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Records of The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
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Papers regarding Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) at Glasgow School of Art: AC/5/13/1: File of documents regarding the Research Assessment Consultation, 1997-1998 (1 folder) Includes: The School's response to the Research Assessment Consultation RAE, Nov 1997; and the School of Fine Art Research Policy 1998. AC/5/13/2: Glasgow School of Art Design School, Mock RAE, Mar 1999 (1 volume) AC/5/13/3: RAE Dummy Run Submission of the Digital Design Studio, 12 Mar 1999 (1 volume) AC/5/13/4: School of Fine Art, Research Assessment Exercise 2001, Internal Audit 26 Mar 1999 (1 volume) AC/5/13/5: Draft document, Art and Design panel, Unit of Assessment, Criteria and Working Methods, Jul 1999 (1 folder) AC/5/13/6: Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Mock RAE, 1999 (1 volume)

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Academic Council General Correspondence

Folder of general Academic Council correspondence and papers. Includes papers regarding: membership of the Academic Council; notice of elections; invitations to meetings; Working Party minutes; Health and Safety Report to the Academic Council; Awards Day; Awards and Prizes meetings; regulations for Art and Design; the Honorary President of Glasgow School of Art; External Examiners' Reports; membership of the Council's Committees; restructuring the role and function of the Academic Council, 1981; Institutional Reviews; minutes of some sub-committees e.g. Examinations Committees; CNAA; Prizelists, 1979; revalidation of courses; assessment processes; structure of the Academic Council and committees.

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Academic Plans

Collections of 3-year Academic Plans for GSA Schools and Courses, setting out the plans for the development of the School or Course over the next planning period. Plans include aims, future structure of the course, requests for resources and equipment that will support future plans, teaching & learning strategies, student target numbers, and staff development. These academic plans are part of the annual reporting process and are often produced at the same time as the Annual Course Reports (AC/5/2 above). These plans were/are sometimes used in the formation of other documents such as Strategic Plans (see GSAA/GOV/8/1), Course Reviews (see AC/5/7) and the Report to Senate (see AC/5/1 above). In 1996/1997 there are Strategic Plans for non academic units e.g. the Registry Department, based on the pro forma for the Academic Plans. From session 2000/2001 the plan documents are called 'Strategic Plans' and these include non academic plans for departments such as Registry, Estates and Development. Academic Plans as follows: AC/5/3/1: Proposed Academic Plans, 1992/1993-1995/1996 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses: Ceramics; MA Design; Drawing & Painting; Embroidered & Woven Textiles; Environmental Art; Fine Art; M. Phil Fine Art Film; First Year Studies (draft); Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography; Historical and Critical Studies; Interior Design; The Library; Photography; Printed & Knitted Textiles; Printmaking; Product Design; Sculpture; Silversmithing and Jewellery; BA/BA Hons in the Social Applications of Art & Design. AC/5/3/2: Proposed Academic Plans, 1993/1994-1996/1997 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses: AV/TV Department; Ceramics; School of Design and Craft; School of Design and Craft Academic Plans Summary and Short Term Priorities; Master of Design; Embroidered and Woven Textiles; Environmental Art; Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.); School of Fine Art (and appendix for Computers and Electronic Media); Department of First Year Studies; Graphics; Historical and Critical Studies; Interior Design; The Library; Mackintosh School of Architecture; Mackintosh School of Architecture B ARCH Degree course; Mackintosh School of Architecture Diploma Course; Mackintosh School of Architecture Postgraduate Course; Painting; Photography; Printmaking; Printed and Knitted Textiles; Product Design; Sculpture; Silversmithing and Jewellery. AC/5/3/3: Proposed Academic Plans, 1994/1995-1997/1998 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses: The Art Lover's House, 1994; School of Core & Contextual Studies; Design School, including prioritised recommendations; Environmental Art; Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.); School of Fine Art; Historical & Critical Studies; The Library; Mackintosh School of Architecture; Painting; Photography; Printmaking; Product Design; Product Design Engineering; Sculpture. AC/5/3/4: Proposed Academic Plans, 1995/1996-1998/1999 (1 document) For Schools/Courses: Mackintosh School of Architecture. AC/5/3/5: Proposed Academic Plans, 1996/1997-1999/2000 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses/Departments: School of Design and Craft; School of Fine Art; Historical and Critical Studies; Annual Report and Academic Plan for Library and Information Services; Mackintosh School of Architecture (annotated draft copy); Registry (annotated draft copy). AC/5/3/6: [Proposed Academic Plans, 1997/1998-2000/2001 wanting] AC/5/3/7: Proposed Academic Plans, 1998/1999-2001/2002 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses: Ceramics; School of Design and Craft; Interior Design; Printed and Knitted Textiles; Product Design; Product Design Engineering; Silversmithing and Jewellery; Visual Communication. AC/5/3/8: Proposed Academic Plans, 1999/2000-2002/2003 (1 folder) For Schools: School of Design and Craft. NB includes a handwritten note stating that there were no departmental academic plans this year. Also includes draft plans for Printed and Knitted Textiles and Visual Communications. AC/5/3/9: Strategic Plans, 2000-2004 (1 folder) For Schools/Courses/Departments: Department of Continuing Education; School of Design and Craft appendices; Development Department; Digital Design Studio; Director's Strategies; Estates Office; Exhibitions; School of Fine Art; Historical & Critical Studies; Information Services Strategy and Plan; Mackintosh School of Architecture; Registry; School of Fine Art; Taffner Curator's Plan.

Academic Standards Committee

Papers and Minutes of the Academic Standards Committee. Papers include: Drafts of Annual Course Reporting documents; CNAA Review papers and notes; draft agreements with University of Glasgow and other partner institutions; correspondence and papers about External Examiners and responses to External Examiners' Reports; papers and circulars concerning the Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals (COSHEP); and minutes of other committees that reported to Academic Standards for example Working Parties on Quality Assurance and entrance requirements; Course Planning Committees; various Course Committees; and Coordination Committees; and some lists of Prizewinners are included. Papers and Minutes as follows: AC/3/2/1: 1990 AC/3/2/2: 1991 AC/3/2/3: 1992 (including a paper on the Committee Membership and Remit) AC/3/2/4: 1993 AC/3/2/5: 1994 AC/3/2/6: 1995 AC/3/2/7: 1996 (papers incomplete) AC/3/2/8: 1997 AC/3/2/9: 1998 AC/3/2/10: 1999 AC/3/2/11: 2000

Accession of Papers related to Francis Newbery

Later accessions of material relating to Francis Newbery. Material was not deposited as part of his working papers as Director of the School, but includes some working papers and correspondence from during his time as Director in addition to papers dating to after his retirement, family records and photographs, and written materials regarding Newbery.

  • DIR/5/38/1: Correspondence, 1889-1947
  • DIR/5/38/2: Working Papers of Francis Newbery, 1902-c1910
  • DIR/5/38/3: The 'Masque of the City Arms' Papers and Correspondence, 1905
  • DIR/5/38/4: The Teaching of Design, Papers and Correspondence, 1910
  • DIR/5/38/5: Needlecraft in Secondary Schools Papers and Correspondence, 1910-1912
  • DIR/5/38/6: Family Papers, 1906-1984
  • DIR/5/38/7: Family Photographs, c1895-c1980s
  • DIR/5/38/8: Materials relating to Francis Newbery

See this blog-post for more information about the discovery of these materials:

Newbery, Francis Henry



  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/1 Workbook titled 'The Tryst Cash Accounts', Jan 1915.
  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/2 Calculations regarding the income and expenditure of the events held at the Belgium Tryst, Feb 1915.
  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/3  Typed list of the funds raised by the 'Belgian Market' stall at the Belgium Tryst, Feb 1915.
  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/4   List of funds raised through sales, subscriptions and admissions for the first day of the Belgium Tryst, Feb 1915.
  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/5 List of funds raised through sales, subscriptions and admissions for the second day of the Belgium Tryst, Feb 1915.
  • GSAA/SEC/30/1/4/6 Current account pass book for the Belgium Tryst, c1915.

*Not available / given

Activities Week

Harry Barnes' papers relating to Activities Week at the Glasgow School of Art. Papers are mostly about the invitation of interesting speakers from the Arts sector to speak to students at Activities Week but also include other organisational papers. Activities Week began in 1971 with a circular letter to staff dated 04 Feb 1971 reading: "Arising out of a decision taken at a School Council meeting, a Committee of staff and students have prepared a programme of Activities which it is hoped will act as a stimulus to both staff and students midway through the Session" (within folder: DIR/13/13/5/4). Folders as follows: DIR/13/13/3/1: Activities Week Papers, 1971-1972 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence about the Chairman's Lunch; correspondence thanking participants following Activities Week events; draft timetables and programmes; correspondence about visiting, travel and board arrangements for speakers at Activities Week including: David Hockney, Kenneth Grange, Magnus Pyke, J McGrath, and Eduardo Paolozzi; programme from the 'Dunstable Consort', a musical group providing a concert at Activities Week 1971-1972. DIR/13/13/3/2: Activities Week Papers, 1972-1973 (1 folder): Includes: Papers of the 'Action Group' for Activities Week e.g. notes of meetings; correspondence with invited speakers about matters such as travel and board arrangements, and thanks for participation, including the speakers: Peter Blake, Professor Reyner Banham, G M Shaw, John Gretton, Brian Ansen, Robert Mansley; copy of the published Activities Week 1973 programme; Activities Week work schedule providing details of what is required for each event; Activities week list of lunch invitations; correspondence with official bodies about aspects of Activities Week e.g. permission for the release of balloons; draft programmes for Activities Week; copy of printed magazine 'The Lifetime of my Bumpy Days' produced for Activities Week; list of names of those on the Action Group Committee; correspondence with School staff members and others involved in the organisation of Activities Week thanking them for their efforts; programme for a symposium on 20 Feb 1973 with the title 'Glasgow + or -'; document 'Outline Proposals for Symposium'; correspondence with speakers at the Symposium; correspondence about a display of Town and Country Planning artistic posters for Activities Week; correspondence about the organisation of an Activities Week Ceilidh; pressclipping about John Berger adding funds to the Booker Prize; notes about Activities Week costs. DIR/13/13/3/3: Activities Week Papers, 1973-1974 (1 folder): Includes: Draft programmes; correspondence about arrangements, travel and board for Activities Week speakers e.g. Michael Gold, Graham Caine, Bruce Haggart, Colin Moorcraft, Lutz Becker, Richard Smith, Chris Orr, Emilio Coia, Peter Cook, Ron Herron, Martin Dalby, L A Bawden, Andy Park; correspondence about insurance for a Richard Smith Exhibition; Activities Week Group Meeting minutes; financial estimates for Activities Week; biography notes about Richard Smith. DIR/13/13/3/4: Activities Week Papers, 1974-1976 (1 folder): Includes: Correspondence regarding the Student Representative Council, meetings to discuss Activities Week and student/staff communication; informational memoranda about Activities Week 1976; Activities Week meetings minutes; notices of Activities Week meetings; correspondence with the Scottish Arts Council about Activities Week; correspondence with official bodies such as Strathclyde Police, Council, and the City of Glasgow Parks Department about activities on Sauchiehall Street for Activities Week 1976; updates on Activities Week progress; correspondence with Radio Clyde about Activities Week events; correspondence with school staff in various departments about contributions to Activities Week; correspondence about a change in dates for Activities Week 1976; papers about a Lute Concert in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre; correspondence with invited speakers/participants including: Patrick Heron, Geoffrey McNab from Scottish Ballet, Victor Papanek, John Foreman, John Young, Rigby Graham, Paul Findlay, Derick Jarman; copy of a printed programme for Activities Week 1975; draft programmes for Activities Week; correspondence with the Corporation of Glasgow Planning Department about a poster display; papers about a Norman Adams Exhibition; notes regarding possible speakers for Activities Week; draft programmes for Activities Week 1974; lunch invitations 1974.

Activities Week Papers

Folder of papers and correspondence regarding arrangements for Activities Weeks for the sessions 1974/75, 1975/76, 1979/80 and 1980/81. Includes papers such as: programmes; guest lists; correspondence about arrangements such as furniture, venues, and permission from Glasgow City Council; draft and copy fliers; donations and sponsors for Activities Week funds; notes regarding allocation of funds; notes about the Film programme; letters inviting speakers; letters of thanks for contributions; Activities Week Group meeting invites and minutes.

*Not available / given

Address to the Council of the Government School of Design

A pamphlet entitled "an address to the council of the Government School of Design on the management of that institution by Henry J Townsend, member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and master of painting and modelling in the Government School of Design", 1846.

  • 1 x annual report in bound volume
  • 1 x annual report in bound volume (annotated and signed 'Henry James Townsend, Oct 26 1846')
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