stephen Campbell, Scott Kilgour, Andrew Walters, Mario Rossi
  • 28 Aug The MacChiaioli, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 29 Aug David Donaldson, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 30 Aug Lookalike, National Gallery of Scotland
  • Aug Mainly for Pleasure, National Gallery Edinburgh
  • 31 Aug Edinburgh Festival Preview
  • Aug John Michael Wright, National Portrait Gallery, John Michael Wright
  • Aug British Watercolours, Royal Scottish Academy
  • Aug Festival Round Up and Fringe Art Roundup, including Herald Advance Daily Schedule
  • Aug Hebrideian Light, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh, Guy Wylie
  • Aug Scottish Art Now, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, John Kirkwood, Michael Docherty, Jack Knox, Derek Roberts
  • Aug Giovanni Battista Piranesi, City Arts Centre Edinburgh
  • Aug Man Ray, Royal Scottish Academy
  • Aug Circles of the World, Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh
  • 7 Sep Unemployment Exhibition, The Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 8 Sep Park School Murals, Glasgow Print Studio, Fine Art Society, Scottish Lady Artists
  • 13 Sep The Italian Connection, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 14 Sep Martin Rayner, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 16 Sep A.D Peppercorn, Carlton Gallery Edinburgh
  • 20 Sep Margaret Thomas, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 Sep Turin Artists Today , St Enochs Centre Glasgow, Sergio Saroni, Michelangelo Pistoletto
  • 27 Sep Italian Maiolica and Glass, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 28 Sep Ronald Rae and The Ritchie Collection, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
  • Sep (Feature) Cesar’s squashed car at the Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Baldaccini Cesar
  • 29 Sep The Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • 30 Sep IT82, Design Centre Glasgow
  • 1 Oct Wilhelmina Barns Graham, Crawford Centre St Andrews
  • 2 Oct Philip Guston, Whitechapel Art Gallery London
  • 4 Oct (Feature) Pollok House Art Society
  • 6 Oct Five Artists, English Speaking Union Edinburgh, Baajie Pickard
  • 7 Oct British Drawings, Fruit Market Gallery Edinburgh, Eileen Lawrence, Maurice Cockrill, Elizabeth Fink, June Redfern, Peter Seddon, Alistair Strachan, Barry Flanagan, Neil Dallas Brown, Kirkaldy Art Gallery
  • 8 Oct Carol Carra Graphics, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 11 Oct Alan Duff, Scottish Amicable Glasgow
  • 12 Oct Tom McKendrick, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • 13 Oct Samuel Palmer, National Gallery of Scotland
  • 14 Oct Arthur Byrne, The Third Eye Centre
  • 15 Oct Jan Rennie, Richard DeMarco Gallery Edinburgh
  • 15 Oct Keith McInyre, Shore Galleries Edinburgh
  • 18 Oct Opening Exhibition, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
  • 19 Oct (Feature) Zeitgeist, Berlin, Bruce Mclean, Christopher LeBrun, Barry Flanagan
  • 20 Oct James Fullarton, Lillie Gallery Milngavie
  • 21 Oct Ivan Eyre, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
  • 22 Oct Derek Clarke, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 25 Oct Margaret Mellis, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 27 Oct Jean Tinguely, Tate Gallery London
  • 28 Oct Trio, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Charles Oakley, Victoria Oakley, Rod Bugg
  • 28 Oct Tom Allen, Scottish Amicable
  • 1 Nov Contemporary German Prints, Glasgow Print Studio
  • 2 Nov Prophesy & Vision, The Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 3 Nov Helen Wilson & David Toner, Corners Glasgow
  • 4 Nov James Fairgrieve, Mercury Gallery London
  • 5 Nov Harry More Gordon, The Stirling Gallery Stirling
  • 8 Nov William Baillie, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Nov George Devlin, Lillie Gallery Milngavie
  • 10 Nov Dougie Thomson, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 10 Nov Alan Watson, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 12 Nov Three Canadian sculptors, Collins Gallery Glasgow
  • 16 Nov Dunkley & Hird, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh, Keith Dunkley, Ian Hird
  • 17 Nov Ainslie Yule, Richard DeMarco Gallery Edinburgh
  • 17 Nov Rock photos, The Third Eye Centre, Peter Stanway
  • 18 Nov Castle Toward Exhibition, Bellahouston Palace of Art Glasgow
  • Nov (Book Review) Children’s Books
  • 19 Nov Mackintosh Textiles and Watercolours, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Nov Through the Eye of The Needle and Lakeland Crafts, City Art Centre Edinburgh
  • 23 Nov Scottish Society of Women Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, Sylvia Von Martmann, Barbara Robertson, Lys Hansen, Marion McIntosh, Anne Shortreed
  • 23 Nov (Feature) Object and Figures, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 25 Nov Turner in Scotland, Aberdeen Art Gallery, JMW Turner
  • 26 Nov Thomas Cooper, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 29 Nov Inaugural Exhibition, Art Framers Glasgow, Bill Wright, Tom MacDonald
  • 30 Nov New Spanish Figuration, The Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • Dec Three Edinburgh Exhibitions, Shore Gallery, Traverse Theatre Gallery, Tartar Gallery, Bill Wright, Cherif Defraoui, Sylvie Defraoui, David Cook
  • 1 Dec Sue Coe, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 1 Dec John McLean, Talbot Rice Edinburgh
  • 2 Dec Works in Progress, Aberdeen Peacock Workshop, Elizabeth Blackadder, Willie Rodger, John Houston
  • 3 Dec Blackness Public Arts Programme, Duncan of Jordanstone College Dundee
  • 7 Dec French photos and Dominic McIver and Landscape a French Way, Glasgow Washington Street Arts Centre, Dominic McIver
  • 8 Dec Randolph Schwabe, Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • Dec Cadbury’s Children’s Art 82, Glasgow Kelvingrove Art Gallery
  • 9 Dec Bill McNamara & David Swift, The Third Eye Centre
  • Dec Peter Wilson, The Third Eye Centre Glasgow
  • 10 Dec Christmas Bonanza, Dundee Printmakers Workshop
  • 14 Dec Design Postgraduate Exhibition, Glasgow School of Art
  • 15 Dec Members Christmas Exhibition, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 16 Dec Dundee Group Christmas Show, Forebank Gallery Dundee
  • 17 Dec Kirsty McFarlane, Paisley Art Gallery
  • 21 Dec Patrick Cauldfield, Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh, New 57 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 22 Dec James Howie, Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 Dec Small Pictures Exhibitions, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Abacus Gallery Edinburgh, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 Dec Christmas Exhibition, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Mercury Gallery Edinburgh
  • 24 Dec Christmas Exhibition, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 24 Dec J.D. Ferguson, Ewan Mundy Gallery Glasgow
  • Dec Brian Mceoch, 369 Gallery Edinburgh
  • 28 Dec (Feature) Glasgow Print Studio
  • 28 Dec Robert Burns Books, Bourne Fine Art Edinburgh
  • 30 Dec Early views of Scotland, Kelvingrove Gallery Glasgow
  • 31 Dec (Feature) The Year in Arts in 1982
  • No date. Mitra Tabrizian, Stills Gallery Edinburgh
  • No date. GSA Design 82, The Glasgow School of Art
  • No date. Ed Iglehart, Scottish Craft Centre
  • No date. Robert and Andrea Hellyar, The Glasgow School of Art
  • No date. (Book Review) Thurner and George the Fourth in Edinburgh by Gerald Finley
  • No date. Women of 1982, Margaret Harrison
  • No date. Fine Art Society Glasgow
  • No date. Contemporary British Tapestry, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

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Clare Henry FRSA was art critic for The Herald from 1980-2000. For 20 years she covered the Scottish and UK art scene in depth, writing roughly 200 articles a year. With a particular emphasis on Scottish artists, her writing provides profiles, interviews and art news pieces along with critical reviews. Graduating in 1964 with BA Hons Fine Art from The University of Reading she became a Researcher at the Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art (1968-1970) before taking the position of art reviewer for West End Times (1976-1980). She was also art critic for The Herald (1980-2000) and arts presenter at Scottish TV (1984-1987). She wrote regular features for The Art Newspaper (1986-2003) and contributed to The Guardian, Marxism Today, 20/20 London, Ikebana Ryusei Japan and The Scotsman. She curated exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s including 'New Scottish Prints' for Britain Salutes New York, in NYC; London's 'Serpentine Summer Show', 1985; 'Artists at Work', Edinburgh Festival, 1986; 'The Vigorous Imagination' at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for the Edinburgh Festival, 1987; Critic's Choice London, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992; Scots in Los Angeles, 1989; Scotland at the Venice Biennale, 1990, Critic's Choice for the RSA Edinburgh, 1994, New Millennium, Chicago and Washington DC, 1999. She is a founding member of the Council of Management and a former chairman of both The Glasgow Print Studio and Salvo (the Scottish arts lobbying organisation). She served on the Scottish Design Council in the 1980s and on the working party for contemporary art of the National Trust. She was also on the board of Stirling's Smith Art Gallery and Museum and a trustee of the Scottish Sculpture Trust, 1984-1990. She is also a former member of the British Council Visiting Arts panel, the National Union of Journalists, the Arts Correspondents Group London, Blackburn Printmaking Workshop NYC, and is a current member of the International Association of Art Critics, (AICA UK) and the American Association of Art Critics. In 2000 she moved to New York where she was art critic for the Financial Times and The New York Sun until 2008. She now writes for various magazines in the UK and the USA and keeps a regular blog.

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