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Art, Design and Architecture collection

  • NMC
  • Collection
  • 13th century to early 21st century

Artworks, design pieces and architectural designs related to Glasgow School of Art staff and students.

Items include

  • oil paintings
  • ilk screen prints
  • lithograph prints
  • prints
  • photographs
  • sketches
  • sketch books
  • drawings
  • watercolours
  • collage
  • metalwork, sculpture and ceramics.

Almost all works are by former students and staff or figures related to the history of The Glasgow School of Art. The earliest pieces date from the 16th century and later examples have been purchased from recent Degree Shows. The work is in a variety of media and includes drawings, paintings, prints, sketchbooks, furniture and sculpture. Artists represented include many key figures and the most influential and successful students.

There are also several works from former tutors including Neil Dallas Brown, David Donaldson and Fred Selby, alongside contemporary works by students, donated or purchased at degree show. Key works include those by: Maurice Greiffenhagen, Francis Newbery, John Quinton Pringle, Benno Schotz, Ian Fleming and James D Robertson. Suites of note include large collections of Joan Eardley sketches and paintings, Joan Palmer prints, and architectural drawings by Eugene Bourdon.

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Poster for the Master of Fine Art degree show

This poster advertised an exhibition of work by students graduating from the Master of Fine Art course as part of The Glasgow School Of Art's 1984 degree show. The image used on the poster was photographed by Jim Oakes and shows the exhibiting students standing on the fire escape steps of the JD Kelly building at The Glasgow School Of Art. The poster was designed at The Glasgow School Of Art and printed by David J Clark Limited. The exhibition ran from the 15th to the 21st of June.

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Poster for The Glasgow School Of Art degree show

This poster advertised The Glasgow School Of Art's annual degree show in 1984. The exhibition showcased work by graduating students in drawing and painting, photography, printmaking, murals, stained glass and sculpture. The degree show was held in the Mackintosh Building at The Glasgow School Of Art and ran from the 15th to the 21st of June. The photograph used on the poster shows exhibiting students sitting on the steps of the Mackintosh Building and was taken by Vaughan Judge who previously worked as a lecturer at the school. The poster was designed at The Glasgow School Of Art and printed by David J Clark Limited.

Judge, Vaughan


A collection of photographs and negatives taken by George Oliver dating from 1948-1990 (apart from two dated c1897). George arranged his photographs into folders by approximate subject matter and gave each folder a title. This has been reflected in the catalogue with the folder titles in the catalogue being the exact titles George used. The folders have been arranged by subject matter where possible. There are exceptions to the above. Folders DC 066/2/20 and DC 066/2/86 have not been given a title by George and have been catalogued as 'Untitled'. There are exceptions to this with DC 066/2/78 containing photographs taken by Cordelia Oliver as they date from after George's death. As a result of the Mackintosh Building fire in 2014, folders DC 066/2/87, DC 066/2/88 and DC 066/2/89 contain photographs that have been rehoused since their deposit and are likely to have been taken out of other folders. It is not clear from which folders these photographs came originally, so they have been catalogued separately with their titles reflecting the subject matter of the photographs they contain.

Oliver, George

Associated Works

This collection includes works by a number of artists, designers and architects associated with Charles Rennie Mackintosh, including his wife Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, his sister-in-law Frances Macdonald MacNair and his sister-in-law's husband Herbert MacNair. These works include textiles, designs, and four volumes of a Glasgow School of Art student publication called The Magazine, as well as several individual watercolours now separated from the publication. The collection also includes a number of models for proposed architectural schemes by Mackintosh.

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie


Folder containing 22 contact sheets and 224 negative of photographs taken by George Oliver. Majority are annotated. Includes: Museum of Childhood, Royal Scottish Museum, Henry Moore statues at Inverleith, New Town, Edinburgh University and Greyfriars graveyard.

Oliver, George

Poster for an exhibition entitled 'Ten Years'

This poster advertised an exhibition of work by artists who graduated from The Glasgow School Of Art's sculpture department between 1979 and 1989. The exhibition was curated by Cliff Bowen who worked as a sculpture lecturer from 1973 until 1978. It was held in The Glasgow School Of Art's Newbery Gallery in the Newbery Tower from the 4th of August until the 1st of September and was sponsored by the Ian McTaggart Trust.

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Papers and photographs of Holmes Gray, student at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

  • DC 016
  • Collection
  • 1949-1996

The collection includes:

  • Photographs, essays and notes made and taken by Holmes Gray while at the Glasgow School of Art, including correspondence between the GSA and Gray, 1949-1956
  • Notes given to designers for technical guidance from Johnson, Matthey & Co. Ltd, 1954
  • Recollections of Glasgow School of Art by Holmes Gray, 1996
  • Photographs of pieces designed by Gray post-GSA for Spode, Royal Worcester and others; c1949-1996
  • Correspondence with Stoke-on-Trent College, 1964-1986
  • Correspondence re: training as a part-time teacher, 1977-1986
  • Letter informing Holmes Gray of election as Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce [copy], 1987
  • Letter from Commemorative Collector's Society re: address by Holmes Gray, 1997

This material may contain sensitive information about individuals that is protected by the Data Protection Act. Until this material has been checked for sensitive information, it will not be available for researchers. Once this Data Protection work is complete the collection will be open for access, however any sensitive information will be closed and inaccessible for 75 years from the date of creation.

Gray, Holmes

Drawing of lion sculpture

Drawing of lion sculpture. Annotated with the artist's name and date '13.10.11'. Drawn while the artist studied at Dundee Technical College and School of Art, 1911-1912.

Wilson, Jessie Dunlop McCulloch

Drawing of bust

Drawing of bust of male. Annotated with the date '24.7.12'. Drawn while the artist studied at Dundee Technical College and School of Art, 1911-1912.

Wilson, Jessie Dunlop McCulloch

Ceramic sarcophagus cast

Hollow sarcophagus cast with relief pattern of animals and figures. Dark yellow glaze over exterior. White, unglazed interior. '14-103' handwritten in black on bottom right corner.

Not available / given

Sculpture Negs

Folder containing black and white contact sheets and negatives by George Oliver. Includes: Art and Movement exhibition 1965, Luther light feature 'Strategy Get Arts' 1970, Open Air Sculpture at Ledlanet, Henry Moore sculpture in Edinburgh and George Ricky Exhibition Opening 1982.

Oliver, George

Heart of the Rose

Designed for the 'Rose Boudoir', International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art, Turin, 1902. This item was assessed for conversation in 2010 as part of the Mackintosh Conservation and Access project (2006-2010), and then again in 2018 following the fire in the Mackintosh Building in June 2018.

A Rose Boudoir included two gesso panels - composite works of plaster with pigment, set with glass beads - made exclusively by Macdonald. On the manifest for the exhibition, Mackintosh indicated that ‘duplicates only’ were available for sale [I have an image of this if you want it to illustrate]. Two other versions, both in Glasgow, had the same design but with different palette and surface detail: The White Rose and the Red Rose hung above the mantle in the Mackintoshes’ own home, and can now be seen in the Mackintosh House at the Hunterian Art Gallery; and The Heart of the Rose belonged to Wylie Hill, a relative of Jessie Newbery, and was later given to the Glasgow School of Art. Previously it was assumed that these versions were created from a cartoon or template, each hand made, but it was difficult to tell which set came first, or even if they were made simultaneously. But recent analysis by Graciela Ainsworth Conservation Studio in Edinburgh has shown that the GSA version is not a gesso panel as we have come to understand Macdonald’s technique, but rather a traditional plaster cast that has been painted. This may seem like a minor technical point, but when considered alongside Mackintosh’s note that duplicates could be ordered, it reminds us that he carefully curated this space to show both that he and Macdonald could be commissioned to do entire rooms but were also very happy to have individual pieces replicated and sold on their own merit (information supplied by Dr Robyne Erica Calvert, Cultural Historian, Mar 2022).

Mackintosh, Margaret Macdonald

The Duncan Brown Photographic Collection

  • DB
  • Collection
  • 1853-1896

The collection consists of 305 photographs taken between 1853 and 1896. Sitters included local dignitaries, friends and family including John Brown, Queen Victoria's Ghillie. The collection also includes landscapes and the streets of Glasgow, particularly around the Pollokshields area on the south side of the city. Other subjects include ships, ship yards and stately houses.

Brown, Duncan

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