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Articles written for Glasgow Herald unless otherwise stated.

Hand written and typed draft copies of around 275 articles of 500-1500 word length, by Clare Henry for The Glasgow Herald January-December 1995, with Monday weekly articles and a weekend feature art guide feature, including a continuing series ‘My First Picture’ and ‘Collectors’ and a new ‘Studio’ feature and several book reviews. Articles also written for Art Newspaper and Galleries Magazine covering visual art exhibitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kirkcudbright, Aberdeen, Stirling, Aberfoyle and Castlemilk.

A number of the Scottish reviews are for exhibitions at former galleries: Main Fine Arts, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow. The reviews also cover galleries; Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Talbot Rice, Billcliffe Fine Art, Nancy Smillie Gallery, Streetlevel Glasgow, Compass Gallery, McLellan Galleries, Tramway, Kelvingrove (also known as Glasgow Art Gallery), Burrell Collection Glasgow, National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Royal Scottish Academy and artist led galleries Collective Edinburgh and Transmission.

During this period Henry gives more context and opinion on: Jock McFadyen purchase by Glasgow Museum of Modern Art under Julian Spalding, Winner of Lord Provost prize is Jenny Saville and Jacqueline Donachie is Young Artist Winner of American Fulbright Award, Visual Arts Forum and Glasgow´s £100,000 Visual Art Fund, Tramway Glasgow, Concert Hall Glasgow Murals by Steven Campbell, Peter Howson, Ken Currie and Adrian Wiszniewski, Peter Howson’s designs for Don Giovanni by Scottish Opera, Glasgow Festival of Visual Arts 1996 launch and Deyan Sudjic appointed director of Glasgow 1999 year of design.

The exhibitions covered are solo shows by Callum Innes, Douglas Gordon, Janine Antoni, Jack Vettriano, Stuart Duffin and Marina Abramovic. Group shows reviews include Decade, Street Level Glasgow, In Stereo, Transmission Gallery Glasgow and Persistence of Painting, CCA Glasgow. Mayfest and Edinburgh Festival are also covered in detail as well as Celtic Connections and Fotofeis. Degree shows at Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee are covered. Catalogue essay for Bet Low and other paper work includes notes on pictures used and correspondence to Keith Bruce, Jackie McGlone and Ron Anderson at The Herald.

  • 7 Jan Jock McFadyen purchase, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, Julian Spalding
  • 9 Jan Celtic Connections, Royal Concert Hall Glasgow
  • 9 Jan (for Bigwig) Steven Campbell
  • 14 Jan (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Donald & Jeanne Kahn
  • 16 Jan Callum Innes, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 23 Jan Douglas Gordon, Lisson Gallery London, Stephen Skrynka, Intermedia Gallery Glasgow
  • 26 Jan A New Perspective, NS Gallery
  • 26 Jan Message from Bosnia, Ian McColl, Pete Howson, Dick Institute Kilmarnock
  • 28 Jan (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) The Kasen Summers
  • 30 Jan Fiona Dean, East Kilbride Arts Centre
  • 1 Feb (for the Art Newspaper) Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Museum Row, Dean Centre Edinburgh
  • 1 Feb Marquis of Bute John Bute Memorial book
  • 4 Feb (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Summers Collection at McLellan, Celtic Connections, Dundee Pete Howson, Dick Institute Kilmarnock, Pete Chang, London
  • 6 Feb Paisley Drawing Biennial, Paisley Museum
  • 11 Feb (Herald My First Picture/Collecting series) Elizabeth & Ian Mason
  • 11 Feb Mackintosh Tearoom Furniture
  • 13 Feb Momentary Visions, Street Level Glasgow, Robert Maclaurin Durham, Glasgow Print Studios, Making Out, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
  • 14 Feb Glasgow Society of Women Artists, Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie
  • 18 Feb (Herald Weekender Art Guide) New York New York, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 20 Feb Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell, Ewan Mundy Gallery Glasgow
  • 20 Feb Stephen Willats, Tramway, Charles Esche
  • 21 Feb Janet Henderson, Central Station Glasgow
  • 25 Feb (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Janet Henderson, Central Station Glasgow
  • 27 Feb Paragon Press and Booth-Clibborn, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 4 Mar (Herald Weekender Art Guide) EA Hornel, Christies Glasgow
  • 6 Mar RSA Student Exhibition, RSA Edinburgh
  • Mar (for Catalogue) Lesley Banks, Beaux Arts London
  • Mar Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibition, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
  • 11 Mar (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Lord Provost Prize
  • 13 Mar After the Colourists, MacRobert Arts Centre Stirling
  • 14 Mar Lord Provost's £12,000 Prize, Jenny Saville, Ken Currie, John Byrne, Norman Adams
  • 16 Mar (for Galleries Magazine) William Crozier, Bruton Gallery
  • 16 Mar Scots at the Venice Biennale, Douglas Gordon, Matthew Dalziel, Louise Scullion
  • 16 Mar Winner of Lord Provost prize, Jenny Saville
  • 17 Mar Elizabeth Cope, Irish war artist
  • 18 Mar (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Pictures for Spring, William Hardie Gallery Glasgow, Salandini's Barbers Shop Gallery Glasgow, Carlo Rossi, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
  • 20 Mar Janine Antoni, CCA Glasgow
  • 25 Mar (for Catalogue) Bet Low, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
  • 25 Mar William Johnstone, Duncan Miller Fine Art Glasgow
  • 27 Mar Young at Heart, Kounellis, Penone, Plensa, Spitzer, Tramway Glasgow
  • Apr Book Review, Vasari: Art and History, by Patricia Lee Rubin, Yale University Press
  • 1 Apr (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Slip of the Tongue, CCA Glasgow, Roddy Buchanan, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 3 Apr Sylvia Von Hartmann, Joyce Cairns, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
  • 8 Apr (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow, Leslie Main Glasgow
  • 10 Apr Patrick Heron, Lillie Gallery, Milngavie
  • 10 Apr (for Art Newspaper) Burrell Collection Trustees Defend Terms of Sir William´s Will
  • 15 Apr (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Lesley Burr, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Spring Selection, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow
  • 17 Apr 2010 Textiles and New Technology, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
  • 22 Apr (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Triple Vision, Glasgow Print Studios, Flora of China, Botanics Edinburgh, Annual Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh
  • 24 Apr Royal Scottish Academy, Annual Exhibition
  • 30 Apr Roddy Buchanan, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 30 Apr (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Low, Mitchell & Cunningham, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow, John Taylor, Glasgow Print Studio, Peter Thomson, Compass Glasgow
  • 1 May Triple Vision, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 1 May (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Mayfest, Heather Nevay, Gerber Fine Art Glasgow, Peter Thompson, Compass Gallery Glasgow, New Rose Hotel, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
  • 8 May RIBA Convention, Glasgow
  • 8 May Art Machine, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
  • 8 May Jacqueline Donachie, Young Artist Winner of American Fulbright Award
  • 10 May Society of Scottish Artists, St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow
  • 10 May Steve Campbell profile
  • 13 May (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Mayfest, Trust, Tramway Glasgow, Art Machine, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Byars, Kane & Thompson, William Hardie Fine Art Glasgow, People’s Preview, Easterhouse
  • 15 May Mayfest, Trust, Tramway Glasgow
  • 17 May Books Review D.S. MacColl by Maureen Borland
  • 19 May Visual Arts Forum and Glasgow´s £100,000 Visual Art Fund
  • 20 May (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Miao costumes, The Glasgow School of Art, Tea Pot Show, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow, Sandy Murphy, Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow, David Hamilton, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 20 May Tim Clifford profile
  • 20 May Tea Pot Show, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow
  • 22 May William Crozier, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 24 May Tramway Glasgow Debate
  • 27 May Book Review, Barbara Hepworth A Life of Forms by Sally Festing
  • 27 May (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Designers Habitats, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Triple Vision, Glasgow Print Studios, Donald Macleod, Art Exposure, Glasgow
  • 29 May Paul Strand, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • 1 Jun Paisley Art Institute, Paisley Art Gallery
  • 3 Jun Masters Interim Show, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 3 Jun (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Crossroads, Glasgow Print Studios, Main Fine Art Gibson Street Glasgow, Local Artists, Hughson Gallery Glasgow, Paul Strand, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • 4 Jun Book Review, Dutch Flower Painting (1600-1720) by Paul Taylor
  • 5 Jun Doug Cocker, Perth Museum, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Jun I Can't Paint Miss, Scotland Street Museum Glasgow
  • 10 Jun (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Elspeth Roberts, Glasgow Print Studios, Donald MacLeod, Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow
  • 12 Jun The Glasgow School of Art 150th Year
  • 14 Jun Book Review, A Great Task of Happiness: The Life of Kathleen Scott by Louisa Young
  • 17 Jun (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Glasgow School of Art, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Shona Barr, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow, Photogenic, Street Level Glasgow
  • 19 Jun Aberdeen Gray´s School of Art Degree Show
  • 20 Jun The Glasgow School of Art Students, Degree Show Preview
  • 20 Jun Book Review, The Art of Gerard Sekoto by Barbara Lindop
  • 22 Jun George Rickey´s Gift to Glasgow
  • 23 Jun (Herald Weekender Art Guide) The Glasgow School of Art Students, Degree Show, Jean-Louis Forain, Burrell Glasgow, Crossroads, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 26 Jun The Glasgow School of Art, Degree Show
  • 27 Jun Duncan of Jordanstone Dundee, Degree Show
  • 30 Jun From London, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 31 Jun (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Do It, CCA Glasgow, Sporting Prints, Glasgow Print Studio, Rhonda Smith, Paisley Art Gallery, Taking Form, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh
  • 8 Jul (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Uisge Beatha, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Blythe Spirit, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow, From the Heart of Women, Centre for Women’s Health, Whistler, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 10 Jul Sporting Prints, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 17 Jul Ishbel Myerscough Wins National Portrait Gallery BP Award
  • 20 Jul Lottery Announced Funding for Dovecot Edinburgh
  • 20 Jul Taking Form, Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh
  • 22 Jul (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Doug Cocker, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen. A Picture of Edinburgh, City Arts Centre Edinburgh, Harry Benson, East Kilbride Arts Centre, New Generation, Compass Gallery Edinburgh, Michele David, The Lybster Gallery Caithness, Pam Carter, An Talla Darg Gallery
  • 23 Jul Francis Bacon, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
  • 24 Jul Decade, Street Level Glasgow, In Stereo, Transmission Gallery Glasgow
  • 26 Jul Dangers in NHMF Lottery Announcements
  • 27 Jul Do It, CCA Glasgow
  • 27 Jul Steven Campbell, Mural Unveiled at Glasgow Airport
  • 29 Jul Book Review, Whistler Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours by Margaret MacDonald
  • 31 Jul Light from the Dark Room, RSA Edinburgh
  • 3 Aug Marina Abramovic, Fruitmarket Edinburgh
  • 5 Aug (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Edinburgh Festival, Scottish National Galleries
  • 5 Aug (Herald Weekender Art Guide) The Four Seasons, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Ayr Sketch Club, Maclaurin Gallery, Raw Materials, Old Gala House, Light from the Dark Room, RSA Edinburgh
  • 5 Aug Top Six of Edinburgh Festival Art, Marina Abramovic, Fruitmarket Gallery, Jerwood Painting Prize, Royal Scottish Academy, Power and Gold, Royal Museum of Scotland, John Bellany, Talbot Rice, Barbara Rae, Scottish Gallery, Two Centuries of Danish Art and Craft, City Art Centre
  • 5 Aug New Edinburgh Festival Venues
  • 7 Aug The Glasgow School of Art, 75 years of Painting 1920-95
  • 9 Aug (for catalogue) Peter Howson, Don Giovanni series, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
  • 11 Aug Glasgow Print Studio, Edinburgh Festival, Chris Le Brun, Glasgow Print Studio
  • 12 Aug (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Baltic Connection, Seagate Gallery Dundee, Window Dressing, Fringe Gallery, Castlemilk, Sandy Stoddart, Smith Art Gallery Stirling, The Beltane Spirit, Browns Gallery Tain
  • 14 Aug Greta Scacchi, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Richard and Maria Cosway
  • 16 Aug Spencer Finch, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
  • 16 Aug Geoffrey MacEwan, Glasite Meeting House Edinburgh
  • 16 Aug Edith Simon, Edinburgh Festival
  • 15 Aug A Picture of Health, Royal College of Surgeons
  • 17 Aug Aspects of the Royal Academy, British Council
  • 17 Aug Andrés Serrano, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
  • 18 Aug Pattullo & Turne, Leone Cockburn Gallery Edinburgh
  • 19 Aug (Herald Weekender Art Guide) New Painting, Aberdeen Art Gallery, James McBey, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Shoreline, Castle Douglas Art Gallery
  • 19 Aug Chessel Group, Moray House College Edinburgh
  • 21 Aug John Bellany interview, Talbot Rice Edinburgh
  • 21 Aug The Danish Golden Age, Edinburgh City Art Centre
  • 22 Aug Edinburgh Festival Diary
  • 23 Aug Greek Thomson, RIAS Edinburgh
  • 23 Aug Festival Show, Firth Gallery Edinburgh
  • 23 Aug Alan Johnston, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • 23 Aug Festival show, Torrance Gallery Edinburgh
  • 24 Aug Oil on Canvas, Calton Gallery
  • 24 Aug Jack Vettriano, Corrymella Scott Gallery
  • 28 Aug Jerwood prize, Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh
  • Aug Book Review, Turner The Fighting Temeraire by Judy Egerton
  • 26 Aug Edinburgh Festival Decorative arts
  • 26 Aug (Herald Weekender Art Guide) East Kilbride Arts Centre, Peacock Printmakers Aberdeen, Keith McIntyre, Dumfermline House Museum, George Wyllie
  • 28 Aug Prat Drawing Collection, National Gallery Edinburgh
  • 28 Aug Bridging the Gap, Richard Demarco, St Marys School Edinburgh
  • 29 Aug New Towns, Royal Fine Art Commission
  • 29 Aug Kiuston Halle, French Institute Edinburgh
  • 30 Aug Peter Chang, Jerwood Prize
  • Aug Graduate show, Graduate Gallery Edinburgh
  • Aug Barbara Rae, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • Aug Adrian Davidson, Overseas House
  • 1 Sep (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Shankie & Monk, Tramway Glasgow, Mackintosh Flower, Hunterian Gallery Glasgow
  • 2 Sep Peter Howson, Don Giovanni, Scottish Opera
  • 3 Sep Glasgow Festival of Visual Arts 1996 launch
  • 4 Sep David Mullane appointed Director of International Design Festival
  • 8 Sep Art at St John's Hospital Livingston
  • 9 Sep (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Alan Johnston, Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Anne Redpath Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Stuart Duffin, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 11 Sep Stuart Duffin, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 16 Sep Open Doors Day Glasgow
  • 15 Sep Autumn Season Visual Arts
  • 16 Sep (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Almost No Relation, Collective Edinburgh, Doors Open Day Glasgow, Craig Peacock, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Ansuya Blom, CCA Glasgow
  • 18 Sep Dark Lights New Work from Scotland, Jonathan Monk, John Shankie, Tramway Glasgow
  • 22 Sep Alison Watt profile
  • 23 Sep (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Linda Mallet, Cree Gallery, Paperworks VI, Seagate Gallery
  • 25 Sep William Crosbie, West George Street Gallery Glasgow
  • 2 Oct Patrons & Painters, Smith Museum Stirling
  • 5 Oct Fotofeis Festival, Alasdair Foster
  • 7 Oct (Herald Weekender Art Guide) The Parents, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Keita & Sidibe, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Maud Sulter, CCA Glasgow
  • 10 Oct Concert Hall Glasgow Murals, Stephen Campbell, Peter Howson, Ken Currie, Adrian Wiszniewski
  • 14 Oct Glass, Inhouse Glasgow
  • 14 Oct Book Review, The Diary of Frida Kahlo
  • 22 Oct Book Review, Robin Philipson by W. Gordon Smith
  • 21 Oct Book Review, Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Pamela Robertson.
  • 21 Oct (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Tina Medotti, Inverleith House Edinburgh, New Work, Eastern General Edinburgh, Morrison Portrait Award
  • 28 Oct (studio series) Alison Watt
  • 30 Oct Alison Harper, Helen Flockhart, Compass Gallery Glasgow
  • 3 Nov The Red Ribbon Art Show, Glasgow Print Studios
  • 4 Nov (Herald Weekender Art Guide) The Parents, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr, Harry’s Diary, Tramway, Claire Harrigan, Gatehouse Gallery
  • 4 Nov (studio series) John Creed
  • 11 Nov (studio series) Yvonne Hawker, Weekender in Colour
  • 11 Nov (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Lizzy Farey, Castle Douglas, Collective Edinburgh, Vicky Crowe, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Royal Glasgow Institute, McLellan Galleries Glasgow, Ruth Greer, Glasgow Print Studios, Gary Anderson, Ewan Mundy Fine Art, Poetic Lang, The Smith Gallery Stirling
  • 13 Nov Book Review, Fakes by Alice Beckett
  • 13 Nov Victoria Crowe, Scottish Gallery Edinburgh
  • 14 Nov Royal Glasgow Institute, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
  • 18 Nov (studio series) Donald Urquart
  • 18 Nov (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Edinburgh Printmakers, Berlin/Glasgow, The Glasgow School of Art, James Robertson, Billcliffe Fine Art Glasgow
  • 18 Nov Mikhail Pietranek, Tartan designer, Wytock & Reid Edinburgh
  • 20 Nov Persistence of Painting, CCA Glasgow, Carol Rhodes, Hayley Tompkins, Richard Walker
  • 22 Nov Macmillan Art Sale, Strathclyde Arts Centre
  • 25 Nov (studio series) Callum Innes
  • 25 Nov (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Trossachs to Tavira, Green Gallery Aberfoyle, Claire Banks, RSA Edinburgh, Virginia Ryan Izzo, Italian Institute Edinburgh, RGI, McLellan Galleries Glasgow
  • 27 Nov Brought to Book, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Frances Walker, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Glen Scowler, Billcliffe Fine Art
  • 2 Dec (studio series) Eric Thorburn
  • 2 Dec (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Galloway Paintings, McGill Duncan Gallery Dumfries, Russian Paintings, Cockburn Gallery Edinburgh, Wendy McMurdo, Portfolio Gallery Edinburgh
  • 4 Dec Christmas exhibitions, Compass Gallery Glasgow, Glasgow Print Studios, Nancy Smillie Gallery Glasgow, Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
  • 9 Dec (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Silver & Gold, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Brian Blow, Sculpture Workshop Lumsden
  • 9 Dec (studio series) Edna White
  • 11 Dec Producing the Goods, The Glasgow School of Art
  • 13 Dec Adrian Wiszniewski profile
  • 16 Dec (studio series) Virginia Ryan Izzo
  • 16 Dec Deyan Sudjic, appointed director of Glasgow 1999 year of design
  • 18 Dec Visions of Spain, Burrell Glasgow
  • 19 Dec Tim Clifford and National Gallery of Scotland cuts
  • 23 Dec (studio series) Julie Roberts
  • 23 Dec Book Review, Egon Schiele by Klaus Albrecht Schroder
  • 23 Dec Joe Bonnar, Christmas diamonds
  • 23 Dec (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Barbara Balmer, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Christmas Shows
  • 30 Dec (Herald Weekender Art Guide) Cut-Outs, Royal Museum Edinburgh, Chris Drury Botanics Edinburgh, Surrealism, Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Picasso Prints, Kelvingrove Glasgow
  • 30 Dec The 6 names of 1995, Damien Hirst, Matthew Dalziell, Louise Scullion, Adrian Wiszniewski, Julie Roberts, Monet
  • 30 Dec (studio series) Michaela Huber

Articles written in this year which are not present in the archive:

  • 21 Jan The Bigger Picture, McLellan Gallery
  • 27 Feb Jenny Saville, BBC 1
  • 15 Mar Weekender, Lesley Burr, Compass Gallery, Spring Selection, Gerber Fine Ary
  • 17 May Jacqueline Donachie, Ywinner of Fulbright Award
  • 15 Jul Weekender Art Guide, Phillipson & Cummings, Billcliffe, Decade, Street Level
  • Aug Greek Thomson, RIAS
  • Aug British Etchings, Edinburgh Printmakers
  • 30 Sep Alison Harperm Helen Flockart, Compass, Glasgow
  • 8 Oct FOTOFEIS, Ayr & Kilmarnock, Edinburgh
  • 6 Nov SSA at RSA & on the internet
  • 2 Dec (book review) Art is the flower, C R Mackintosh
  • 16 Dec Volano, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Pastoral, Edinburgh City Art Centre, 1999 Princes Square, Call of the Wild, Transmission

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Clare Henry FRSA was art critic for The Herald from 1980-2000. For 20 years she covered the Scottish and UK art scene in depth, writing roughly 200 articles a year. With a particular emphasis on Scottish artists, her writing provides profiles, interviews and art news pieces along with critical reviews. Graduating in 1964 with BA Hons Fine Art from The University of Reading she became a Researcher at the Paul Mellon Foundation for British Art (1968-1970) before taking the position of art reviewer for West End Times (1976-1980). She was also art critic for The Herald (1980-2000) and arts presenter at Scottish TV (1984-1987). She wrote regular features for The Art Newspaper (1986-2003) and contributed to The Guardian, Marxism Today, 20/20 London, Ikebana Ryusei Japan and The Scotsman. She curated exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s including 'New Scottish Prints' for Britain Salutes New York, in NYC; London's 'Serpentine Summer Show', 1985; 'Artists at Work', Edinburgh Festival, 1986; 'The Vigorous Imagination' at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for the Edinburgh Festival, 1987; Critic's Choice London, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992; Scots in Los Angeles, 1989; Scotland at the Venice Biennale, 1990, Critic's Choice for the RSA Edinburgh, 1994, New Millennium, Chicago and Washington DC, 1999. She is a founding member of the Council of Management and a former chairman of both The Glasgow Print Studio and Salvo (the Scottish arts lobbying organisation). She served on the Scottish Design Council in the 1980s and on the working party for contemporary art of the National Trust. She was also on the board of Stirling's Smith Art Gallery and Museum and a trustee of the Scottish Sculpture Trust, 1984-1990. She is also a former member of the British Council Visiting Arts panel, the National Union of Journalists, the Arts Correspondents Group London, Blackburn Printmaking Workshop NYC, and is a current member of the International Association of Art Critics, (AICA UK) and the American Association of Art Critics. In 2000 she moved to New York where she was art critic for the Financial Times and The New York Sun until 2008. She now writes for various magazines in the UK and the USA and keeps a regular blog.

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