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Sydney d'Horne Shepherd's obituary

Obituary for Sydney d'Horne Shepherd. Describes where and when he was born, his two wives and daughter. Describes his education at the Harris Academy and The Glasgow School of Art, his achievements such as winning a travelling scholarship and his solo exhibition in Dundee. Also describes his art style, preferences prevalent in his work and his career as a lecturer at various schools.

Not available / given

Associated papers

Three stapled sheets of typewritten paper include William Meldrum's brief biography and descriptions of two specific works. It also includes the custodial histories of the paintings: they were presented to the Glasgow Corporation in April 1966, after Meldrum's death. The final sheet illustrates a simple drawing of Glasgow street map, indicating where Meldrum may have depicted the view of Glasgow in the 1900s.

The description specifically details two undated watercolour landscape paintings titled "Cumbernauld Road at Riddrie, Glasgow." These paintings depict the same location, each viewed in the summer and winter.

The two associated paintings are currently in storage at Glasgow Museums Resources Centre.

*Not available / given

Property Records

Records relating to the properties and premises of the Glasgow School of Art. The majority of these records relate to the construction of the Mackintosh Building: the premises of the Glasgow School of Art on Renfrew Street. The erection of the Mackintosh building is well documented, and the records cover all aspects of the creation of the building from early financial records from 1883 to receipts for fittings in 1912. The records of the Mackintosh Building are divided into ten sub-series (GOV/5/1-GOV/5/9): GOV/5/1: Building Committee Papers, 1896-1910 GOV/5/2: Financial Records, 1883-1912 GOV/5/3: Subscriptions and the Building Fund, 1894-1910 GOV/5/4: The Architectural Competition, 1896-1897 GOV/5/5: Contracts, Agreements and Tenders, 1897-1907 GOV/5/6: Estimates and Specifications, 1897-1912 GOV/5/7: Receipts, 1897-1912 GOV/5/8: Plans and Outsize Material, c1909-1918 GOV/5/9: Miscellaneous, 1897-1914 GOV/5/10: The property records also include those relating to the Glasgow School of Art Extension Scheme between 1926-1934 and these can be found at GOV/5/10. GOV/5/11: The earliest property records for the Glasgow School of Art are those relating to the Ingram Street property, dating from 1845-1869, and can be found at GOV/5/11 as a later addition to the finding aid. GOV/5/12: Copies of Dispositions, 2003

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

The Architectural Competition


  • Conditions of competition, 1896
  • plan of proposed new school, 1896
  • list of architects, 1896
  • correspondence with architects, 1896
  • report relating to the design produced by the architects, Honeyman and Keppie, whose author is probably Charles Rennie Mackintosh and related correspondence, 1896
  • measurer's report, 1897
  • GOV/5/4/1: Conditions of the Competition of Architects for the Proposed new School of Art [3 copies, inc. Sec.'s], Jun 1896
  • GOV/5/4/2: Plan and sections of site for proposed new school [4 copies, inc. Sec.'s and Headmaster's], Jun 1896
  • GOV/5/4/3: Proposed list of architects, not dated
  • GOV/5/4/4: Letter from Campbell, Douglas and Morrison Architects re: cannot take part in competition, 23 Jul 1896
  • GOV/5/4/5: Petition from architects re: the Competition [plus copy], 24 Jul 1896
  • GOV/5/4/6: Reply by Governors to architects, 12 Aug 1896
  • GOV/5/4/7: Letter from architects asking for modification to conditions, 17 Aug 1896
  • GOV/5/4/8: Letter from Mr I. L. Watson, Architect, re: the conditions,  20 Aug 1896
  • GOV/5/4/9: Letter to architects amending conditions, 27 Aug 1896
  • GOV/5/4/10: Architect's Design for Glasgow School of Art, with a description and schedule of its contents, [On cover, an ink drawing of 3 wishbones on tracing paper, by Charles Rennie Mackintosh], 1896
  • GOV/5/4/11: Letter to Directors from James King and Renny Watson choosing the design marked by the "crossed bones", 7 Dec 1896
  • GOV/5/4/12: Letter from Colonel Festing, D.S.A re: his choice of design, 17 Dec 1896
  • GOV/5/4/13: Measurer's report by Robert Scott as to estimated cost of the chosen design, 11 Jan 1897

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie

Estimates and Specifications

Estimates for works, specifications of works, tenders, reports on tenders, related correspondence, 1897-1912. GOV/5/6/1: Estimate No.1 for mason work, by Robert Scott & Son (no. 3419), 1897 GOV/5/6/2: Estimate - proposed extensions & alterations by Robert Scott & Son - Masonry, etc. works, 1907 GOV/5/6/3: Estimate - extensions & alterations by Robert Scott & Son - Heating & Ventilation apparatus (no. 5216), 1908 GOV/5/6/4: Estimate No. 1 - mason work - accepted by J. Kirkwood (no. 3419) [Cref. 5/7/121], 1897 GOV/5/6/5: Report on tenders for the several works, 17 Sep 1897 GOV/5/6/6: Copy letter from Robert Scott to Honeyman & Keppie re: cost of excavations, 22 Sep 1906 GOV/5/6/7 File - Tradesmen's Estimates [c122 items] , 1896-1904 GOV/5/6/8: Letter from Keppie with two estimates re: blinds for windows [3 items], 31 Aug 1899 GOV/5/6/9: Estimate by G. Smith, Slater & Plasterer re: holes under the eaves,  6 Sep 1906 GOV/5/6/10: List of offers for alteration & extensions of GSA (for mason & carpenter work only), not dated GOV/5/6/11: Report on tenders for alterations and extensions, 1907 GOV/5/6/12: Memo on lowest tenders showing provisional sums allowed and extra costs of Arbroath stone over concrete for steps and supplementary offers and fees [2 copies], 1907 GOV/5/6/13: Specifications and schedules for electric power and lighting: (a) Summary of offers for electric lighting, with letter from James E. Sayers & Caldwell, 13 Jun 1908 (b) Letter from architects enclosing estimates, 15 Jun 1908 (c) Letter from architects enclosing copies of letters from Osbourne & Hunter, 2 Jun 1908 (d) Specifications and schedule from James E. Sayers & Caldwell, Jun 1908 (e) Letter from architects re: choice of tender, 23 Jun 1908 GOV/5/6/14: Specifications for the installation of a Lightning Conductor at GSA: (a) Messrs. Anderson & Munro - specification, Apr 1909 (b) Covering letter from Anderson & Munro, Apr 1909 (c) Osbourne & Hunter - specification, Apr 1909 (d) Telford, Grier & Mackay - specification, Apr 1909 (e) Claude Hamilton Ltd. - specification, Apr 1909 (f) Corresp. from James E. Sayers & Caldwell, May 1909 (g) List of tenders, not dated GOV/5/6/15: The National Telephone Company, estimates for telephone lines and telephones [2 items], 1909-1910 GOV/5/6/16: Halliwell Furnace & Engineering Co., London: (a) particulars, May 1910 (b) business card (c) article in the Sanitary Record & Municipal Engineering Vol XLV, No. 1067 [3 items] GOV/5/6/17: Tenders for the installation of an electric lift: (a) A & P Steven, Provanside Engine Works, estimate for an electric passenger lift, 17 Jan 1908 (b) R. Waygood & Co. Ltd., estimate for an electric lift and specification (inc. notes on requirements for lift from GSA, d. Dec 1911), Oct 1910 (c) A & P Steven, Provanside Engine Works, estimate for an electric goods lift, 20 Jan 1911 (d) A & P Steven, Provanside Engine Works, specification for a passenger lift at GSA, 8 May 1911 (e) British Engine, Boiler & Electric Insurance Co. Ltd., estimate for lift insurance, 31 Jan 1912 GOV/5/6/18: Estimate for fitting electric radiators into the Library, delayed, not dated GOV/5/6/19: Speirs A/C: scrap detailing excess over estimate lists extra fittings required, not dated GOV/5/6/20: Comparative statement of estimates and measurements for building, Jul 1909 GOV/5/6/21: Estimates & Corresp. re: clocks (a) Dykes Bros. Mar-Sep 1909 (b) The Magenta Company Mar-May 1909 GOV/5/6/22: Estimates re: window cleaning (a) Glasgow Corporation Water Works, 5 Nov 1908 (b) Estimate from Moses, Speirs & Sons with covering letter from architects, 17 Nov 1908 GOV/5/6/23: Estimate from Victor Devine, Plumber, 3 Dec 1907 GOV/5/6/24: Estimate from W.A. Davidson for Repousse Work, 17 Apr 1910 GOV/5/6/25: Estimate for insurance of Steam Boilers, 29 Jan 1908 GOV/5/6/26: Estimate from Wm. Douglas & Sons re: Painter Work in the Ornament Room, 27 Oct 1910 GOV/5/6/27: Estimate from M Stewart, Builder for work in the Animal Room, 20 Oct 1909 GOV/5/6/28: Estimate from G. Ferguson & Sons for platform for Animal Room, 12 Mar 1910

*Not available / given

Plans and Outsize Material

Plans and sections of works c1909-1918. GOV/5/8/1: J.E.Sayers & Caldwell Ltd., Plan of Electric Lighting - Sub-basement floor, Basement Floor Scale: 1/8" to 1.0', Annotated, 1909 GOV/5/8/2: J.E. Sayers & Caldwell Ltd., Plan of roof - proposed Lightning Conductor, Scale: n.k., [Brittle], not dated GOV/5/8/3: Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh, Coils, Second Floor, [Stamped Jas. Cormack & Sons, Heating Engineers], Scale: n.k., [Brittle], not dated GOV/5/8/4: Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh, Section through main staircase showing proposed lift shaft, Scale: n.k., [Pencil & ink on tracing paper. Brittle], not dated GOV/5/8/5: Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh, Proposed well for Electric Lift (ref. no. 273), Scale: 1/4" to 1.0', [Pencil & ink on tracing paper], Mar 1911 GOV/5/8/6: Platforms in Animal Room, Cross & longitudinal sections (ref. no. 465), Scale: n.k., [Brittle - very fragile], not dated GOV/5/8/7: Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh, Railings at Dalhousie Street Entrance Parapet End elevation, Cross-section [5 items], Scale: 3/4" to 1.0', [Pencil & ink on tracing paper. Brittle], not dated GOV/5/8/8: Keppie & Henderson, Proposed Extension of Coal Storage at front area, with architect's letter, Cross section & Plan, Scale: n.k., [Pencil & ink on tracing paper], Mar 1918

*Not available / given

Subscriptions and the Building Fund

Letters relating to acquisition of site 1894-1896, records relating to fundraising 1899-1910. GOV/5/3/1: Correspondence with the Bellahouston Bequest Fund re: the site on Renfrew Street and funding, Oct 1894-Jun 1896 GOV/5/3/2: List of subscriptions to the Building Fund, not dated GOV/5/3/3: Letters from subscribers, incl. Bellahouston Fund, SED & J. Keppie, 1901 GOV/5/3/4: Subscriptions received to Building Fund Bundle of letters, nos. 1-45, 1906-1907 GOV/5/3/5: as above., nos. 46-68, 1906-1907 GOV/5/3/6: as above., nos. 69-94, 1906-1907 GOV/5/3/7: Building Fund Bank receipts [bundle] 1899, 1907-1910 GOV/5/3/8: List of subscriptions for the first portion of the building [2 copies], not dated GOV/5/3/9: List of subscriptions for the completion of the building [2 copies], Jun 1907 GOV/5/3/10: Letters refusing subscription [5 items], Jan-Apr 1907 GOV/5/3/11: Notebook - School Extension Fund - lists of subscriptions received and list of deposit receipts, 1906-1910 GOV/5/3/12: Receipts of Deposit and Notices of Loans for money placed in the Glasgow Corporation Loans Fund [14 items], 1907-1909 GOV/5/3/13: Fund-raising Pamphlet for the completion of the School building [4 copies], not dated [c1907] GOV/5/3/14: Miscellaneous papers re: fund-raising [3 items], not dated

*Not available / given

Fire Precaution Papers

Papers regarding fire precaution measures at the Glasgow School of Art. Includes: instructions for how to use heated thrones safely; notices about fire drills to be carried out in the School; suggestions by the Master of Works for precautions to be taken in the event of fire, Feb 1928; Circular from the Library Bureau about the importance of record protection in the event of a fire, 02 Feb 1928; correspondence with Osborne & Hunter, Electrical Contractors, about their examination of the electric lighting and reports on fire precaution installations such as fire alarms, Feb-Mar 1928; and a circular from William Miller (Glasgow) Ltd. with brochure advertising fire 'extincteurs', Mar 1928. (20 items)

*Not available / given


Estimates from contractors for work on the School Extension. GOV/5/10/5/1: Glasgow School of Art Proposed Extensions, Estimate for Glazier Work, c1927 (1 booklet) GOV/5/10/5/2: Glasgow School of Art Proposed Extensions, Estimate for Excavator, Mason, Brick and Concrete Works, c1927 (1 booklet) GOV/5/10/5/3: Glasgow School of Art Proposed Extensions, Estimate for Carpenter and Joiner Works, c1927 (1 booklet) GOV/5/10/5/4: Bundle of estimates for work by Robert Scott & Son, 1926 (3 items) GOV/5/10/5/5: Bundle of lists of offers and lowest offers from various contractors for School Extension work, 1927 (4 items) GOV/5/10/5/6: Letter from the Glasgow Corporation Electricity Department to the School providing an estimate for a supply of electricity to 172 Renfrew Street, 21 Nov 1927

*Not available / given

Sociology essay

Material related to an essay submitted as part of sociology course in the form of comb binding with 15 handwritten pages. This paper studied the social life of people in the industrial era in the 19th and early 20th century from some of cities and towns across Britain. It addresses the development of both urban and suburban design associated with the style of massive house building programmes that accommodated immigrant factory employees.

Platt, Christopher

Lectures by Francis Lorne

  • DC 079
  • Collection
  • 1930-1948

Collection of typewritten notes for lectures on architecture by Francis Lorne of Burnet, Tait & Lorne.

Lorne, Francis

How to build The Greenhouse for the Elgin Park Centre

Material related to a booklet to study the constructional system of the Elgin Park Centre Greenhouse. It consists of a hard cover for both front and back with 6 pages (on comb binding) done in the form of hand writing with free hand sketches. The aim is to explore how the building of the Greenhouse was built starting from site preparation, foundation, floors, external and internal walls, roofing and other constructional elements.

Platt, Christopher

Building Committee Papers

Building Committee minutes 1896-1899, 1907-1910, Extension Committee minutes 1906-1907, correspondence and papers 1897-1911. GOV/5/1/1: GSA Building Committee Minute Book May, 1896-Dec 1899 GOV/5/1/2:  Report of the Building Committee (copy) [original in Minute Book - 5/1/1], 07 Oct 1897 GOV/5/1/3: GSA Building Committee - Extensions & Alterations Minute Book 1 (with index), Oct 1906 - May 1908 GOV/5/1/4: GSA Building Committee - Extensions & Alterations Minute Book 2 (with index), Jun 1908 - Oct 1910 GOV/5/1/5: Letter Book - Correspondence between GSA, Building Committee and the Architects, 1905-1910 GOV/5/1/6: Bundle of papers - includes notes on statements of accounts, grant matters, SED correspondence, Form 114 returns and general correspondence about the building, 1906-1910 GOV/5/1/7: Bundle of papers - as above, 1906-1910 GOV/5/1/8: Bundle of papers - as above, 1907-1911 GOV/5/1/9: Misc. correspondence to Newbery & Building Cttee. re: the new building, Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh scrap notes on fittings, etc., 1908-1909 GOV/5/1/10: Letter from Honeyman & Keppie re: Clause 21 of the Conditions and the architect's fee [with scrap note from Building Cttee. re: Clause 21], 21 Apr 1897 GOV/5/1/11: Misc. corresp. from Honeyman & Keppie to the Building Committee - (a) Electric lighting, 22 Nov 1898 (b) Contracting of Mr Sayers, the electrician, [incl. letter from Building Cttee. agreeing to appointment], 29 Nov 1898 (c) Location and design of the Technical Studios, 10 Apr 1899 (d) Brackets on the windows - costs, 5 May 1899 (e) Request for payment, 06 May 1899 GOV/5/1/12: Misc. corresp. from Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh to the Building Cttee. & Newbery - (a) Note of fees [cf. 5/1/3, p.333], 5 Jun 1906 (b) Regarding outstanding account, 19 Oct 1906 (c) Acknowledgement of cheque & contribution of balance remaining, 20 Dec 1906 (d) List of offers for various contracts, 8 Oct 1908 (e) Addressing problems: air ducts, sound-proofing floors, etc., 12 Nov 1908 (f) Declaration that architects will not be responsible for any accident if there is dancing on the ground or first floors, 25 Nov 1908 (g) Referring to 5/1/12 (f) and dancing at GSA, 26 Nov 1908 (h) Discs & Lamps, 27 Nov 1908 (i) Heating arrangements, 27 Nov 1908 (j) Modelling Rooms & travelling crane, 19 Aug 1909 (k) Elevator (with figures), 9 May 1909 (l) Letter accompanying statement of charges, 24 Jul 1909 (m) Heating for the library, 29 Nov 1909 (n) Heating arrangements, 20 Jan 1910 (o) Heating arrangements, 24 Jan 1910 (p) Heating report, 19 Feb 1910 (q) Heating, 10 Mar 1910 (r) Fittings, incl. Catalogue Stand in the Library, 21 Mar 1910 (s) Cases, 23 Mar 1910

*Not available / given

Contracts, Agreements and Tenders


  • Agreements with measurer, architects and clerk of works, 1897-1907
  • pecification of material, 1907
  • general conditions of contracts, 1907
  • lists of tradesmen and contractors invited to tender 1907
  • GOV/5/5/1: Signed agreement by Robert Scott to undertake the duties of Measurer, 20 Apr 1897
  • GOV/5/5/2: Appointment of architects, Jan 1906-Mar 1907
  • GOV/5/5/3: Signed agreement by Honeyman, Keppie and Mackintosh to conditions [with enclosure written by Mr Burnet, an architect],  1 Feb 1907
  • GOV/5/5/4: Extracts on condition of appointment of architects, Feb 1907
  • GOV/5/5/5: General Specification of material for the Extension, 1907
  • GOV/5/5/6: GSA Extensions & Alterations: General Conditions of Contracts, 1907
  • GOV/5/5/7: List of contractors invited to tender, 1907
  • GOV/5/5/8: List of tradesmen invited to tender, 1907
  • GOV/5/5/9: Signed agreement by Robert Scott & Son to conditions as to appointment as Measurers [4 items], Mar 1907
  • GOV/5/5/10: Correspondence & testimonials re: the appointment of John Montgomery as Clerk of Works for the new building [5 items], 1907

*Not available / given

Subscriptions and the School Extension Building Fund

Papers relating to subscriptions, funds and donations to the School Extension Building Fund. GOV/5/10/4/1: Papers used in planning the Extension Building Fund (a) Bundle of papers about the moneys raised for the Mackintosh Building in 1894 and 1907 (4 items) (b) Glasgow School of Art Building Fund Appeal booklet produced to raise funds for the completion of the Mackintosh Building, c1907 (5 copies) (c) Programme for the official opening of the Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building, 1909 (d) Bundle labelled 'Lists of Names' including lists of subscribers to other charitable funds such as the Carnegie Trust, Paisley Art Institute, the Memorial to David Livingstone, Glasgow Dental Hospital, and The Scottish National Commercial College. Also includes draft letters to the Carnegie Trust from Glasgow School of Art requesting them to renew their grant for equipment of the School, 1920-1926 (11 items) GOV/5/10/4/2: Copy letters, papers and correspondence with the Scottish Education Department regarding funds and Capital Grants for the extension, 1926-1932 (48 items) GOV/5/10/4/3: Appeals for donations to the Extension Building Fund (a) Printed pamphlet: 'The Glasgow School of Art Appeal for £35,000 for School Extension', providing information about the School Extension scheme. Includes a description of the planned extension by architects Messrs John Keppie & Henderson. (b) Bundle of papers labelled 'Donations, Letters sent out'. Copy and draft letters sent out to individuals such as Sir John R. Findlay, James Robb, The Duchess of Atholl, Messrs James Templeton & Co, Robert Rule, Sir Robert Wilson, Sir John Stirling Maxwell, and Sir John J Burnet to request donations to the Extension Fund. File also includes some copies of acknowledgements and thanks for donations, 1926-1927 (37 items) GOV/5/10/4/4: Letters, and copy letters, offering subscriptions to the Glasgow School of Art Extension Fund and notes of individual donations received, 1926-1931 (200 items) GOV/5/10/4/5: Bundle of letters labelled 'Refusals to Subscribe', 1926-1928 (18 items) GOV/5/10/4/6: Bundle of draft and copy letters to subscribers acknowleding and thanking them for their donations. Includes a blank template acknowledgement letter (10 copies), 1926-1927 (25 items) GOV/5/10/4/7: Lists of Donations and Donors (a) Small booklet labelled 'List of Probable Subscribers 1926' including names and addresses of potential donors, 1926 (b) Small booklet labelled 'Building Fund 1926-1927 Donations' including Building Fund list of donations alphabetically arranged, 1926-1927 (c) Bundle of papers labelled 'Building Fund Cash Statements', including various lists of donations and donors to the Extension Fund, 1926-1927 (17 items) (d) Loose pages of Annual Report, pp19-22. Includes 'Appendix VI, The Glasgow School of Art Donations to Extension Fund, to 31 Aug 1929' (e) Printed page pasted onto paper 'Appendix VI, The Glasgow School of Art Donations to Extension Fund, to 31 Aug 1929' (f) Copy of Glasgow School of Art Annual Report 1928-1929 with annotations on pages 20-21, the list of donations to the Extension Fund. (g) Typed sheet: 'Appendix VI, Donations to Extension Fund to Aug 1931'

*Not available / given

Property Records

Papers regarding the lease and purchase of properties by the Glasgow School of Art for the School Extension Scheme. GOV/5/10/3/1: Report by Messrs John Steuart & Gillies on the Properties Nos 166, 168, 170 and 172 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, 1915 GOV/5/10/3/2: Report on properties 166, 168, 170 and 172 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, by Thomas Binnie, 29 Dec 1915 GOV/5/10/3/3: Note of value of 164 Renfrew Street from Thomas Binnie & Hendry and cover letter, 05 & 07 Sep 1921 GOV/5/10/3/4: Papers relating to the value and purchase of 164 Renfrew Street, 1921 (a) Recommendation from the Chairman's Committee that an offer be made on 164 Renfrew Street, 1921 (b) Handwritten notes as to the value of 164 Renfrew Street, 1921 (c) Copy Offer from Glasgow School of Art for 164 Renfrew Street, 21 Oct 1921 (d) Copy Acceptance of Glasgow School of Art's offer for 164 Renfrew Street, 24 Oct 1921 GOV/5/10/3/5: Papers relating to 162 Renfrew Street (a) Letter from Miss E. Watson intimating that she would now be willing to sell 162 Renfrew Street, 16 Oct 1923 (b) Note about the value of 162 Renfrew Street, c1923 GOV/5/10/3/6: Papers relating to 160 Renfrew Street (a) Copy letter to Monsignor Ritchie asking if the Trustees of the Archdioscese of Glasgow would be willing to sell 160 Renfrew Street, 1924 (b) Reply (and 2 copies) from John Ritchie intimating that the Diocesan Trustees are not inclined to sell 160 Renfrew Street, 30 Apr 1924 GOV/5/10/3/7: Petition of the Waldorf Palais de Danse to carry out work on their buildings and cover letter from John Keppie & Henderson advising that no action needs to be taken by Glasgow School of Art, 03 May 1926 GOV/5/10/3/8: Papers relating to the Decorative Trades Institute Building, 1926 (a) Letter from the Education Authority of Glasgow acknolwedging receipt of Glasgow School of Art's request to lease the building, 18 Jun 1926 (b) Letter from the Education Authority of Glasgow confirming that the letting of the Decorative Trades Institute to the Glasgow School of Art will be postponed, 18 Oct 1926 GOV/5/10/3/9: Papers relating to the loan of Scott Street property to Glasgow School of Art (a) Note of charges to Glasgow School of Art against the Scott Street Property and cover letter, 12 Oct 1926 (b) Reply from Glasgow School of Art to the above intimating surprise at the level of charges, 14 Oct 1926 GOV/5/10/3/10: Letter from A. Miller Bannatyne to the Glasgow School of Art advising the School that they do not have the power to acquire property compulsorily, 23 Feb 1927 GOV/5/10/3/11: Petition of Associated British Cinemas Ltd to carry out work on their buildings and cover letter from John Keppie & Henderson advising that no action needs to be taken by Glasgow School of Art, 23 Feb 1929 GOV/5/10/3/12: Letter from Bannatyne, Kirkwood , France & Co to the Glasgow School of Art acknowledging payment for 170 Renfrew Street Ground Annual, 15 May 1929 GOV/5/10/3/13: Letter from Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France & Co to the Glasgow School of Art certifying the particulars of properties purchased by the School, 166-172 Renfrew Street and 164 Renfrew Street, 06 Jun 1929 GOV/5/10/3/14: Copy of Offer by the Glasgow School of Art for 162 Renfrew Street, Copy of Acceptance of the offer and cover letter from Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France & Co explaining the documents, 26 Oct 1929 GOV/5/10/3/15: Letter from the Corporation of Glasgow, Office of Public Works, to Glasgow School of Art concerning the condition of the lane between Scott Street and Dalhousie Street, 20 Jun 1930 GOV/5/10/3/16: Letter from Bannatyne, Kirkwood , France & Co to the Glasgow School of Art acknowledging payment for 158 Renfrew Street and 15 Dalhousie Street (Glasgow Dental Hospital), 20 Nov 1931

*Not available / given

Financial Records

School Extension financial records such as cash books, statements of interest, stocks and shares, and Building Extension Fund balance statements. GOV/5/10/2/1: Extension Building Fund Cash Book, Oct 1926-Sep 1934 GOV/5/10/2/2: Extension Building Fund Ledger [with enclosures at the back], Oct 1926-Sep 1934 GOV/5/10/2/3: Extension Workbooks, 1929-1931: (a) Measurement of the Slater & Roughcasting Works of Extensions, 28 Nov 1929 (b) Measurement of the Steel Work of Extensions, 10 Dec 1929 (c) Measurement of the Glazier Work of Extensions, 12 Mar 1930 (d) Measurement of the Plaster Work of Extensions, 01 Oct 1930 (e) Measurement of the Heating Work of Alterations and Additions, 02 Oct 1930 (f) Measurement of the Painter Work of Extensions, 06 Oct 1930 (g) Measurement of Electric Lighting of Extensions, 06 Oct 1930 (h) Measurement of the Plumber Work of Extensions, 28 Nov 1930 (i) Measurement of the Carpenter & Joiner Works of Extensions, 11 Feb 1931 (j) Measurement of the Excavator, Mason, Brick & Concrete Works of Extensions, 22 Apr 1931 GOV/5/10/2/4: Glasgow School of Art Extension Fund Bank of Scotland Account Books, 1926-1949 (a) Account Book, 1926-1932 (b) Account Book, 1933-1949 GOV/5/10/2/5: Extension Fund Statements of Interest on Account from the Bank of Scotland, 13 Nov 1926- 28 Feb 1931 (20 items) GOV/5/10/2/6: Bank of Scotland Cheques from Glasgow School of Art for the payment of contractors, 1928-1929 (12 items) GOV/5/10/2/7: Correspondence and papers regarding the sale of War Stock and interest accrued on War Loans by W. A. Dunn & Co, members of the stock exchange, on behalf of the School of Art, 1926-1930 (1 folder) GOV/5/10/2/8: Building Fund Statements and Balances, 1927-1931. Also includes a balance for the War Memorial Fund 1919-1931. (1 folder) GOV/5/10/2/9: The Glasgow School of Art List of Securities, 09 Feb 1927 GOV/5/10/2/10: Minutes of the Halfyearly Meeting of Governors, 28 Apr 1931, including a Building Fund financial report, p3.

*Not available / given

Contracts and Agreements

Contracts agreements, and acceptances for School Extension works. GOV/5/10/6/1: Extract from Minutes of Building Committee 22 Jan 1907, the appointment of Messrs Honeyman, Keppie and Mackintosh as Architects of the Extension of the School building (3 copies) GOV/5/10/6/2: Bundle of copy letters and extracts of minutes relating to the acceptance of estimates of the Architects with the clause that the Architects cannot make any alterations to plans without the approval of the Building Committee, 1927 (5 items) GOV/5/10/6/3: Copy template letter from John Keppie & Henderson for the accepting of an offer of 01 Jun 1927. Blanks are left for the sums of money to be filled in. Recipient unknown GOV/5/10/6/4: Bundle of papers labelled 'Contracts Work' including extracts of minutes of the Building Committee where offers and estimates are accepted. Includes a letter from John Keppie & Henderson notifying Glasgow School of Art of acceptences made, 03 Sep 1927 . Also includes a typed document of extension suggestions for e.g. Modelling Studios and the Chair Store. 1927-1928 (7 items) GOV/5/10/6/5: Glasgow School of Art Extension Scheme Statement as to Tenders accepted and work authorised as at 19 Jun 1928 GOV/5/10/6/6: Letter from John Keppie & Henderson to Glasgow School of Art informing the School that they have accepted the estimate of Messrs M. Stewart & Co for the rebuilding of the corner of the front wall, 20 Jun 1928 GOV/5/10/6/7: Copy extract of Minutes of the Building Committee sanctioning alterations to the plans, with cover letter to Keppie & Henderson, 24 Oct 1928 GOV/5/10/6/8: Typed list of Glasgow School of Art Extension, Tenders accepted and costs, 06 Dec 1928 GOV/5/10/6/9: Letter from John Keppie & Henderson to Glasgow School of Art informing the School that they have accpeted the estimate of Messrs Lawson for fittings, 29 May 1929

*Not available / given

Opening of the Extension 18 Dec

Papers and correspondence relating to the official opening of the first portion of the Glasgow School of Art Extension on 18 Dec 1929. GOV/5/10/10/1: Platform Ticket for the Opening of the School Extension by Sir George MacDonald on 18 Dec 1929 GOV/5/10/10/2: Menu and Toast List for the Luncheon preceding the opening ceremony, 18 Dec 1929 (3 copies) GOV/5/10/10/3: Photograph of a group of eight people standing at a table set for tea, perhaps at the luncheon preceding the opening of the School extension, 18 Dec 1929 GOV/5/10/10/4: Bundle of papers labelled 'Public Meeting, Extension Opening, 18 Dec 1929'. Papers regarding the organisation of the opening and luncheon. Includes: Seating/table plans for the luncheon; lists of those to be invited to the luncehon and those who are to be on the platform; copies of the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Governors for the opening ceremony (3 copies);  draft programme of the event; and ticket for the opening event. GOV/5/10/10/5: Copy statement about the School Extension following the opening of the first portion on 18 Dec 1929 and the possibility of further extension, c1929

*Not available / given

Correspondence with Contractors

Correspondence with contractors about extension works. GOV/5/10/7/1: Correspondence and copy letters between Glasgow School of Art and John Keppie & Henderson, Architects of the extension, about matters such fees, alterations to plans, and the collapse of a wall on Renfrew Street and the necessary repairs, 1926-1930 (29 items) GOV/5/10/7/2: Letter from the Office of Public Works, City Chambers, Glasgow to the School about opening a carriageway at 164 Renfrew Street, 09 Nov 1927 (1 item) GOV/5/10/7/3: Copy letters and correspondence between Robert Scott & Son, Surveyors, and the Glasgow School of Art about matters such as fees, 1930 (5 items)

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Material related to special subject: A game for architecture students

Material related to designing a board game to be used as a teaching tool for students of architecture and construction courses. Created by both Chis Platt and another student, David Smith, as they decided to design this game instead of writing a 10,000 words essay. Features two items: the commission report, and the game equipment in a wooden box. This special subject output was submitted in October 1980.

Platt, Christopher

Commission: Game

Commission game equipment all kept in a wooden box, consisting of:
1- Small yellow cards, some of them with letter A, and others with letter C: "Architect and contractor boards for each commission received";
2- "Commission cards in envelopes";
3- "Surprise cards, for both architect and contractor";
4- "Plastic counters for movement through board";
5- "Typed calculation pads, blank pads, pencils";
6- "Two dice";
7- Rules booklet

Platt, Christopher

Leaflet for an exhibition called "Inclined to Design"

Leaflet for an exhibition of work by four local students architects from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. The is called "Inclined to Design", and the leaflet explains the concept behind the exhibit which is built on the idea of architectural drawings as paintings and sculptures rather than just as end products for buildings, following London and New York architectural drawings that sold as paintings. The leaflet has the signatures of the four architects (students): Alan Fullarton, Brain Hendry, Christopher Platt, and Richard Robb. The leaflet made by a printed white paper attached to hard sheet.

Platt, Christopher

Minutes of GSA Magazine Folio

  • DC 048
  • Collection
  • c1949

Meetings of the committee 'Glasgow School of Art Magazine Folio' at The Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew Street. Members include James Meechan, Charles Crole, Barbara G. Coulter, James McHury and Avril Burgess. Documents the restart of the magazine in December 1949 with discussions about printing and accounts. Includes details of advertising space and 4 loose postal receipts.

Please note that this material is not yet fully catalogued and therefore some items may not be accessible to researchers.

Glasgow School of Art Magazine Folio

H A Wheeler volumes of illustrated essays

  • DC 118
  • Collection
  • c1940s

3 volumes, each consisting of text, drawings and photographs relating to the subject matter.

  1. The Fair City. A review of the 18th and 19th century architecture of Perth and district. Dated 1948 – Rowand Anderson student.
  2. A study of the Cantilever Principle in Architectural Design. Signed and dated 4th October 1949.
  3. Contemporary Church Design. (Not signed or dated).

Wheeler, Sir Harry Anthony

Handwritten note

Handwritten note discussing "Com. Fraser" and "Com. Mune". Quote from "Com. Mune" about an item going into the care of the Kino Film Group once "Kino was ready for it" which "Com. Mune" denied stating.

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