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Younger, Sophie

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  • Person
  • fl 2015

Company: Younger Conservation Ltd.

Youngson, Elizabeth

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  • Person

Elizabeth Youngson was born on 29 January 1887.

She was an art teacher who attended the Glasgow School of Art for one year only, to take evening classes in Design.

Her address at this time was c/o McCallum in Lylesland Terrace, Paisley.

If you have more information, please get in touch.

Yule, Susan

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  • fl 2015

In 2014 Susan Yule was a student on the MSc in Information Management and Preservation at the University of Glasgow.

Zabala, Erlea Maneros

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  • 1977-

Born Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. Lives and works in Los Angeles. MFA, California Institute of the Arts, 2003. BFA, Honors Degree in Drawing & Painting, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.

Zucker, Naomi

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Naomi Zucker studied Textiles at GSA from 1976 and designed garments for the 1978 fashion show.

Zunterstein, Paul

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  • 1921-1968

Born in Austria in 1921, Paul Zunterstein fled Austria during the Nazi Anschluss at age seventeen, and settled in Glasgow. In later years he moved to Kilmacolm.

He studied and taught sculpture at the GSA under Benno Schotz , and exhibited work at the RGIFA and RSA between 1950 and 1968.

In 1953, he produced Mother and Child for the north facade of Chirnsyde Primary School, 28 Ashgill Road, Glasgow. The work caused controversy because the figures were nude, and during the debate about the work, Douglas Percy Bliss, the principal of Glasgow School of Art described Zunterstein as 'one of the best students they had had at the School of Art for years.'

His wife, Norma Margaret Lewis was also a sculptor; she graduated from the GSA in 1962.

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