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Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball woodcut and cardboard print

Note from the artist: This print is part of the collection Wank!, a series of six posters for various sources - such as essays, video clips, movies or performances - all dealing with the taboo subject of female masturbation. Acting like a curator of these references, I aim to highlight that any attempt to represent feminine masturbation through a feminist eye still finds its limits where a branded masculine interpretation of feminine sexuality starts.

Campistron, Dominique

David Donaldson and the 2nd Year Class, Back Studio, GSA, 42

This item was lost in the fire in The Mackintosh Building at The Glasgow School of Art on 23rd May 2014. Study of GSA art students, including Dorothy Ballantyne, Marion Fletcher, Sheila Wilson, Tom Gardner (the artist), Jimmy Spiers, Audrey Scarle, Florence Jamieson, Fay Campbell as well as tutor David Donaldson, his wife Pat and son David, plus a life model who is thought to be a music student from Falkirk who studied at The Atheneum.

Gardner, Tom

Students on Leave, GSA, 43

This item was lost in the fire in The Mackintosh Building at The Glasgow School of Art on 23rd May 2014. Those depicted include Danny Ferguson, Gordon Huntly, Lewis Allan, Eileen Allen, Joan Docherty, Molly Brown and Ishbel Macdonald.

Gardner, Tom

Lunch, Original Refectory, GSA 42/43

This item was lost in the fire in The Mackintosh Building at The Glasgow School of Art on 23rd May 2014. GSA students and staff featured in this work include (from left to right), amongst others: Harry McLean, GSA student and conservator (seated at table bottom left, resting elbow on table); Hugh Adam Crawford, GSA staff, Drawing and Painting department (standing, front-facing, slightly left of centre); Joan Eadley, GSA student and artist (centre, standing, facing left); John Miller, GSA staff, Drawing & Painting department (slightly right of centre, facing right, carrying portfolio under right arm); Margot Sandeman, GSA student and artist (slightly right of centre, facing right, arms folded, in conversation with Cordelia Oliver); Cordelia Oliver, GSA student, art critic and journalist (slightly right of centre, facing left, in conversation with Margot Sandeman); Margaret McGavin, GSA student and artist (right of centre, adjacent to Cordelia Oliver, front-facing but looking right, in conversation with another female student); David Donaldson, GSA staff, Drawing and Painting department (right of centre, left-facing, positioned between Margaret McGavin and the female student she is talking to); Benno Schotz, GSA staff, Modelling and Sculpture department and sculptor (right hand side, facing left); Timothy Powell, GSA staff, Graphic Design department (right hand side, in the foreground, front-facing, wearing a suit).

Gardner, Tom

Northern Waterway

Abstract watercolour with layered collage. One of seven works presented to GSA by the Scottish Arts Council, as a result of the Council's collection being broken up and dispersed across Scotland.

Reeves, Philip

Papers of Jane Richards and Fiona Jean Paton, students of The Glasgow School of Art

  • DC 083
  • Collection
  • c1908-1980s

This collection relates to Jane Richards and her granddaughter Fiona Jean Paton who both studied at The Glasgow School of Art.

It includes:

  • An artist’s palette owned by Jane Richards, c1910
  • a small box of watercolour paints owned by Jane Richards, early 20th century
  • a portrait drawn by Jane Richards, c1908-1910
  • a photograph of Jane Richards, c1914-1918
  • a photograph of Jane Richards' husband in uniform, c1914-18
  • two watercolour landscapes by Jane Richards, 1907 and 1911
  • even prints produced by The Dux Engraving Co Ltd, early 20th century
  • two portraits drawn by Robert Eadie, c1909
  • three sketchbooks for product design furniture by Fiona Jean Paton, early 1980s
  • eight photographs and eleven slides relating to product design furniture, early 1980s.

Please note that this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore some items may not be accessible to researchers.

One item was damaged in the fire in GSA's Mackintosh Building on 23rd May 2014 and was conserved in 2018-19.

Richards, Jane

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