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Sisters on the Home Front Part 3: Kay Bryant

Read Kay Bryant’s exciting conclusion to the story of the McGeehan sisters! Aniza moved to Paris after leaving GSA, and continued her studies at the Académie Colarossi. Founded by the the Italian sculptor Filippo Colarrosi, it was seen as a very progressive studio and one of the first in Paris to offer classes where woman trained alongside men and were allowed to draw from the nude male model. Aniza would have been there just a

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Sisters on the Home Front Part 2: Kay Bryant

Read the next instalment of volunteer Kay Bryant’s discoveries about sisters at GSA in the late 19th and early 20th century! Elma MacDonald was for many years the editor of the Monklands Heritage Society Magazine, “The Raddle.” Her interest in a glass mosaic panel in St Augustine’s Church in Langloan, Coatbridge, by Jessie McGeehan, led her to find out more about the artist and her family and to write about it in the journal of

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Sisters on the Home Front Part 1: Kay Bryant

As part of Volunteers Week 2017, let’s hear from one of GSA Archives own Home Front Project volunteers Kay Bryant. Kay has been busy working her way through the “C” names in our alphabetical student registers to see which students stayed behind at GSA during World War One. You can read more blog posts about our Home Front project here. Below, Kay shares part one of a particularly interesting discovery… Last October I joined the team

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GSA and the First World War: Fundraising on the Home Front – Part 2

It was a sad day yesterday at the Archives and Collections when we said goodbye to our fantastic Project Assistant Fiona Hall. With the help of volunteers Kay, Maria, Emma and Lucy, Fiona has done an incredible job identifying and researching GSA students who stayed at the School and became involved in Home Front activities during the First World War. To mark Fiona’s invaluable work, we’ll hear from her about the Belgian Tryst in Fundraising on

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GSA and the First World War: Fundraising on the Home Front – Part 1

As part of a series of talks given in association with the exhibition ‘Eugène Bourdon: From the Classroom to the Battlefield’ celebrating the life and work of Professor Eugène Bourdon, Archives and Collections Project Assistant Fiona Hall delivered a talk on the fundraising activities organised and held by the School during the First World War for various war charities. For those that missed the talk, below is an edited transcript of the talk highlighting the

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Home Front Memorial Project and The Belgian Connection

Project Assistant Fiona Hall gives an update on some of the potential avenues of research she has found in ‘Home Front Memorial Project and The Belgian Connection’. Hello! I thought I would update on my progress so far, it’s been a few months since my last post regarding the Home Front Memorial Project. However, you may have noticed my blog posts on Bourdon, a figure that I thoroughly enjoyed researching. It’s always a joy to

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Introduction to the Home Front Memorial Project

  Hello! I’m Fiona Hall, and I’ve recently joined the Archive and Collections team as a project assistant working on the Home Front Memorial Project. I hope to share with you all exciting and intriguing stories about the lives and activities of the staff and students that continued to study at the school during the 1914-18 period. Read on for more information on the project and what I’ve been up to. About me I recently

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World War One

Project The First World War period (1914-1918) saw huge changes at The Glasgow School of Art as many students and staff left to undertake war work and the institution grappled with personal losses and wartime shortages. 100 years on, GSA’s Archives and Collections undertook research into this period, in particular focusing on the School’s Roll of Honour and its Home Front activities. GSA’s Roll of Honour was designed and made by former GSA student Dorothy

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Ann Macbeth

About Highlights Related POsts View in Catalogue Celebrated designer and educator Ann Macbeth’s links with The Glasgow School of Art lasted some 32 years, from 1897 when she enrolled as a student, until her retirement in 1929. The Archives and Collections hold examples of her work, and that of her students, much of which aligns with the Glasgow Style, a design ethos developed at GSA with similarities to Art Nouveau. Macbeth’s father was Scottish, however

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Margaret Macdonald

About Highlights View in Catalogue Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (5 November 1864 – 7 January 1933) was an artist and designer who helped shape the Glasgow Style. According to the Annual Reports of 1890-91 she studied courses in design at The Glasgow School of Art alongside her sister Frances, who was nine years her junior. It was through activities at the school that she would meet her future husband and artistic partner, Charles Rennie Mackintosh –

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Fine Art

About Highlights Related POsts View in Catalogue The breadth and diversity of material within the Fine Art collection of The Glasgow School of Art’s Archives and Collections makes any short introduction a difficult task. How should works (or their makers) be categorised? The work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, for example, spans fine art, design and architecture, and in other cases, artforms themselves can cross disciplinary boundaries, such as our collection of photography, or mixed media

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William McCance

Today former volunteer Kelly McMeekin shares some fascinating research on William McCance, one of the students she has researched as part of our World War One Home Front research project.  William McCance (1894-1970) was a Drawing and Painting student at The Glasgow school of Art from 1911-1915. He was also a Conscientious Objector (CO) during the First World War, something which was to have great impact on his life in his early twenties. McCance was

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